Friday, September 28, 2012

The Midsummer Station (Fan Fiction)

Dreams and Disasters

We were driving towards Metropolis, but unfortunately, the car collided with another vehicle. We had to run away and take the train, which was called “Midsummer Station”.

It was only the two of us: me and my girl, Jenny. We were runaway criminals from another city and this was our escape.

“Jordan…” she was looking at the window of the train.

“Great sceneries, huh?” I said.

“Yeah. I wish we could stay like this forever. Just the two of us. I wish our dreams could really come true.”

Our dream was to be rich and settle down on a quiet town. Just the two of us.

Shooting Star

It was late at night and we finally stopped over a town in Metropolis. We didn’t want to get near the houses, so we built a tent near a tree on top of a hill.

The stars were bright on that night. I looked at Jenny’s eyes, which reflected the night sky. She smiled back at me.

“Hey Jordan, look! A shooting star!” she said.

“Just like you, Jenny.” I said.

“No…just like us!” she insisted. “We will shine endlessly, even if we get caught by the authorities, nothing can separate us!”

And on that night, we prepared for a criminal plan towards the town’s residents and establishments.


“There it is!” Jenny whispered to me as we sneaked in through the town. “I’ve heard from folks that this bank has tons of gold in it. We’re gonna be rich!” she said excitedly.

“Alright, let’s go in.” I said as we slowly sneaked inside the building.

The guards were asleep so it was easy for us. After some time, we finally nailed our prize and took the money and gold inside our bags. Lucky for us, the town was pretty quiet and the alarm was broken. No CCTVs were found on that place.

“Remember, Jenny.” I whispered to her. “These are just material things that keep us physically alive.”

“Yeah, of course.” she said. “Our lives are more important. The gold is just to keep us alive…right.”

But all of a sudden, there was a noise outside. We didn’t go outside right away, being afraid.


There were footsteps and sounds of guns clicking. We knew it; the guards woke up from their slumber.

“Watch out!” I shouted as we ran away from the cops from a heated chase. I pulled out my guns as well and she pulled her guns too.

“Freeze, criminals!” the police said.

It was war, insanity and chaos. We narrowly escaped as I shot one of the guards. We made it outside of the building and back to the forest, up to our tent on the hill.

“We…made it.” Jenny was panting.

“Yeah…” I was panting too. “Too bad I had to kill someone.”

“Don’t worry.” she said. “At least we’re alive and together.”

I’m Coming After You

The police were now chasing me, and they found out our hideout. Quickly, we ran away and got into a car on the town.

Again, it was a heated chase. They were probably chasing us down for their fallen member. I drove swiftly as we ran away from them. We drove through shops, stalls and streets, just to get away.

But unfortunately, someone threw a grenade and amidst the smoke, we were separated. I didn’t want to be found out by the cops, so I ran and hid within the slums.

“I hope Jenny is okay.”  I said to myself as I waited for the commotion to die down.

Speed of Love

Jordan and I were separated, and I had to hide in an abandoned building. Luckily, I had my mobile phone and I called him.

“Hello, Jordan?”

“Jenny? Is that you? Where are you?”

“I’m on an abandoned building. I miss you so much, but don’t worry I’m okay.”

“Oh thank God. I’m here in the slums and I’m also okay.”

And then we had a conversation on how we were going to find each other. We gave each other directions around the town. It was a bit tricky and we almost got hit by cars. We were also careful not to be seen by the authorities.

Good Time

It was afternoon, and Jordan and I are going to finally reunite in this club. As I entered with disguise, I held my mobile phone in the hopes of meeting him.

And within the loud party music, we finally met.

“Well, since we’re now in this club, let’s have fun!” he said.

“Oh okay!” I said. “After all, there are many people here so no one will suspect, right?”

And then, we partied until sun down. We drank our way all afternoon and danced to the beat.


We were partying, but unexpectedly, Jordan’s cigarette collided with alcohol and some of the curtains were burned. Eventually, the fire grew because there was a lot of alcohol in the club. Everyone panicked, as we all tried to escape.

“C’mon, Jenny, this way!” he led me through the stampede and the exit. There were already so many burning things on our way.

But there was a big problem – burning debris fell between us and no matter how much I tried to get closer, I was burning and so was he.

“Jenny!” he tried to pull me but he couldn’t do it.

“Jordan!” I couldn’t get out as well.

“Just…go on without me. You’ll get caught by the police if you stay longer.” I shouted in tears as the fire slowly took me away. And so he left, but in great tears.



She was all that I had. I was such a fool. I was so stupid.

The more I tried to move on, the more I felt alone. As I ran away from the scene, I hid my face and traveled alone on that night, away from the town, and eventually, away from Metropolis.

I saw the stars in the sky. And then, I saw a shooting star. It looks like no matter what I do, Jenny would always be here beside me, and it hurts like hell right now.

I walk alone this time.


I was finally away from Metropolis, but as much as I hate to admit it, I left my heart there.

All of my memories with Jenny, all of our adventures together, and how we promised each other that we would both stay alive. But because of my foolishness, all those things got ruined.

I saw airplanes pass by in the sky as I rode the train in the Midsummer Station towards another town. I saw different things, sailboats, children playing, couples having a date. And then, I remember her again.

Oh Jenny…I wish you were here.

Take it all away

On this new town, I finally landed my feet. I was tired exhausted, and I felt the weight of everything upon me.

It was a dark night, around 7 pm. I was roaming around the streets for a home, but I saw someone that caught my eyes.


Is this a dream? Am I already dead?

At this point, I didn’t know what I was doing anymore. Jenny turned away from me like she didn’t know me. I felt so painful and my eyes darkened. I unintentionally pulled a knife and wanted to kill her.

“Jenny…why did you leave me!? I should be the one dead!”

But instead of stabbing her, I stabbed another guy. He wore white and he fell down on the floor.

And on that moment, I was shot by the police. I also realized that I was just hallucinating when I saw Jenny. The woman was actually a different person.

Finally…I get to be with Jenny…in the next life.

But…I just feel sorry for the guy I stabbed. Oh well.


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