Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yrklathdon: Into the Booklet

Ninka Emella was sneaking into the attic and she found an old treasure chest that seems to be singing a weird tune. She found the key under the chest and opened it, and she found a booklet.

“YR…KLATH…DON? Hmm, nice name. I wonder—”

And suddenly, she felt strange, like some light is sucking all of her energy. She was in great pain and by some weird magic; she was sucked into the book through a bright light.

“W-where am I?” Emella wondered around in search for anything. She was at the shore of a beach, with bright skies and a calm sea. All she found was a violin lying on the ground.

Now Emella is an excellent violin player, so she picked it up and played a long, wailing piece that seems to be calling for help.

In the outside world, Emella’s schoolmate Kitsuba Yoren was looking for her. She said that she’ll be on her sister’s house, so Yoren followed her, but the house was empty. He went up to the attic, hearing the sounds of a violin melody – which is actually Emella playing inside the booklet.

And like Emella, Yoren gets sucked in too.

After a while, they meet in the beach and discuss things of what happened.

“Since I was able to enchant you, then that means I must have obtained powers of sort after entering the booklet.”

 Suddenly, Yoren feels a strange power coming out of his body.

“What’s this…strange feeling…like I’m floating…”

His body began to change and a bright light shone from him. After Emella was blinded by the light, it revealed an older, matured Yoren, who is totally confused of what happened.

“I…grew up? W-what is this…!? Is this my power? Do we both get powers?” said Yoren, now with a deep voice.

“Maybe…I don’t know…but…” said Emella, who was kind of blushing as he saw Yoren.

And then, they heard a voice from above.

“Those are your powers. Use them to surpass your challenges. It begins now.” a woman’s voice said.

After that, there was a great storm which clouded the whole beach and transported them in front of a large dark labyrinth. They were scared as they held hands together.

Meanwhile, a woman with purple hair appears in front of them.

“My name is Myakitu Yuko and I am the first guardian of this booklet. You shall only pass through the exit of this booklet once you go over three labyrinths, guarded by me and my two other companions whom you will encounter later on.”

The two rightfully agreed and went through the maze. They encountered many obstacles, such as Yuko’s delusionary attacks and black fog. But Emella used her own delusionary attacks (using her violin to create objects out of music) and surpass the first maze.

“You have passed my challenge. Now, you will go to the next level.”

But little did they expect that on the next level, they would be on separate labyrinths.

On Yoren’s side, there was a girl named Niakata Azucena who attacked him with poison flowers and had the ability to clone herself. But Yoren was able to control his body mass (he can turn back to a kid and to an adult whenever he wishes) to further confuse his enemy.

On Emella, side, there was a guy named Sprezza Mace who attacked her with magic thorns and also influenced her mind greatly with his mind control. But her will was quite strong and she was able to break through.

They were both revealed that one of them has to finish the challenge in the given time (30 minutes) or else they will both die. Successfully, Yoren got to the finish point because he transformed into an adult at the very last time, saving not only himself, but also Emella. The two were taken to a white doorway afterwards.

Near the doorway were familiar people – those who appeared in Ashley and Mokoto’s photos.

“They were the ones who died of the Reader’s war during the time that this booklet fell into the hands of us humans.” said Yuko.

“We are now one of them, and we are guarding this booklet to make sure people who get in touch with the booklet don’t cause havoc in the real world.” said Mace.

“But both of you have proven your worth, so we are letting you go, and use your powers to good.”  said Azucena.

“Guys…” said Emella. “Can’t you just ditch being guardians and let others here take over?”

“Yeah,” said Yoren, who transformed back to his original child form. “After all, there are many people here.”

The three agreed, because Emella and Yoren were told of their stories during the labyrinth challenges. Yuko was a mother who died protecting her children, and Azucena and Mace were star-crossed lovers who reunited when they got the powers from the booklet, and eventually died because of Agent 253 and Blackwing Crow.

And so, all five of them went back to the real world, leaving the rest to take care of the challenges.

After coming out the booklet, Emella explained to her sister (who just arrived home on that time with Mokoto) of what happened, including their newfound powers.

“Guess your chosen field of arts is really useful, huh?” said Ashley to Emella.

“And it looks like Yoren’s going to look more attractive to Emella with his powers, huh?” said Mokoto.

Emella and Yoren blushed, but they knew inside them that something was different between them now. Their bond had strengthened and they have set free three prisoners of the book.

Meanwhile, Cyber-Angelle saw everything that had happened through a terminal in her room (inside her spaceship). She was happy for everyone, especially Emella and Yoren.


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