Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Yrklathdon: The Magic Booklet

It was the year 2032, and humanity had faced so many wars, challenges and disasters. People fought with each other right and left, and cities and countries were destroyed and rebuilt. There were three countries left with the most industrialization in the world: Meheralia (formerly Japan), Ispeanwa (formerly Italy) and Eskloche (formerly Philippines). Everyone’s surnames had been generalized to have the surname first before the first name.

But our story first pans to a college student from Meheralia University who was just going to bed on her apartment.

“Ah, good night everyone!” she said. “I hope tomorrow will be a beautiful day.”

This girl, named Ninka Ashley, was pretty much an ordinary girl, but not until this small, strange booklet falls on her window sill.

“Hmm…I wonder what is this…? YR….KLA…TH…DON? Yrklathdon? What sort of booklet is this?”

And out of curiosity, she picks it up and reads a line:

"Summoned into the starry skies, behold, be in flight and surprise your eyes."

After that, the booklet simply disappeared.

“W-what the hell was that?” she was confused. “Did it fell down the window or something?”

She leaned towards the window to check if the booklet is still there, but it wasn’t. However, she discovered something more bizarre.

“I’m…floating? I’m flying? W-what!?”

She can fly…well, after reading the lines, that is.

“This is great!” she said to herself.

The next morning, she wanted to tell everyone what happened to her, but was afraid they might feast on her and the mass media would disrupt her private life. However, she was not the only one who had encountered the strange booklet.

“I read a line from that booklet too!” Megatsu Mokoto, her classmate, said to her.

“Really?” Ashley said. “Did you get powers too?”

“Yeah, watch.”

And when they went outside, Mokoto was able to produce light energy from his hands.

“Wow, that’s amazing! But…did the booklet disappear too?”

“Apparently, yes. And I don’t know where it went to.”

“Just like my case, huh?”

Later on, they found out more cases of ‘Yrklathdon Readers’ all over the place. There were Alvin and Jaimie, both working in an Asian-themed restaurant. Alvin received super speed and Jaimie received scent delusion.

Much later on, they encounter giant kids, who were playing with their fire and ice powers. Gladly, they stopped them and calmed them down.

“So you’re Ginkou and Zenn?” Mokoto said.

“Yup!” the two kids answered, after they transformed back to normal.

Ginkou and Zenn are twins were also Readers of the booklet, who also says that their substitute teacher, Shirika Michelle was also a Reader, who received telepathy. They contacted her as well, and together, all of the readers formed a team to investigate and tame down other Readers before they can do damage to Meheralia and the neighboring countries.

“But if you two are from Eskloche, what were you doing here?” asked Ashley.

“We took the kids to a field trip here in Meheralia, since it’s near our country.” said Michelle.

“Oh I see.” said Ashley. “Then you boys should behave, okay?”

“Okay, Ms. Ashley!” said Ginkou and Zenn.

Michelle then asked the group to travel to Ispeanwa because her cousin, Irene, had also become a Reader (with invisibility powers) and she says that many others had become like her there. Indeed, she is right. Irene’s boyfriend, Eugene (a pizza delivery boy), had also become a Reader with powers of earthquake.

But just then, there was chaos in the town that they were in. Most of them had been shot, hurt and injured by metal cards from the sky and a strange dark gas.

“Well now…since we’re all Readers of the booklet.” said a strange-looking assassin.
“We should have fun together and test our skills!” said his partner who is also an assassin.

The two, who introduced themselves as Agent 253 and Blackwing Crow, attacked the good Readers and caused panic to the town. Despite the fact that there were many of them, the two agents were just too strong, leaving Eugene and Irene lying on the ground, lifeless.

“Guys, we gotta stick together!” said Ashley, in tears.

“Yeah, we can’t let these guys use their powers for evil!” said Mokoto.

But even as they combined their powers well, Crow’s darkness and 253’s metal cards still killed two of them, namely Alvin and Jaimie, as well as Teacher Michelle. It was only Mokoto, Ashley, Ginkou and Zenn left for the battle.

The twins tried their hardest but were still suffocating in the darkness, and Mokoto’s light rays cannot work well because the metal cards were obstructing the light. Ashley could only fly but not perform offensive attacks, so she aided and carried Mokoto to aim at the two agents, but to no avail.

Suddenly, a bright light shone behind them. There was a flood of gray soldiers with futuristic outfits, carrying laser guns and firing towards the two agents.

“W-who are those?” said Ginkou.

“A-another Reader?” said Zenn.

“Or maybe two readers?” said Mokoto.

“They’re so many!” said Ashley.

And then, they heard a voice shout from behind them:


And so the remaining Readers did as the voice said which led to Agent 253 and Blackwing Crow being defeated to death. After that, the battalion of soldiers disappeared and narrowed down to only two soldiers, who introduced themselves as Ten and Asu.

They then introduced their boss, named Cyber-Angelle. She was holding the Yrklathdon booklet in her hands, with a smile.

“S-so you’re the creator of the booklet, Ma’am?” said Ashley in a trembling voice.

“Yes I am.” Cyber-Angelle said. “I was riding a spaceship and passing by your planet, and I accidentally dropped the booklet after I finished the last page and it fell to your world. The booklet has the ability to grant powers and even have lots of mysteries in store inside of it. It was not really meant for humans, but I guess I cannot prevent it now.”

“But you can prevent other humans from reading the book, right?” said Mokoto.

“Yes, and I will need your help.”

The book was then stored inside a treasure chest and kept hidden behind a pile of boxes on Ashley’s apartment. It was later moved to an attic of the house that Mokoto and Ashley moved to, after they got married five years later.

Meanwhile, on that time, Ninka Emella, Ashley’s sister, was already at high school at Meheralia University and decided to visit her sister’s house, but there was no one around, since they were on vacation.

She then hears strange melodies from the attic, climbs up to see it, and discovers a treasure chest.


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