Monday, November 19, 2012

Aftermath in the City

It was 2791 A.D., and most of Alpheria had been crushed and destroyed by the alien race Albeteron. Almost no survivors remained in major cities that had been affected by the toxic wave attack, and hope was nowhere around.

Until a little girl came out of the ruins.

The girl, dusting off her pink clothes, set off to find anyone for help. She walked for miles but she never found anyone, or anything. Until a strange static noise resounded in her ears.

“Who’s there?” she looked behind her.

“It is I, FRA86 type 72. You can call me Fresco.”

It was a tall young robot in the appearance of a man around his 20s. He had a cold, blue metallic skin and glittering yellow eyes. He is one of those ‘service robots’ in Alpheria who help out on government missions and can be hired to do anything. As of now, he is slightly damaged but can still function normally.

“Let’s go get some help around here.” said the little girl.

“Ah, but of course.” said Fresco. “By the way, please do introduce yourself to me first.”

“My name is Pandora Sketaus. I hate my name, but it’s not like I have a choice or anything. I’m 11 years old.”

“You were named after the woman in the Greek myths, if I am not mistaken. The name Pandora automatically registers in any person who knows the myth as a bringer of chaos to the world. But you are no chaos bringer to me, at the very least.”

“T-thanks!” she said, blushing.

And so, the two ran off through various areas, searching for help. With the help of Fresco’s tracking capabilities, they search for any life form or survivors within the area, but sadly, they couldn’t find one. All they found so far was a robot service dog. They’ve decided to name it Flappy.

But days passed by and not a single trace of human life had been found in their area.

“It’s pointless, Pandora. We cannot find any more trace of life in this area of Alpheria. We should just move on to another unaffected area and live there.”

“No!” she persisted. “I grew up here. I don’t want to leave this place. I’ll make sure that I can still save people here, because I know that our area doesn’t give up easily when it comes to tragedies! They will survive…!”

But Fresco said it time and time again, that no survivors can be found. And so, Pandora left him to check an old abandoned building.

Inside the building were a lot of complicated equipments, such as time machine prototypes and other failed experiments. But suddenly, the building was shaking – its foundation was about to fall. Fresco overheard this noise and rushed to the scene.

He and the dog flew all the way to the building and quickly located Pandora. He was able to save Pandora out of the building before it collapsed, but as they got out in the open fields, Fresco had a system failure. He lied down on the ground, grasping for life. Pandora was greatly worried.

“Listen, Pandora. My system was damaged by the fallen debris of the building. It crushed my life batteries, so this means that…”

“No! This can’t be! You must have an extra battery there somewhere! I can install it for you!” Pandora insisted.

“I’m sorry Pandora, I don’t have one. Guess this is our area’s punishment for being reckless and ungodly, huh?”

“Fresco! You shouldn’t give up just like that! I told you, there may be other survivors out there…please! Please don’t die here! I need you…Alpheria needs you! Please…” Pandora cried.

“Take good care…Pandora.”

And with that, his eyes stopped glowing, and all of his powers seem to have shut down. Pandora let out a loud scream of lament at that moment and then slowly walked away.

“I will find survivors on my own…Fresco. You just stay there and rest. I can do this…” she said with tears.

But strangely enough, there was a pat on her back.

“F-fresco? Y-you’re not dead?”

“No, silly little girl.” Fresco said, as he showed some empty battery cases in his hands.

“No way! You lied to me! You said you didn’t have extra batteries!” and then Pandora hugged him in tears and in happiness.

“I just…didn’t think you humans would care about machines at all. I mean, that is what most of my masters did to me. They didn’t treat me well – they made me feel like was only a machine. But you…you were different. You believed that I could be saved too. You believed in this area, all of its people, and the hope that the small box contained when the Greek Pandora accidentally let out all chaos into the world.”

And so, the trio of survivors continued. As Pandora truly believed, they have found a small community of survivors beneath a fallen building, filled with food, drinks and shelter. There was also a robot technician who repaired Fresco’s damages and gave him some more extra batteries. Flappy’s damages were repaired as well. Pandora, who hasn’t eaten in days, was also full because of the food.

“You were right, Pandora.” Fresco said to her on that night. “Everyone can be saved, whether you’re human or not. So what’s your plan with me?”

Pandora smiled and said, “Since I lost my parents and family, you’ll be my big brother from now on!”

Fresco was surprised. “R-really? Thank you very much. I shall serve that purpose for you for as long as you live.”

And so the survival camp continued to last for days, until resources were scarce and they had to move to another part of the country which wasn’t damaged. Fortunately, that part of the country was near the capital, so they received all the help they could get.

As for Fresco, Pandora and Flappy, they lived on a small house near a river – a place that would be peaceful enough for all of them. Pandora and the other kids went under free crisis education sponsored by the Alpherian government, and officially registered Fresco as Pandora’s service robot and legal guardian. Flappy was registered too, as their official service dog.


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