Monday, November 19, 2012

Commutio et Fatia

“We can’t afford to lose Commutio, my dear. He is our only hope.”
“Ah, but of course, dear.”

The demonic couple ran away from the Lumi Exorcists through the dark woods. Their son, Commutio, is a young demon boy, and the last of the Obscura Demons. All of the Obscuras were killed by the Lumi, and in this wild chase, the demonic couple was killed too, by a Lumi couple. Unfortunately, the child was able to teleport to another place.

“Darn, we almost had that kid! Now it’s going to be tough for us!”
“You’re right. Obscura Demons can shape shift and disguise as humans.”

Indeed, Commutio was no longer found by the Lumi Exorcists, but he still lived on as a new student in an elementary school. This 7-year-old Obscura boy was the last hope of their clan, and as he has promised his parents, he will seek revenge for all those who were killed by the Lumi.

One day at school, there was a tougher kid who picks on him, because he was smaller and weaker. They were together on a vacant storage room in the school. With his demonic powers, he stares into this kid and mentally chokes him to death. The kid’s body was found the next day, and everyone who touched the kid died a few hours later. The ‘curse’ spread throughout the school and eventually, throughout the whole town.

Now Obscura Demons have a complex growth system. Due to being immortal, they cannot age unless they kill people and absorb their souls. The more evil a soul is, the more powerful and older an Obscura grows. Through that area infection, Commutio slowly aged about 2 years in a span of 2 months. He also increased in demonic power, but still remained in human disguise so no one would suspect him.

He soon meets a braided blonde girl named Fatia. She is a happy-go-lucky detective who is on the mission in finding out the cause of this strange epidemic. Fatia was especially kind to Commutio and didn’t notice anything strange about him.

On each town that Fatia and Commutio stop by, the boy kills a couple of people and lets the curse devour more souls for him to grow more, in physical form and in powers. But all of these were done while Fatia was asleep, so she didn’t notice anything.

However, as months passed by, she noticed how Commutio was growing fast, in an unusual way. She asked of this directly.

“I have a strange growth syndrome, according to the doctors at the orphanage. They left me in the streets because there was no cure for my condition.” said Commutio to Fatia. She believed in him and felt sorry for him.
“Don’t worry, Commutio. Even if you become an old man, I’ll take care of you! We’ll go through this journey together and hopefully, catch the culprit of this epidemic disease!” Fatia said to the boy, who, at that time, was already about 15 years old in appearance.

But as all lies have an end, Commutio prepared for the worst-case-scenario. He secretly heard Fatia being told by some relatives that her parents have also died from the epidemic. With this, he leaves Fatia and sets on his own journey – onto his original mission of destroying mankind that has put their clan to rest.

Fatia was completely worried about Commutio, but at the same time, she wanted to figure out who the culprit of the epidemic is. Eventually, almost all the countries of the world had dead people and populations were greatly decreased by nearly 90%. The remaining 10% were mysteriously teleported to a wide deserted field in Italy. These people seem to have been under a mind control of some sort, as Fatia saw them, peeking from behind a building. She was wondering why she wasn’t part of the crew.

And then all of a sudden, a large, dark palace rose from the ground, in front of the people. From it came a grown, dark-skinned man with black hair. He had horns and a grim smile. He seems to be controlling the people.

“An Obscura?” Fatia knew about them. “But I thought all of them were already wiped out by my family and clan…then who can this be…?”

Just then, Fatia noticed the demon’s necklace.

“No…it can’t be…!”

It was the same golden necklace she had given to Commutio during their journeys. Fatia felt angry and sad, not realizing her good friend was actually the demonic culprit of everything.

With tears in her eyes, she walks towards the crowd and aims two guns at Commutio. The demon looks at her in bright eyes.

“Fatia…so you’re one of them…”

“Yes, I am a Lumi! I should’ve known!” she said, crying. “Why!? Why did you lie to me?”

And then Fatia charges at Commutio, and the two engage in an intense battle. But seeing things can go wrong for him, Commutio teleports both of them into a vast, empty space where no one and nothing resides – just weird and bizarre patterns of light and darkness.


“I am the last of my clan. My parents were killed by the Lumi. And I believe those were your parents, because I can remember them clearly and you do resemble them.”

“Well yes, I think what you’re saying is true. My parents killed the last Obscuras, but failed to kill their son – that’s you, right?”

“Right. I just…couldn’t take the Lumi for killing all of us. And most of them are even showcasing dead Obscura bodies for money. It’s just too much.”

“Oh, so that’s why you wanted revenge, huh? But hey, not all Lumi are like that. I mean, my parents and I would never do such a thing. And after all, Obscuras live by the codes of evil deeds and death, right? So it’s only natural that they have to be punished for influencing people…sad to say.”

Commutio paused for a while and thought deeply.

“I guess you’re right. But I could never escape being an Obscura; I’m born and raised as one, although I lived most of my years in the human world. This is probably why I feel certain affection towards you – a certain kind of sadness, sorrow and pity. I don’t know why.”

Fatia got closer to him and slowly embraced him.

“It’s okay, Commutio. You don’t have to live that prophecy. You can be a good being, like me…like all of us who remained. It’s not too late…”

Just then, the essences of the dead Obscuras interrupted them and pulled Commutio away.

“Commutio…you are the last of our clan! Do not fail to obey your elders and fulfill the prophecy!”

Tears were slightly falling from Commutio’s eyes. Something that he thought would never happen.

And all of a sudden, the essences of the departed Lumi stopped the dead Obscuras.

“Well take care of things here.” said one of the Lumi. “Go forth, Commutio and Fatia. Start anew.”

The two escaped the palace and plunged into the crowd as a heavy earthquake shakes the place. Commutio slowly mind-controls everyone they pass by and erases their memories of him taking over the world, making them believe that the disasters were caused by natural calamities as the ‘2012 apocalypse’ was foretold.
Commutio and Fatia eventually ended up in a remote island and settled there. One day, the passed by a church. At first, Commutio was afraid to get in, fearing his own death, but a Lumi spirit told them that if he enters the Church, his demonic powers will be converted into angelic powers and he will no longer be an Obscura, but a new race called a Lumia.

As soon as he enters the church, his appearance changed from a demon-like human to a normal person, around age 27 as he had aged in his old demon form. His hair changed from black to brown, his eyes changed from red to blue, and his dark skin turned light.

“Fatia, since we are in a church right now, I’d like to take this opportunity…”

And then he magically summons a box with a wedding ring inside, and offers it to Fatia.

“…to ask you if you want to marry me.”

“Yes! Yes, of course!” Fatia said eagerly.

The two were married, right on that moment. A local church priest was already present there. After a year, they gave birth to twins, who also possessed powers like their dad. Their lives became better afterwards, and their story proved that people have the power to change their destiny if they put their mind and heart to it.


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