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Endless. His name was Endless - at least, that's what people call him.

He was said to be a Murasaki Immortal that's much stronger than Aji-kun, older than Klas-kun, and faster than me, Debug. It is said that no mortal human was able to return back from his lair, and so no one was able to tell what his lair looked like, or what he looked like, at the very least. In short, he was anti-social. He hated people and kept them away. Or so we think.

The only thing that people have heard of him was his erotic moaning and laughing when he kills people in his lair. And still, people could not find where this lair is, or where he is. They just hear him, like he's sending out a telepathic message to every being in this world. Most report to me that this laughter was unlike any other laughter there ever was. It was grim, seductive, and psychotic. It was quite unimaginable that when one hears it, he or she can go crazy and feel as if Endless was there raping the person, regardless if the person is a boy or a girl.

I have yet to find more about Endless and the reasons behind his attacks to the human race. I contacted Null one day to give me his reports and analysis about Endless, but sadly, he himself could not break through Endless' tough security Data Space Hack tactics. Not even Null, who created the Supernatural System.

Then...what kind of being is Endless? If he uses Data Hack and Hexacode, why can't he be surpassed by its creators?

Later that afternoon, I contacted Broken for a meeting with Null and some CCB members, including the Murasaki Immortals.

[Broken's Story]

I was walking home one afternoon, and then it happened. I heard a terrible and psychotic voice of a man, probably around his 20s or something. He had a dark, erotic and seductive tone, and said these words in telepathic message format:

“I am…Endless…and I shall take…everything you love…away from you! Hahahaha!”

Along with it were screams of men and women, presumably people this person is torturing. His voice was quite disturbing and it drove me nuts. It was like I was getting raped or stabbed in my chest. I coughed blood and knelt on the ground, as his voice resounded in my brain. After a few minutes, it all stopped, and I felt exhausted – sweaty, nervous and at the same time, I felt Goosebumps.

Later that night, Debug and Null contacted all of us for a meeting regarding this Murasaki Immortal called ‘Endless’. They say he’s big trouble, and we have to meet in a concealed place, which can be done by extreme Hexacode security measures, only known by the Loic and Opfsic siblings, including Null.

I bet this moaning guy I heard earlier is Endless. Debug already gave me some of the details, so I concluded it this way. Null then asked me to extract the data from my memory of that strange voice for his analyzation.

“I’m currently analyzing the data that I’ve extracted from people who heard Endless’ voice. That includes Broken’s memories. And so far, I’ve been able to hack through this person’s memories through his voice.”

And so, Null told us more details about Endless.

“From my current data of his memories, he was once a 12-year-old boy who once lived in the First World War as an accomplice to a German war post. He was adopted by an old man only known as Mr. Himmelreich. They lived together in spite of the war, along with some kids and a bunch of old ladies who treated the wounds of soldiers. This boy also went into the battlefields himself to be of aid to the German soldiers. But on one night, he was then told of his origins – he was the daughter of a rape victim who committed suicide right after he was born. The friend of his mother gave him to Mr. Himmelreich to be raised afterwards. And then, all of a sudden, this is where the Russian troops barged into their hideout, killed all of the people he loved and captured him to be a slaved.”

On this part, Null gulped and was quite nervous at what he saw. I bet it would be something brutal. And I may be right.

“The 12-year-old boy was then put into different torture stations, such as getting beaten by Russian army men, being plunged into ice cold water, stabbed many times, carry heavy loads, and even take severe punishments and blames for crimes that he didn’t do. He endured all of these for 3 years, and there was no one who could rescue him.”

Everyone felt sad about it, especially me. I looked up to Null’s sister, Min Ji, since she was saying something to Debug. And then I remembered, she was also tortured in her past incarnation…I dare not think about that either.

“In the Russian prison camps, he had made friends and enemies, and even had a relationship with a fellow prisoner who is a girl from Italy. But 3 years later, she was killed to death in another prison cell. From this point on, no guard or official ever heard him say anything. He just sat facing the walls. On one night, he wrote these words on the wall: ‘I AM ENDLESS’, and that’s where the memory stops.”

Null then picks up his phone and dials a number.

“Hello, Murasaki?”
“Yes, I need you right away. It’s about Endless.”
“Oh okay, I’ll be waiting. Everyone’s here too.”

A few moments later, Murasaki-sama entered the room. She seemed a lot more serious than usual.

“Looks like I’ve got some more explaining to do. You see, Endless was much like Klas or Aji-kun, except something made him a lot stronger than anyone else. This is because in Murasaki Immortal rules, the more pain you have endured as a human, the stronger your Immortal powers will be.” she said.

Murasaki-sama told us about the plan. She said that Endless’ weakness was only one thing, and that’s to be relieved of all of his pain. However, she told us to devise the plan before we get out of this room, as getting closer to him would have him read our minds. She told us that we should be able to submit through pain and suffering. Murasaki-sama has chosen me and Aji-kun to battle Endless face-to-face, with Null and the rest of the team backing up from a distance.

“Okay guys, to get to Endless’ lair means we’d have to use Hexacode. Miki and I will open the gates. And as soon as we do, make your way in as fast as you can. Good luck.” sand Null to us.

And indeed, together with Aji-kun, we made our way through the portal.

Endless’ lair was a huge spherical world with a large castle in it. There were many bright and dazzling colors and the gates purposely opened for us.

“Welcome, strangers, to my castle.” a voice said, revealed to be the man in front of us. “My name is Endless, and today, I shall take away everything from you.” he said with a grim smile.

Endless was nothing like Null described him in his past life, since he probably shape-shifted due to his immortality powers. He now takes the form of a 20 something guy with dark blue hair and red eyes. He wore a lavender robe and had an evil smile on his face. We were ready for anything, but clearing off our minds with thoughts to avoid any mind reading.

We fought him as hard as we can, and then later on, submitted to him. This was supposed to be part of the plan that Murasaki had instructed us.

I was stripped of my clothes AND my disable-pain abilities, meaning I will definitely endure everything. He struck tons of knives at me and in my face, and he did it over and over again, and to both of us. Later on, he also did ‘something’ to us, like how I felt when I heard his voice from afar on that afternoon. Again, he did it with that creepy, awkward moaning voice:

“I am…Endless…and I shall take…everything you love…away from you! Hahahaha!”

That’s what he did. He did take everything away from us. But we were not alone. Later on, Null and Klas came through the door and they too were punished like us. Endless could clone himself and so he did those things to all four of us at once. However, because there were four of us, he was getting kind of distracted.

Much later on, Filter and Moto came in as well and received punishment. Because of this, Endless’ grip on me and Aji was starting to get loose, and when it did, we launched our special attack. All we did was directed a Data Hack memory-delusional inducer to him and made him see things…things that he had always wanted to happen, putting him into a dream state. And thus, he fell unconscious.

“Quickly, let’s bring him back to HQ!” Null said, also stripped of his clothes. I felt awkward looking at him, and at everyone else.

In the HQ, we had him lie down a bed near a bright window. This room is where we usually keep sick members of CCB to help them get some rest. Later on, some girl comes out of the door. She had a bright smile and went straight on going beside Endless, who was back to his original 12-year-old kid form (with brown-black hair and blue eyes) due to draining out his powers.
“So you’ve finally calmed down…dearest Odysseus.” the girl said.

“H-hold on!” I asked Null. “Who is this girl?”

“She’s Endless’ Italian girlfriend from the Russian camp. She was called by Murasaki from heaven to be able to visit and comfort Endless, whose real name is Odysseus Himmelreich, taking on the surname of his old man.”

And much later on, more people came in from the door to greet Endless…I mean Odysseus. There was his old man, Mr. Himmelreich, a bunch of old ladies and kids from the German camp, and some good buddies from the Russian camp, as well as his original parents who abandoned him. Good thing they were forgiven by him.

“I feel really happy for Endless, don’t you think so, Debug?”


“Yeah, Broken. I mean I had no idea such a demonic pervert Murasaki Immortal actually had a very painful past. Heheh.”

And so it happened. Broken and the rest of those who fought Endless-kun were a bit exhausted, but the fight was worth it. Endless then merged and re-did his lair with the real world, setting it near CCB HQ here in Japan, so he can be near to us.

“But what about your loved ones? Don’t you want them to stay here instead of being in heaven?” I asked Endless.

“No thanks…” he said. “After all, they can visit me anytime and I have pretty much gotten over them. What matters more is today. Thank you, all of my new friends, especially Murasaki-sama for giving me every bit of power that I have.”

We had a party at his castle the following night. It was good fun and we got to see Endless’ kind and happy-go-lucky side. He and Klas-kun both came in their adult forms. They dressed up, surprisingly, in the same color of suits. I laughed, but they just smiled. They also told me that Klas (he’s my uncle btw and is also a Murasaki Immortal, he became an MI when he was a kid so his true form is that of a kid) is going to live with Endless, since he didn’t really have that much to do around our house, but he promises to still drop by. Uncle says that Endless still needs some more support from a fellow MI.

It was later announced by Endless that it would also be his 96th birthday. Surely, he would definitely be older than my uncle, but not older than Aji-kun or Moto-kun, who are both hundreds of years old already. Heheh.

But anyways, it was fun and everything else went back to normal after that. If there’s one thing all of us have learned that day, it was that you need pain after all to become stronger and to realize the things that are more important, so you can be stronger to protect them.


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