Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fading Isosceles

Bryan was her best friend’s boyfriend. Her BEST FRIEND’S boyfriend, she repeated in her head.

Holly was a depressed-looking geeky girl who always sat at the back of the school bus. She had black, short hair and blue, longing eyes that seem to have been drained of so many tears. She didn’t care about the world; she just walked right through anything. She usually spaces out of reality.

“Macy is my childhood best friend. I can’t let my emotions towards Bryan (also a childhood friend of mine) get in the way of our friendship.” she kept telling herself while being awkwardly stared at by all the other teens in the school bus.

Holly lives in the same apartment room as Macy, and they would always spend time together. Sometimes, Bryan would come to visit Macy, and during these times, Holly would just fake a smile or sometimes, pretend to go out shopping with some of her younger siblings. But in truth, all of her siblings are already dead, and she was an orphan since she was 5 years old.

Macy was a beautiful and elegant girl who had mild manners. She had long, blonde hair and green eyes, and was remarked by everyone in the school as the perfect match for Bryan. They were also jealous of her, but Holly always calmed her down, telling her that she is truly blessed.

On one evening, Holly was all alone in her side of the room. She shed little tears and silently cried. Macy was out with Bryan in his apartment, or probably somewhere else she didn’t mention at all.

 Just then, a bright light came from the hallway. A beautiful, pink-haired woman with fairy-like wings came through the door and comforted Holly.

“W-who are you? Is this a dream? It’s a dream, right?” said Holly, in tears but laughing like she’s wasted.

“I am a pixie fairy from another world.” the woman said. “I shall grant you your wish, whatever you desire, for it is the duty of our race to make sure all humans who are in deep despair become happy. Now, what is it that you want me to do? C’mon, don’t be shy.”

Holly sighed, and said, “Okay…even if this is a dream…then…”

And then, she clenched her fist and wiped her tears with them.

“I wish that by midnight tomorrow, I would die in my sleep! A-and all of my memories in this world and of this world will be gone! That would mean…everyone else who knew me will have their memories of me erased too! Is that okay…with you?”

The pixie fairy was slightly shocked, but mildly said “Granted. You shall die at midnight tomorrow. Your wish is my command…”

And after that, the fairy disappeared, and Holly felt a pain in her chest. She smiled a bit, in a demented and depressed way, and went back to bed, thinking that the whole thing was just a dream.

“Even if it was just a dream…I hope it would be real…” she murmured before she closed her eyes.

On that morning, Holly was woken up by Macy and Bryan.

“Good morning Holly!” both of them said. She was presented a warm tray of breakfast in bed with a bunch of fluffy cupcakes. Those were her favorites. She cried in tears of happiness.

“We’re going to make your birthday a very special one, Holly! So please, enjoy yourself and let us take good care of the rest.” said Macy with a smile.

The day went by with all three of them going on shopping, eating at restaurants, playing arcade games, and spending quality time together. They had a blast, but Holly could still remember that ‘dream’ and whether it was real. But she didn’t tell it to them, of course, or they would be sad and the birthday spirit would be ruined.

On that night, Bryan was finally asleep due to drinking too much, and Holly was also about to go to bed. She still felt the pain in her chest just as before, and she kept thinking whether she will really die at midnight. Time passed as she looked on the clock, when suddenly, around 11:45, Macy came in to the room from outside.

“I had Bryan be taken home by his buddies, so don’t worry about it. We can now sleep peacefully Holly…” she said with a smile.

But in truth, Macy was feeling a little bit off too. She couldn’t sleep well and kept looking at the clock as it finally struck midnight. She then closed her eyes, hoping things would be alright.

On Holly’s side, she was sound asleep, happy, and seems to be contented.

The next day, there was no more trace of Holly, not even from Bryan or Macy’s memories, not from anyone. All of her things had disappeared and all that was left was Macy and Bryan spending time together, until one night, Macy accidentally found a picture hidden within her drawers.

“W-who is this girl…?” she thought.

And then, she remembered everything about Holly, and broke in tears. She couldn’t take it.

“What have I done…?! I killed my best friend…all because it was in the strict code of the pixie fairies…I’m so stupid…!”

And on that night, she took Bryan out for a drive in an open grass field near their town. There were a lot of stars on that night, and there were many shooting stars too. Bryan hasn’t remembered anything yet.

“Listen, Bryan.” said Macy. “I have something to tell you, and to show you.”

With that, Macy transforms back to her pixie fairy form, with pink hair and wings. Bryan couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Yes, Bryan…I’m not from this world. I’m a fairy who was sent to this world for training, and to grant wishes of depressed humans…”

She then shows all of Holly’s memories, including the deal she made with her on that night.

“H-holly…!” Bryan cried. “No…why, Holly? Why did you do this?”

“She had feelings for you.” Macy said in slight tears. “She had no choice but to let herself disappear so that the two of us can…”

“But why did you give in to her wish? You’re so selfish!”

“I wanted to deny the wish!” she said, crying. “But it’s not like I have a choice, because in the rules or the strict code of the pixie fairies, we’re not allowed to deny a wish of a human, because doing so will cause everyone around the person (including that person) to be crushed in a tragedy such as an earthquake or a hurricane! I didn’t want to lose any of you…and any of our friends…so I had no choice…please forgive me!”

Bryan fell silent. He didn’t know what to say anymore.

“Listen, Bryan.” Macy said. “I’m going back to my world to be able to become a full-fledged fairy. And with this, I will have to leave all of our memories behind. All of your memories of me, and all of my memories of you, they’ll all disappear forever, and there’s nothing that can be done…”

“No…not you too!”

“Bryan…this is what’s supposed to happen. I’m sorry. So let’s spend the last hours with an old friend…shall we?”

And with that, Macy summons Holly’s spirit from the heavens and brings back her memories. She then explains to Holly everything that has happened so far.

“I was weak, Holly.” Macy said. “I thought that my memories would be completely erased, but it was still there. It must be the power of our friendship…”

Holly then looks at Bryan with deep longing eyes.

“Go, Holly. Do what you must.”

Holly then embraces Bryan, and in return, Bryan kisses her. Later on, Bryan also kisses Macy, as all three of them wave goodbye.

“Even if all our memories will be completely gone,” Macy said as she gets ready to go back to her world and complete the amnesia spell. “I’m sure we’ll all meet again someday.”

And on that moment, there was a big flash of light – brighter than any star upon the heavens.

Suddenly, Bryan woke up from being unconscious on the ground.

“W-what happened? Where am I?” he didn’t remember anything. “Must’ve been stargazing or something. Oh well.”

Bryan then goes back to his car and drives home. Meanwhile, a girl suddenly crosses the streets and good thing Bryan hits the breaks. He then comes out of the car and rescues the girl.

“A-are you alright, miss? Are you injured? I’m terribly sorry…” Bryan said.

“N-no, I’m okay.” the girl said.

Bryan fell astounded with the sight of the girl. Her hair was blonde but was short, and she had blue-green eyes. She reminded him of someone…or some people, but Bryan couldn’t figure out who and why.

“H-have we met before?” Bryan asked.

“Uhm…no…I don’t think so.” the girl said. “By the way, my name is Trisha. And you are?”

“Bryan. I’m just glad that you’re okay.”

“Yeah…thanks for saving me.”

“Can I…drive you home? If it’s okay.”

“Uhm…yeah!” Trisha said. “My home is pretty far anyway. Thank you.”

And so, Bryan took Trisha home, and the rest…is well…another story altogether.


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