Thursday, November 22, 2012

Forever Young

During the year 1985, somewhere in Zhoukai City in Enidouka, there lived a group of kids who called themselves “Forever Young”. Simply put, they were rebels against EVS machine operators who cruelly took the childhood of youngsters and turn them into adults. They would not let this happen to many other kids and so they began this secret organization.

The elite leaders of the group were Keiza, Mich and Jen. Keiza is a hot-headed 10-year old boy and Mich was a much calmer 11-year old boy. Jen was the oldest, being a 12-year old girl.

However, on one mission, things did not look good, as the EVS operators had already invented EVS guns that allowed them turn kids into adults without the use of chambers. They narrowly escaped.

Within the fallen debris, Keiza had found out that his seniors, Mich and Jen, had already been aged 10 years. Quickly, they made their escape from the EVS facility, but with all of the guards, it was quite hard.

“Stop right there!” said a guard, holding out a gun.

“No!” said Keiza, protecting the two.

Now Keiza had great skills in combat and martial arts, so he was able to beat the guard, while the two made their escape. On the outside, Mich and Jen were worried. They were hiding in the bushes, waiting for him.

“What if Keiza got EVSed too?” Mich was worried.

“Don’t worry, I believe in him.” said Jen. “He wouldn’t want to grow up just yet. He’s strong.”

There was an explosion from the facility, and a man came out. He was tall and almost looked like Keiza.

“N-no way!” Jen, said in tears.

“No….how could this be…?” said Mich.

But they were mistaken. The man was actually another EVS victim. Keiza was right behind him. He didn’t grow up that much – he only aged around 4-5 years.

“Keiza! You’re alright!” said Jen, hugging him.

“Good job, Keiza!” said Mich, who joined in the group hug.

“Well, heheh. Yeah.” said Keiza. “Though I have aged a little, I managed to get through and defeat those bastards anyway.” he smiled.

Back at the headquarters, the three were greatly praised and awarded by the older kids who are in the highest position, and were greatly honored by the rest of the team.

Today, Forever Young still exists, and gives salute to those who were ‘wounded’ in battle. They still continue to fight for their right of being a kid forever…or at least for as long as they will be.


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