Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tales From Amnesia (Chapter 1: Stephano)

Once upon a time, there was a blacksmith in London who always wore a golden robe. He was only known to the villagers as Stephano the blacksmith.

Now Stephano was also known to be a traveler from the modern-day Sweden until he built his own weapon shop in London. One day, he meets a boy named Daniel. He was a demented and depressed-looking kid, but he easily makes friends with him. His father would always order swords from Stephano and this is why he and Daniel became close.

As the days went by, Stephano would always be visited by Daniel and together, they would make good-looking and sharp swords to be sold. And then one day, Daniel asked Stephano if he could carve a statue from gold.

“I want you to carve a statue of yourself for me!”

“Hmm? Why is that?”

“Because if ever that I move to another town someday, I’ll never forget our friendship. Is that okay?”

“Of course, Daniel. It’s okay.”

And thus, they worked on the statue for one week. But on the day that they were going to polish it, Daniel was called off early by his father, and so they had to finish on the next day.

Meanwhile, on their way home, Daniel overheard a bunch of angry people with swords behind their backs. They seem to be murmuring something about Stephano.

Daniel was really worried, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He had a gut feeling that something bad might happen. But if he escaped, his dad would beat him again.

On Stephano’s shop, the angry people came with their swords.

“Y-you traitors!” said Stephano, noticing that the swords were the ones he sold. “How could you turn against the one who made your swords?”

“That’s simple.” said one of the mob. “Because we’re just doing it for our own good…and for your brother….”

“Gonzalez?” he thought. “No way…”

Stephano fought back against the mob, but he was no match for them in the end, despite his excellence in sword fighting. It was a sad sight on a stormy night.

Meanwhile, Daniel secretly escaped from the carriage when a lightning hits near a tree, causing distraction to everyone else. He dashed into the rain, all the way to Stephano’s shop.

But alas, all he found was a bleeding and almost lifeless blacksmith.

“Stephano!” he cried. “Who did this to you? Is it those angry people? I’ll make sure they’ll pay! I have to get you to a paramedic…” he said clenching his fist and dragging Stephano outside.

“No, Daniel. It’s okay.” Stephano smiled. “I…don’t have much time left you see…it would be better this way.”

Stephano looked into the boy’s eyes and asked him to get the unpolished statue of him.

“Look boy, I want you to finish what we have started, so that if ever you would forget about me someday, I shall manifest my own spirit in this statue, so that you’ll remember me…”

And with that, Stephano said his last words:

“Remember, if you want to take revenge on them…prepare a good plan…and don’t…make a noise…”

Realizing Stephano had already passed away, Daniel single-handedly carries his corpse outside and buries it next to a tree. He then clutches the statue in his hands and puts it in his small bag.

A few days later, Daniel finds this statue again, and while his father was away, he polished it as fine as it could get, remembering his old friend.

“Stephano…” he said to the statue. “If ever I lose you one day, I hope you do find a good friend whom you will truly be happy with. Thank you for everything…”


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