Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tales From Amnesia (Chapter 4: Jennifer)

Jennifer was a next-door neighbor of Daniel. They would occasionally meet in secret near where Mr. Stol’s cabin used to stand. Despite the large age gap between them (Jennifer was 5 years older than Daniel), they seem to have strong feelings for each other.

Jennifer always carried a notebook whenever they meet and wherever she goes. She is a poet and an enthusiast for just about anything that happens in the world. She is also bright and high-spirited, and it seems like nothing could wear her down.

“Hey Jenny…”

“Huh?” she looked back at Daniel while sitting on top of a big rock.

“Why do you like to sit on rocks, regardless if they are big or small?”

“Well, I feel strong and free whenever I sit on them. Rocks mean a lot to me; they make me feel like I can fly or see the world from a different perspective, you know.” she said with a smile.

Jenny was an orphan, and was forced to live with a cruel stepmom, whom she hates so much.

But on one meeting, right after Daniel just left, Jenny was stoned to death by her stepmom, who was really spying on them the whole time. Daniel, who felt that gut feeling he had always felt, rushed back to the spot after an hour or so.

“Jenny! W-who did this to you?”

“My stepmom…my…stupid stepmom! She’s a real pain…you know…”

Daniel was crying and insisted to take her to a paramedic, but she refused, just as the same with Stephano.

“Don’t worry, okay Daniel? I promise…to always watch over you from heaven. If you…see a rock…or a stone…remember me…because I’ll always be there for you…”

And thus, Daniel buried her corpse under the big rock she always sits on. And right after that, this time, Daniel has finished the plan to beat the hell out of that angry mob that keeps going after people around him.

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