Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tales From Amnesia (Chapter 5: Barrels)

Daniel then sends individual notes to the people he knew who had killed all of his friends. The notes indicated that Mr. Stol had a son who continued to live in the cabin and that he is willing to give them lots of gold so they’d better come to the cabin at midnight.

This was part of his long-planned trap.
In the cabin, all the angry people gathered there, with Daniel peeking through the small window he made. He was quiet, just as Stephano told him:

‘Just don’t make a noise…’

And then, he pushes a stone through the main exit, and with all exit points sealed, the mob was trapped there. Daniel then pulled a switch that landed many barrels onto them. These barrels contained heavy stones and rat poison, which eventually, killed all of them.

Daniel then flees from the cabin, with these words:

“Stupid barrels! Now I have exacted justice for all of my dear friends.”

And from then on, the spirits of these bad people lingered on the barrels, and every barrel that Daniel saw from then on reminded him of these traitors.


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