Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tales From Amnesia (Chapter 3: Piggeh)

 After Mr. Stol’s death, Daniel and his sister had a trip to the town. They eventually encounter a fat, homosexual butcher who was quite noisy but kind towards kids.

“Uhm…a quarter please…” said Daniel’s sister to the butcher.

“Ah, but of course, my dear children.” said the butcher.

“You see, I have long forgotten my real name, since it was a waste anyway. But you can call me Piggeh.”

“Eh….?” Daniel remarked. “Why Piggeh?”

“Because I’m fat, y’know! And I like my name to sound unique. After all, I’m always pumped up for any kind of work!” he said.

Indeed, Piggeh was a kind butcher; it’s just that he was a bit noisy and all. Daniel and his sister eventually made good friends with him.

“You know, I can tell you all there is to pigs, pork and butchering! C’mon now, don’t be shy! I’ll show you the world of chopping meat!” he said to the kids.

“Ehh...okay...thanks!” said Daniel.

Until one day, Daniel got this gut feeling again. He fears it would be someone close to him, and he’s hoping it’s not his sister.

And indeed, the town police have reported of the butcher’s death. Quickly, the siblings rushed to the scene. He was killed in a gruesome way indescribable to the kids.

“I know who did this…” whispered Daniel to his sister as they walked away. “I’ll make sure those people pay. I just need a good plan…”

And because of that incident, Daniel and his sister were always reminded of Piggeh whenever they eat pork or see pigs about to be slaughtered.


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