Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tales From Amnesia (Chapter 6: The Bro)

It has been years since Daniel encountered the series of killings, hurting his friends and exacting revenge towards their killers. Daniel, now grown up, works at Brennenburg Castle with Alexander Brennenburg, a baron whom he made a deal with.

One day, he finds a stalker around the castle, and seems to stalk him wherever he goes. It was a rugged man, with semi-bald hair. The man was always calling him.

“Hey Bro! Wanna hang out?”

Daniel perceives this man as a psychopathic drunkard. He then eventually traps and catches him within the castle for his experiments with Alexander, eventually torturing him in the most gruesome ways also be used with Alexander’s experiments.

And then, Daniel realized that he was slowly forgetting about his human sanity. He then digs through an old treasure chest in his room. It was full of brilliant things. There was Stephano’s statue, a piece of wood from Mr. Stol’s works, Piggeh’s butcher knife and some strange stones that Jennifer had collected. They were all of Daniel’s treasures.

This is where Daniel finally atones for his sins, and in an instant, writes a letter, grabs the Amnesia drink and gulps it down, hoping to cleanse himself of his sins and for his past friends to forgive him.

Many years later, Daniel’s story had been highlighted to the rest of the world, by a Swedish man. A man who not only revived the story within Brennenburg Castle, but who also gave a second life to Daniel’s good friends and enemies:


Mr. Stol (Mr. Chair).




And The Bro.

Thus, we all hope that these stories help all of you understand the true meaning behind this tale of Amnesia, and all of its colorful characters that this Swedish man has created.


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