Monday, November 19, 2012

The Last Drawer

Eina was a frail girl living with her mother and a brother who is 5 years younger than her, on top of a hill somewhere in the remote areas of New Enika. From time to time, she would be taken by her mother to the city to see different things. But as time went on, when she turned 10, monstrous shadow-like animals started invading the city. And during that time, she lost her brother who was captured by a bunch of guys in black. He was taken to a place that, according to the kidnappers, Eina ‘wouldn’t want to know’.

One breezy morning, her mother talked to her.

“Eina, dear. I think it’s time to tell you our family’s secret.”

Eina was kind of curious. “A secret? What is it mother?”

And then her mother leaned towards her and said,

“Our family was originally a long lineage of Enidoukan magicians known as the ‘Drawers’. All of us can draw out weapons from our body and our ancestors used it to battle the neighboring kingdoms around Enika. But after the presidency of Okana Mitazuki, the monarchy wars stopped and we no longer used our powers.”

Eina was amazed at what he heard. “Wow! So you’re going to teach me how to do it?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so, because of the sudden chaos in the city. The people need our help once again.”

And so throughout her years, Eina went under rigorous training through her mother. To become a drawer means not only to become agile, powerful and fast, but also have a large body mass to be able to draw bigger and stronger weapons. And after five years of intense hard work and perseverance, Eina finally set out to live in the city on her own, not only to look for her lost brother, but also to find and kill the people responsible for the ‘Attackers’ or the shadow-like animals that roam around the town and cause havoc to the city.

Once a frail girl, Eina now stands at great heights at about 179 cm (5’9”) and a measurement of 99-63-93 cm (39-25-37 in). Her eyes dictate the world as if she is aware of everything that is happening around her – she is like a Japanese Ninja. She knows whenever an Attacker is going to cause havoc in the town, and as ‘The Last Drawer’, she can easily pick up weapons from her body (magically) and use them to slay the Attackers. Because of her body mass, she can summon many weapons at one time, and much bigger ones, like large guns, swords, medium-sized hand cannons and many others.

On a bright sunset, right after Eina had slain so many Attackers in the town, she chases down a stronger and faster Attacker towards a bridge over a river. As soon as she kills it, a man with a blue mask approaches her for battle.

“So you’re the one behind all of this…!?” said Eina. “I cannot forgive you for destroying many innocent lives!”

But the man said these words in a somewhat, robotic and monotonous voice:

“I shall kill you.”

And then the battle started. The man was very fast and almost as strong as she is with every precise move. Also, the man can (surprisingly) draw out weapons from his body as well, but not as much as Eina can. He could only draw a few swords, small guns, and a knife. He also seems to be not as skilled as Eina when it comes to drawing out weapons.

“A Drawer?” Eina thought. “But who else could be…!?”

After one sharp blow, Eina defeated the man, whose chest was bleeding. As the cut also destroyed his mask, Eina looked at him, and felt like she saw a ghost.

“Those eyes…that face…” Eina’s tears were falling. “It can’t be…”

And all of a sudden, the man suddenly twitched as if something came over him. His cold, dark eyes, changed into frail and innocent ones.

“W-where am I…what’s going on…why am I…bleeding?”

Eina approached him, got closer, and looked at his eyes even more.

“Mekun…? Is that you, younger brother?”

His eyes widened at the sight of Eina.

“Elder sister! It really is you! Yes I’m your brother, Mekun! I’m glad you’re okay!”

And the two hugged each other. It turned out that when they were younger, Mekun (5 years old at that time) was captured by the illegal EVS culprits who not only aged him 10 years, but also erased his memories and controlled his thoughts so he could be the one framed for the Attackers incidents.

“Don’t worry, Mekun! I’ll make sure the guys who controlled you will pay!”

They went back to Eina’s home on the top of the hill after that, and her mother was glad of Mekun’s return. However, things needed to be settled and the right culprits must be taken out so that Mekun won’t get arrested.

Eina devised a plan to lure out the culprit, by mass-defeating all of the Attackers in one single day, with help from Mekun and their mother, Risha. Because of that, the culprit, known to be named Mr. Hark, suddenly broke out of jail and is a fugitive. He then faced Eina in a battle.

“So you have managed to defeat my ally…” he said.

“Who turns out to be my brother, you filthy pig!” Eina said, drawing out a long and heavy sword from her chests. She was finally ready to give justice to everyone, including her brother.

The battle was intense, and Mekun also helped out by drawing out guns from his body, and Risha also drew her swords from her body as well. In short, the three Drawers fought against this one single guy, who also turned out to be a Drawer himself!

“He is the descendant of those who betrayed our clan and exploited our powers for evil!” said Risha during the fight.

And after that, Mr. Hark summoned Attackers, which turned out to be from his own body as well!

“S-so there’s a drawer who can do that?” asked Eina to her mother.

“Apparently yes, but summoning beasts and other living things are very much forbidden, even though it is very powerful. You have to give up half of your life energy to survive, and as you can see, Mr. Hark is a very huge person who can hold up so many things inside him.”

But by the time that the Attackers surrounded them, the police came in. The mayor of the city came out and called out though his megaphone:

“So you’re the guy who’s responsible for all of these wreckage in the city!” he pinpointed Mr. Hark who was still summoning and controlling the Attackers. “You’re under arrest, and also for getting out of jail!”

But Mr. Hark redirected his Attackers onto the police. Good thing Eina and the group rescued them.

As the war waged on, the police also helped, until all of the attackers were gone. In the end, Mr. Hark was eventually arrested and completely locked up in jail with maximum security. Eina, Mekun and their mother Risha went back home on the top of the hill.
“Children, this isn’t the end of the story, for I know that Mr. Hark can still kick out of prison to cause mayhem. In the meantime, you must get stronger and I shall be glad to train you even more.”

“Yes mother!” the two answered.

And thus, the story of Enidouka’s last few Drawers begins with newfound hope.


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