Thursday, December 13, 2012


The spark of the machines purged through every single one of the kids. The atmosphere was dark, gloomy and full of tension. 8-year old Keja Zukauzou was one of those kids…whose childhood was about to be lost forever.

Keja, who has a delicate heart condition, was one of the many children forced into the EVS chambers, therefore aging him to years, until he looked like he’s around 17 years old. He broke free in midst of the chaos and rescued the rest of the children-turned-adults and fought their way, so that even if they have grown up, their memories won’t be erased and they won’t be used as slaves.

“Let’s all fight for our freedom!” Keja said, with a frail but proud voice, as they beat up the guards one by one. Some of the machines had already started malfunctioning and the place looks like it would crumble down in fire.

Many of his comrades had already escaped; he let them lead the way. But the place is already going to tear down, and all that’s left is him and Miata, a girl from next door. They were close friends, and she had also been EVSed.

“Go ahead of me…Miata…” said Keja, panting out of exhaustion due to his heart problems. “I can manage here…you won’t be able to carry me with this body of mine…”

But Miata tried to carry him outside, to no avail.

“It’s no use, Miata,” said Keja with a smile. “I can make it out of here; just go get some help outside…okay?”

With that, Miata ran as fast as she could towards the exit.

“I promise I’ll get help!” she said in tears and worry.

After that, the exit crumbled, so he was trapped. But Keja managed to find a shortcut to the outside through a hole in the wall. He eventually found himself grasping for breath, resting on some bushes, and slowly making his way through a forest.

“I’m so hungry and tired…” Keja said to himself. “It must be because of the EVS effects and my heart condition. I…don’t know if I can still…”

Just then, he saw a lake. It was a beautiful, mysterious and nostalgic lake in the middle of the forest. Keja’s eyes were startled and alerted, for he knew that he was afraid of water. He developed this phobia since his parents died from drowning in a cruise ship, and Keja was the only survivor. And ever since then, he couldn’t get near any kind of body of water, except when taking a bath.

But since Keja’s health was deteriorating due to the electromagnetic surge of the EVS machines, his heart couldn’t take it anymore – he must go down to the lake and rejuvenate himself…hopefully.

As he dipped his feet slowly, he started accepting his fears. He then saw a mirage of his parents on the other side of the lake. And, as if by miracle, he began to walk over the water towards them. And as he starts to embrace them, everything fades to black.

“Such beautiful scenery for my departure…” said Keja, as he lied down on the lake, with open arms, and a smile on his face. “All those things…all those memories, all of the world…slowly fading…all away…or so they say…”

A few hours have passed, and Miata had finally arrived near the lake, along with the police, rescue team, and other victims. She was completely shocked to see the dead corpse of her beloved friend.

“Keja…! You lied to me! You said you’d be okay!” Miata cried, while trying to wake Keja up, but to no avail. She was too late; or rather, maybe Keja intended it to be that way. Who knows?

A few minutes have passed and Miata and the others saw a glimpse of light on the end of the lake. It was Keja’s soul ready to depart for heaven.

“I’m sorry everyone…especially Miata.” He said. “I wanted to escape but there was no other way. But don’t worry, because I’ll always be watching over all of you from up there. Plus, I’ll always tell God to give you free ice drops, okay?” Keja said with a smile.

Filled with remorse and sadness, Miata ran towards the lake, and surprisingly, she could walk over the water (just like Keja did before).

“Before you go…I wanted to tell you something.” Said Miata. “I…kind of like you…and I was hoping that when we grew up, we could get married or something…but looks like that’s impossible now, huh?”

Keja then kissed Miata in the lips, hugged her tight, and said, “Nothing is impossible with God. Don’t lose hope, for I’ll always be here with you.”

And thus, they parted.

A few days later, Miata had finished with her EVS counseling (done to victims to calm their senses and adjust onto being adults), when suddenly, she collapsed. With her parents taking her to the hospital, she fell deaf when the doctor said these words:

“It appears that your daughter has Leukemia. I’m terribly sorry, but having illnesses is quite typical for EVS victims you see…”

Miata was then told she had only a few days to live.

“Wait for me, Keja…” she whispered to the sky with a smile on her face.


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