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Ebiten Fanfiction: The Cruel Sister

“Come one, come all!” shouted Kyouko that day. “Come and see the Astronomy Club’s original production! A movie entitled ‘The Cruel Sister’! Don’t miss it!”

The Astronomy Club offered a free screening of their DIY film which they shot themselves. Everyone was excited. Kyouko Todayama was the overall director and producer, and was also the lead star of the film. Hakata Kanamori was in-charge of lighting and make-up while Rikei Hiromatsu was in-charge of the camera (although in some scenes, Hakata was the camerawoman). Yuka Iseda, despite being reluctant at first, acted as the group’s financer for the project. The rest of the club members were actors and actresses.

And so, the movie begins.


Kyouko Sakurano was a cruel sister. She always had a bad temper and tends to raise her voice towards anyone, even her own family members. Her parents, Eiji and Shouko were very displeased, but could not control her anger. The house maid, Izumiko, also did not escape Kyouko’s cruelty. Even their cat, Nekoneko, was always being thrown around by her. She was the evil queen of the Sakurano household.

But there is one particular person she likes to hurt – it was her younger brother, Itsuki. She hates him with all of his heart, not just because he is their parents’ favorite, but also because he is the one who is going to inherit the fortune (since he is the guy, after all) which Kyouko didn’t like. Every single day, Kyouko’s words always echoes throughout the house, and most commonly when Itsuki is around.

“Sometimes I wish you weren’t born at all!” said Kyouko to Itsuki at one time. “I worked hard for all these years for mom and dad, studying and becoming a genius and discovering scientific breakthroughs and you walk away with a million bucks even without a single effort? How does that sound fair?”

But Itsuki didn’t say a single word.

And then one day, while Kyouko was going home from school (it was only walking distance from their home), she got sucked into a portal! And the very last thing is that, she found herself in a different world!

“We’ve been expecting you,” said two female guards, wearing futuristic outfits. They dragged Kyouko to a futuristic car and took her to a high-rise building. Kyouko then noticed the world around her – there are flying cars everywhere and the city looks futuristic!

“Excuse me guys, but what year is this? You see, I might have time tr—”

“You’re in the year 2020. And yes, we know everything.”
“Yes, and our master has summoned you to his office.”

“Master?” Kyouko thought.

Later on, they finally got into the building. There were many female employees on that building. They took Kyouko to the top floor, in the ‘CEO’s Office’. Kyouko was surprised at what she saw.

“Oh, the princess has arrived, I see,” said the man in the high chair. “Thank you for your work, Yuka and Rikei. You may now return to your workstations.”

And both the female guards left.

“W-who are you?” asked Kyouko to the man. “Why did you bring me here?”

The man simply laughed. “You don’t recognize me…? Elder sister?”

“W-what!?” Kyouko was surprised. “Y-you’re Itsuki…of the future?! No way!”

“Of course it’s me, sister,” said Itsuki. “And as you can see, I’ve inherited everything. Not even your arrogance stopped me from being successful. Hahaha!”

“Tch…” Kyouko was angry. “How—how could I let this happen?! What was I doing in the future! Itsuki! Tell me everything that happened in the past!”

“Hmm…very well, sis,” said Itsuki with a grim smile. “I shall show you around my inheritance and tell you everything.”

And so Itsuki gave him a tour around the corporation, with so many female workers, who are constantly being punished when they make mistakes. It turns out that Itsuki becomes just as loud-mouthed and as bossy as Kyouko in this future. Kyouko fell silent and scared.

“W-what happened to our parents?”

“They’re dead.”

“What? How about Nekoneko?”

“Dead, but I used his body for a robot AI.”

“What? No way…then how about I—”

“Izumiko, you ask? She’s here.”

Itsuki then calls out his personal assistant.

“Sis, meet Izumiko, my personal assistant. I kept her from aging due to a drug, so that she’ll always be as beautiful as she was back then. Don’t you think it’s grand?”

Once again, Kyouko was angry but disappointed.

And at the farthest side of the building, Itsuki takes Kyouko to a dark room in which only he has access. Izumiko was sent out to do other tasks.

“Let me ask you this again, Itsuki…” said Kyouko. “W-what happened to me? What was I doing in these past years?”

“Oh, you really want to know?” said Itsuki.

And then he opens a switch which revealed an older woman in chains, who seem to be drugged and obsessed over Itsuki.

“This woman…is you, Kyouko.”

“N-no…! N-no way! W-what happened..!? What did you do to me? I mean my future self?”

“Simple,” said Itsuki. “I got over her endless nagging and took the company at a younger age by force. I had my parents and Nekoneko killed.”

“Y-you what?!”

“And as for sister, I had her drugged, tortured, and kept in this dark room for years. And occasionally, I would harass her in front of the security cameras so to further embarrass her. After all, I remember her always putting me in shame when we were kids, right, Kyouko of the past?”

Kyouko fell in silence. She didn’t know what to say. She was angry, sad and scared.

“What have I done to you…Itsuki…”

Just then, Itsuki grabs her and holds her waist. She couldn’t let go.

“Take your hands off me, Itsuki!” she shouted.

“Ah, but we’re related by blood, aren’t we sis? This is going to be fun…”

Itsuki then turns on the security cameras and makes an announcement.

“Attention everyone! This is my sister, Kyouko Sakurano, from the past. I summoned her here in our time so that she can also share the pain with her future self! Now, isn’t that grand?”

“I said, let go!” Kyouko tried to break away but she couldn’t. Itsuki was so strong.

Somewhere in the building, Izumiko was also watching the somewhat erotic scene. She smiles with tears and whispers to herself, ‘May you learn well, Kyouko-san’.

The scene continued on for hours, until when Itsuki was finally going to lay Kyouko down, the lights went pitch black.

“W-what happened…? W-where—”

Just then, Itsuki turns on a small light so they could see each other, barely naked.

“Now, have you learned your lesson…onee-sama (elder sister)?”

Kyouko then nodded.

“I can’t hear you!” Itsuki shouted at her, grabbing her face. “Have you learned your lesson yet?”

Kyouko then said in tears, “Yes…Itsuki.”

“Good,” said Itsuki. “You see…”

And then all of a sudden, Itsuki embraces her.

“I’m sorry, sister. I’m sorry if I had to do this to you. I just want you to change, but in order to do that, I must change too. I don’t want to keep living a life of hatred and revenge. I just want my old, quiet self back. I just want a loving big sis like you…onee-sama. Please…change everything…” Itsuki cried.

Kyouko cried too.

Itsuki then opened a time portal from a gadget in his pocket.

“Now go, onee-sama…do what you must…”

“I will…Itsuki…I’ll save every one of you…!”

And then she leaps through and lands back to her own time, in her own neighborhood.

As she went home, she hugged everyone – her parents, Izumiko, Nekoneko and most importantly, Itsuki who as still as innocent as he was.

“I’m sorry for everything…” she said. “I was just jealous of Itsuki, but now, I won’t be anymore. I promise that I’m going to help him be the great heir of the Sakurano household. I won’t hurt him anymore!”

And so ends the story of the cruel sister, who is now a kind-hearted sister.



And thus, the movie was over. Everyone clapped and shed tears, especially the Astronomy Club.

“B-by the way, who was that woman who played the role of the older Kyouko in the future?” asked a student to Kyouko.

“Oh…that’s Ooba-senpai, our vice president. We had her wear a wig. She was fitting the role because she was more matured. I didn’t want to abuse Kanamori anymore, anyway.”

“B-but who played the older Itsuki?” another student asked.
This time, Izumiko answered.

“That is a secret. He is from another school anyway,” she said with a smile.


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