Friday, February 15, 2013

Don’t Abandon Me

 My name is Ezu, and this is my story.

I was an EVS victim, meaning I was originally a kid who was transformed into an adult using the compression rooms. But what struck me the most is the jail guard who took me in.


“So…you’re name is Ezu, right?” the man said.

“Yeah…” I said.

“Well then, you probably know what you’ll be dealing with here, kid,” he replied, with a seductive and somewhat eerie voice. I was totally scared.

And with that, the air started to be filled with a different substance. My vision was getting dizzy and I couldn’t stand well. I fell down on the soft cushion-like floor and the man approached me.

“Come…I shall take you to a faraway place…you will forget everything…” he said.

And thus it happened.

“N-no…! D-don’t do this to me! Aarrgh…no! No…no…what’s happening to me…no way…!”

“Shh…don’t be scared. This won’t hurt a bit.”

“N-no! Huh…this feeling…my body…it’s…no way…no…”

It’s common for children who are thrown into compression rooms to be sexually abused as they age, but the man’s intentions seemed different – it felt more violent and it’s like he really hated me.

“W-why are you pushing me too hard? Do I know you? Why are you so angry with me?” I asked in my newfound deep voice, grasping for breath.

“Do you really want to know, Ezu?” he said with serious words.

“A-and why do you call me by my name like you really know me?” I asked.

And that’s when he took off his glasses and coat. He stared at me with his green, sad eyes filled with anger and remorse.

“Ezu…you knew, didn’t you?” he said.

“Knew what?” I replied. “And who are you?”

He didn’t reply, so I had to figure out. Could he be a fellow EVS victim like me? But what is he doing on the culprits’ side? Who could…

“It can’t be…Enjeuzo?”

“Correct,” he said. “You’re really good! You remember me! Ahahahaha!” he said with an evil laughter.

“Now…” as he drew closer to me, “remember what you did to me…Ezu.”

And then…I remembered Enjeuzo…I remembered everything.

“C’mon guys, we have to go!”

“B-but there’s another kid stuck in there!”

“Are you crazy, Ezu? Do you want to get electric shock and die?”

“It’s really dangerous and the place is falling apart! We have to hurry or else we’ll get trapped!”

“C’mon, Ezu!”


I remember now…it was Enjeuzo, one of the kids in our neighborhood. I wanted to save him, but I was too selfish and scared. We have all abandoned him…and thus, he became this way, the way he is now.

“T-then, is it also you who captured the rest of the kids?” I asked.

“Ah, but of course. They’re all in delusion mode right now. Heheheh.”

“No…Enjeuzo…” I knelt down in tears. “I’m so sorry…I’m sorry for being weak and not being able to save you…I’m really sorry! I just…”

“Sorry doesn’t do me any good!” he said as he grabbed my face and stared at me with eyes of revenge. “You all have to pay with your bodies for me! You have to know what it’s like to be an adult, and to be abandoned for good!”

And so, Enjeuzo took me to a deep, dark room, where I was alone, without anyone. Later on, he came in, still with those stiff eyes of his.

“Enjeuzo…” I cried in despair but gently. “It’s over; you’ve already taken your revenge on us. What more could you want?”

“You know what I want? Huh?!” he shouted angrily at me as he grabbed me again. He then closed the door so that no one could hear our conversation. He lit up a small candle on the table of the dark room.

“Ezu…I’ve always been alone, even when we were kids. I was always being bullied around by those kids. I wanted to approach you because you seemed like a kind person, but I was too shy to do it, so you remained distant to me. But in reality, I don’t like being alone. I want to have friends, but no one would accept me because I was weak and have little confidence in myself. Not to mention I have a long and weird name. Hahahaha.” Enjeunzo was crying when he said those words, and then he hugged me like a little boy.

“Enjeunzo…you don’t have to be alone anymore.” I patted his back and looked at his green eyes. “If you set me free, then I promise to always stay with you. I’ll be your best friend for better and for worst. I’ll defend you from everyone else who hates you. I’ll be the one to always listen to you! Remember that!” I said those words with a smile.

And so it happened – Enjeunzo released me and he was the one who gave me the EVS counseling to help me adjust (he already had his own a while back). I was sent back to my parents, who were really glad that I was alive. And on the next day, I was surprised to see Enjeunzo back in our neighborhood.

“Enjeunzo…I thought you were still going to work for that EVS company…!?” I asked.

“I resigned,” he said with a smile. “My revenge is over and I am now at peace. We can start over again. Besides, I’m actually planning a business with you so that we can earn money while it’s still summer. After all, the special education program that we are entitled to is still to open up a few months away. What do you say?”

“I say, let’s do it!” I told him gladly. “But first, let’s talk about what kind of business it would be…”

“Of course!” he said.

After that, our lives went smoothly. Our story is here to remind each and every one of you to never abandon people even when you don’t completely know them. Always hold out a helping hand before your conscience leads you to trouble first. Until here, have a great day!


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