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Ebiten Fan Fiction: Kineko no Henkou Koro Ni ( When the Yellow Cat Transformed)

President Iseda and Vice President Ooba-senpai just left the Astronomy Club’s room on that day. They were going off to the house of that old woman (whom they found out was actually Kyouko’s grandma). Wanting to reminisce, they took with them a bunch of telescopes and navigational maps of the stars in the sky.

However, it was already midnight and the two have not returned yet. Kyouko and the others were getting worried.

Also, they realize that Neko-sensei was missing, too (actually, it was Hiromatsu who pointed it out).

Feeling a bit scared, Kyouko went along with Hiromatsu and Kanamori to the mansion, through a forest near their school.

“Izumiko, Noya,” she told the two. “If ever we don’t return by 2 A.M., go after us to the mansion. Got it?”

“Got it!” said the two.

As Kyouko and the group marched on to the depths of the forest, a lingering shadow seems to be watching their path. They knocked on the door of the mansion and no one answered. Forcing their way in, they walked around the corridors of the creepy old house, which was once a home to Kyouko.

Meanwhile, the three of them split up to investigate. However, Hiromatsu’s attention was caught by a man inside a room who called her by her first name, Rikei.

“Y-you are…” Hiromatsu looked at the man. He somehow looked familiar in her eyes…

Later on, Kyouko and Kanamori heard some loud banging and screaming. The sound grew louder and louder as their hearts trembled with fear, approaching each door in the way.

Back at the club room, Izumiko looked at the clock. It’s already 2 in the morning.

“We’d better get going, Itsuki-sama.”


The two marched on to the same trail of forest that the others went through. Eventually, they made their way to that mansion. Searching every door and corridor, they looked for their missing friends.

However, each room revealed a horrifying truth.

“Todayama-san…President Iseda…”
“And even Vice President Ooba-senpai!”

They were all slaughtered to death, in the most gruesome ways, in different rooms.

And then all of a sudden, they hear a dark, seductive and evil laughter. Its presence got closer and closer, as all of the rooms’ doors banged open and close. A gust of nightly wind hurled over them.


Izumiko was dragged by the wind to the farthest end of the corridor, and Itsuki followed her. When he got there, darkness surrounded the area.

A man stood before him. He seemed older than his brother, Eiji, and had orange hair and clothes.

“Itsuki Noya…heir to the Noya Financial Group…” said the man. “Welcome…to your demise…”

Those eyes seemed familiar for Itsuki…rather, too familiar. Also, he realized that Neko-sensei had the same smell.

“Y-you can’t be…”

“That’s right, Itsuki-kun,” said the man. “I’m Neko-sensei!”

“W-what!? You mean…this is your true form?”

“Heheh, what do you think?” Said Neko-sensei. “Don’t I look fabulous?”

And with that, Neko-sensei freezes Itsuki with his powers, rendering him unable to move.

“Y-you have pheromones too?” Itsuki was surprised.

“Of course, I do!” said Neko-sensei, hurling Itsuki up in mid-air. “Remember when I clung on to you when you transformed in the park? I got some of your powers and added them to mine…”

And then on that moment, he shows the dead corpse of Izumiko, in chains.

“N-no…! Izumiko!”

“Heheheh…now isn’t that enough suffering for you…” said Neko-sensei. “Now come on! Show me your true power!”

“…so that’s what you really want, huh?” said Itsuki as he transformed into his pheromone state, making him older. “Well then, I won’t forgive you for trashing my friends!”

He fires his pheromones towards Neko-sensei and the two engaged in heated battle.

As the two settled it out on that spot of the mansion, the night wind kept on hurling upon them. Because Neko-sensei was older and stronger, Itsuki was held down on the floor. Neko-sensei then thrusts a blade on Itsuki and stabs him in the heart. He’s still alive, but deeply wounded.

“So…can you still get up?” Neko-sensei chuckled. “You’ve got nothing left!”

Itsuki’s eyes darkened more than ever. He knew that if he gave up, none of them would be saved, especially Izumiko.

“I won’t give up…I’ll never give up!”

And with that, Itsuki had done something he never did before: he converted some of his pheromones into a power that can age him even further, so that he’d become just as old as Neko-sensei’s human form. With his newfound body, he fights back, even though his heart had been stabbed.

“I’ll keep fighting, and I’ll defeat you! For the sake of Izumiko! For the sake of the Astronomy Club…!”

“Such a foolish wish, Noya-kun.”

On that moment, Neko-sensei launched a psychic attack to Itsuki, rendering him helpless with migraine. He couldn’t handle the pain and so he couldn’t fight back.

“Urrgh….I can’t…move…no…Izumiko…I….”

Neko-sensei then holds the blade over Itsuki’s left eye.

“Say goodbye to your future…Noya-kun.”


Izumiko, who had become a walking corpse, blocked the sharp blade of Neko-sensei. She pushes him to the ground. Other corpses come by as well to help her. It was all the others who were killed.

“Itsuki-sama, we’re here to help you seal Neko-sensei back to his cat form!”


“We must hurry!”


“By the way…you look cute. How did you age so much?”

“No time to explain, let’s do this!”
All the girls who held Neko-sensei back made a circle around him, as Itsuki launched a pheromone attack, which was inverted by Kyouko and directed towards Neko-sensei, turning him back into a cat.

Hiromatsu, even if she was totally attracted to Neko-sensei, bid farewell to him.

“It was nice knowing you as a man…but this is what has to be done…goodbye Neko-sensei…”

As the ‘curse’ of Neko-sensei died down, all the girls had been turned back to their original forms, still alive. Everything went back to normal in the Astronomy Club’s room…

…except for Hiromatsu who was really depressed.

“W-wait! Neko-sensei! Where are you going?” Hiromatsu tried to chase down Neko-sensei, who was now a cat again, but she tripped. Itsuki and Izumiko then suddenly came into the club room.

“What’s with the sad face, Hiromatsu-senpai?” asked Itsuki.
“It’s Neko-sensei, isn’t it?” said Izumiko.

“Yeah…” said Hiromatsu. “But it would be selfish for me to want to bring him back…if he’ll only cause trouble for every one of us…just for myself…I can’t do that. But you know one thing…when Neko-sensei was alive, he made me feel like I had a purpose in this world. Those confident eyes of his made me believe in life once again…I could never forget them or get over them…I just…can’t…”

Izumiko then patted Hiromatsu on the back.

“I understand how you feel, Hiromatsu-senpai. I’ve felt it too…being alone and unable to stay by the side of your beloved…”

And then, she whispers something to Itsuki.

“Uhm…we’d better get going, Hiromatsu-senpai. Todayama-san’s calling us outside for a task.”
“Yeah, in the meantime, don’t take it so seriously, okay? I’m sure Neko-sensei still cares for you even as a cat…”

Time passed by, and Hiromatsu just sat there, with slight tears in her eyes. She felt so alone.

“Why are you crying, Rikei-san?”

Hiromatsu recognized that voice.

“I-it can’t be…! Impossible…I must be dreaming…”

But when she looked up, it was really him at the door. The man she had been waiting for all this time.

“N-neko-sensei! You came back!” She greeted him with a tight hug and tearful eyes. “I’m so glad that you’re here…”
“Yeah…me too…” answered Neko-sensei, whose eyes were also covered in tears of happiness.

“B-but how did you get back to your human form?”

“I was human to begin with…it’s a long story.”

He then told her that he’s actually the twin sibling of Oomori-sensei, who sealed him to the form of a cat so that he wouldn’t get in the way of her pursuing Eiji (Itsuki’s brother). He could only watch the events of the Astronomy Club and slowly gain powers from Itsuki to get revenge, but now he said that he doesn’t need it anymore, because of Hiromatsu.

“You’ve shown me what this world is really all about…love…so…”

With that, he clutches Hiromatsu and leans closer to her.

“W-what are you doing sensei…” she blushed. “This is kinda embarrassing…”

“Don’t worry…this won’t…”


There was a knock on the door. It opened.

“Mako-niisan!” It was an overcharged Oomori-sensei. “I’m glad you’re back!”

“Ughhff!” He suffocates through her tight hug. “B-but weren’t you the one who sealed me to a cat in the first place?”

“Ah, but that was darling’s doing! I asked him to do it nehehe~!”

“Oh Shouko-neechan…you never changed one bit.” Neko-sensei smiled.

Eiji also explained it to Kyouko and the rest of the group, who set Neko-sensei free again from his prison cell. He also explains that Neko-sensei can change back to a cat anytime.

“So, who’s up for a movie marathon?” shouted Kyouko.

“Alright!” said Neko-sensei. “I haven’t seen one in years! Let’s party!”
“Oh it’s going to be super exciting! Nyehehe~!”

Hiromatsu just smiled at Neko-sensei, and then looked back at Itsuki, Izumiko and Kyouko.

“Thank you…everyone.”


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