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Kingdom Hearts: Darkness into Light (Fanfiction Game Idea)

 Kingdom Hearts: Darkness into Light
キングダム ハー:闇を光に成れ
(Fan Game feat. RPGmaker horror games)

After the story in KH: Dual fate, when Roxas and Namine (and other nobodies) became whole, King Mickey calls up on Sora, Roxas and Riku to travel to different worlds engulfed in darkness. They are to set light to all of these worlds, which are all invaded by the heartless and nobodies.

Main Characters

When you finish each world, you can look for special collectable items in the world. Collecting them all will unlock new playable characters for your adventure.


Guertena’s World (Ib)

Ib is lost in the Fabricated World. She encounters Sora and the gang, defeat some heartless/nobodies and meet Garry, and soon Mary. They soon find out that Mary is a painting and wants them to stay inside the Fabricated World. They fight Mary and defeat her, freeing her from the heartless. They go to a dungeon next, because Mary wants to find his father, Guertena, the man behind all the paintings in the gallery. They meet and battle Guertena in the end of the dungeon and set him free as well from the heartless, which they battle also and defeat. The story ends with all of them being able to get out of the Fabricated World and into The Gallery. Guertena takes Mary home, Garry takes Ib back to her parents, and he also heads home. However, Garry promises to Ib and Mary that they will meet sometime when he is not busy, so that they can eat macaroons and draw pictures together.

-          The Gallery
-          Fabricated World
-          Mary’s World
-          Mary’s Room
-          Mysterious Dungeon
-          Guertena’s House
-          Ib’s House
-          Town
-          Garry’s House

Playable Characters
-          Ib
o   Weapon: Red Rose Palette Knife
-          Garry
o   Weapon: Blue Rose Palette Knife
-          Mary
o   Weapon: Yellow Rose Palette Knife

-          Weiss Guertena
o   Weapon: Rainbow Rose Palette Knife
o   Requirement: collect 10 rainbow roses
-          Carrie Careless
o   Weapon: Cake Knife
o   Requirement: collect 4 dolls

Special Moogle: Creepy Doll

World Bosses:
                First Boss: Mary (possessed by heartless)
                Second Boss: Guertena (Mysterious Dungeon, possessed by heartless)
Third Boss: Crudelis Pictura (Heartless/Nobody)

Keyblade Obtained: Surreal Gallery

Wiles’ Residence / Johnny’s Dreams (To The Moon)

Sora and the gang meet Dr. Neil and Dr. Eva while treating their patient, Johnny. They enter his memories and re-arrange events, while trying to find out why he wanted to go to the moon. Soon, they find the mind world breaking due to a heartless attack. A corrupted version of Eva (a Zombi-Eva) gets possessed by the heartless. They fight and defeat it, as well as the heartless itself. After figuring out Johnny’s past, they finally set up his memories to make him go to the moon with his beloved, River. In the real world, however, he unfortunately dies of old age. However, the two doctors managed to create a cached copy of Johnny’s memory world so that Sora and the gang can explore it through a computer whenever they wish to.

Places (Wiles’s Residence):
-          Mansion Garden
-          Mansion Lobby
-          Johnny’s Room
-          Forest
-          Lighthouse

Places (Johnny’s Dreams)
-          Childhood Place
-          School Memories
-          Married Life
-          Space Dreams
-          The Bridge
-          Place of Inquiry
-          Place of Rearrangement

Playable Characters
-          Dr. Neil Watts
o   Weapon: Data Grid Gun
-          Dr. Eva Roselene
o   Weapon: Data Grid Shooter

-          Johnny Wiles
o   Weapon: Data Grid Laser
o   Requirement: collect 7 platypuses
-          River Wiles
o   Weapon: Data Grid Sweeper
o   Requirement: collect 7 paper rabbits

World Bosses:
First Boss: Zombi-Eva (possessed by heartless)
                Second Boss: Crudelis Memoria

Keyblade Obtained: In His Memories

Drevis’ Residence (Mad Father)

Aya is accompanied by Sora and the gang to try and find their way out of the mansion and find his father, Alfred, to stop the curse of corpses coming out alive everywhere. After meeting a boy named Dio, knowing secrets from a man named Ogre, they confront Aya’s mom, Monika, who began the curse and was heartless-possessed. They defeat her, but she also fades back to a spirit. Meanwhile, they run away from Aya’s crazed dad, Alfred, when they found out that he was going to make Aya into a heartless for experiments. Dio and Maria (Alfred’s assistant), eventually help Sora and the gang to defeat Alfred and free him from the heartless, however he also fades back into a spirit. They later fight the heartless that caused all this and defeated it. In the end, the curse is gone; Dio burns the house, and sends them off to a new house within the woods. However, Dio returns because of Monika and Alfred’s help as they wanted to protect Aya from danger from the heartless and nobodies.

-          Aya’s Room
-          Dark Hallway
-          Dungeon
-          Secret Laboratory
-          Father’s Laboratory
-          Garden
-          Woods
-          The New House
-          Mother’s Lair

Playable Characters
-          Aya Drevis
o   Weapon: Mini-chainsaw
-          Maria
o   Weapon: Sharp Knives

-          Dio
o   Weapon: Blazing Knife
o   Requirement: collect 7 eyeballs
-          Coron
o   Weapon: Cold Knife
o   Requirement: collect 5 dolls

Special Moogle: Snowball

World Bosses:
First Boss: Monika Drevis (possessed by heartless)
                Second Boss: Alfred Drevis (possessed by heartless)
                Third Boss: Crudelis Insania

Keyblade Obtained: Mad Experiment

The Witch’s House (The Witch’s House)

The gang meets Viola, a girl lost in the woods, whom they accompany to the Witch’s House because she was looking for something. Upon reaching a mysterious room, a gruesome-looking girl ghost chases them outside.  They fight this monster and somehow kept it down. The plot twist happens; Viola is revealed that she is the witch named Ellen who switched bodies with her friend, Viola, because the girl (Viola in Ellen’s body) was still able to speak (though slightly blurred down). They fight Ellen (in Viola’s body) who was possessed by a heartless. Upon defeating her, they also fight and defeat the heartless. After the whole commotion, Ellen feels sorry for Viola and switches back bodies with her. However, as Sora and Roxas felt sorry for the girl, their keyblades glowed and changed back Ellen’s body back to normal. Viola is then found by his father but keeps everything a secret. She then promises to come by and play with Ellen sometime.

-          Strange Forest
-          House Garden
-          Lobby
-          Ellen’s Room
-          Dining Room

Playable Characters
-          Viola (Actually Ellen, changes to Viola after world is finished)
o   Weapon: Knife of Demise (later becomes Knife of Courage)

-          Ellen (original body)
o   Weapon: Witch’s Knife
o   Requirement: collect 8 frogs
o   Special ability: transform into D-mode (undead form)

Special Moogle: Black Cat

World Bosses:
First Boss: Viola (Ellen’s Body)
                Second Boss: Ellen (possessed by Heartless)
                Third Boss: Crudellis Magicae

Keyblade Obtained: Magical Friendship

Cursed School (Misao) – later becomes Blessed School

Sora and the gang meet Aki while fighting off heartless in the school. Aki tells them about Misao, who had been possessed by a heartless because she fell into despair from being bullied by her classmates. All of the classmates fell into Misao’s curse one by one, and so they set off to find Misao. When they did, Misao mentally reveals to Aki (from a distance before they enter the shrine) that the suspect was Mr. Sohta, who wanted to experiment on her being a heartless, to make her ‘stronger’. They find Mr. Sohta somewhere in the shrine and defeat him, setting him free from the heartless, but rendering him unconscious. The group then battles a heartless-possessed Misao in the further end, and then fights/defeats the heartless too. After everything that has happened, Misao, with the help from the ‘school president’ Onigawara and ‘Miss Library’, they return back the consciousness of those who were targeted by the heartless, making the school a happy place once again, with Misao’s classmates not bullying her ever again.

-          Classroom
-          Comfort Room
-          Teacher’s Office
-          Hallway
-          Top Roof
-          Misao’s Lair
-          School President’s Office
-          Library
-          Shrine

Playable Characters
-          Aki
o   Weapon: Baseball Bat

-          Misao
o   Weapon: Cursed Blade
o   Requirement: collect 3 notebooks
o   Special ability: transform into D-mode
-          Hideki Sohta
o   Weapon: Cursed Gun
o   Requirement: collect 5 books
-          Tohma
o   Weapon: Wooden Sword
o   Requirement: collect 3 lunchboxes

World Bosses:
First Boss: Hideki Sohta (possessed by heartless)
                Second Boss: Misao (possessed by heartless)
                Third Boss: Crudelis Innocentiae

Keyblade Obtained: Courageous Friend

Mysterious House (Ao Oni)

Sora and the gang encounter a running and scared Hiroshi while fighting heartless and nobodies. They also ran away from the Ao Oni (Blue Demon) while trying to search for his friends (Mika, Takeshi and Takuro). But unfortunately, they were all victimized by the Ao Oni, and the only way was to defeat the Ao Oni, which changed form into its true form, a heartless. After defeating it, all the victims were back to their consciousness again. They got out of the Mysterious House but some time, they would still go back to refresh some memories.

-          House Lobby
-          Basement
-          Outside Garden
-          Jail Cell
-          Secret Passage
-          Bedroom

Playable Characters
-          Hiroshi
o   Weapon: Stained Gun

-          Takeshi
o   Weapon: Stained Gun II
o   Requirement: collect 3 yellow keys
-          Mika
o   Weapon: Stained Gun III
o   Requirement: collect 3 red keys
-          Takuro
o   Weapon: Stained Gun IV
o   Requirement: collect 3 blue keys

World Bosses:
First Boss: Ao Oni (with heartless powers)
                Second Boss: Crudelis Diabolus

Keyblade Obtained: Survival from the Blue

The Crooked World (The Crooked Man)

Sora and the gang encounter David Hoover when they unexpectedly warp into his apartment room. They join him in his journey to find his room’s former tenant. Going through three places, they meet three people (Sissi at the Hotel, D at the Law School and Fluffy at the Hospital), while trying to defeat a Crooked Man that had been chasing David since he left. Riku assumed it was being possessed by a heartless but David insisted that it could have been a personal problem and acting on its own. However, after taking Fluffy home to his mother, David is missing, and was found on the rooftop of the Hospital, aiming his gun on his head, attempting to turn himself into a heartless, just like the Crooked Man, who was really the former tenant. He says that he lived a miserable life (as revealed by their journey through the three places) and should fade into the darkness. Out of nowhere, his friend Paul punches him back to reality and says he’s just possessed by the heartless. He then goes to an address on a found note along with Sora and his team. The address leads to the house of the former tenant, Duke MacGahan, whose name they found out from his diary on one of the rooms. They finally confront him on the top floor below the attic and got him de-possessed by a heartless, which they also defeat. David approaches the man and tells him that he ‘already figured out why the Crooked Man was chasing’ him. Apparently, Duke explained that he turned himself into a heartless some time ago due to being depressed without a family, losing his girlfriend and failing school. The Crooked Man was actually a heartless/nobody version of him, but was deeply connected with him, and he used it to lure David not to be depressed, but to make him stronger and go over his fears. As he becomes recompleted (his body was found in the attic), he wakes up and becomes good friends with David. Also following up at the scene were Sissi, Fluffy, D, Paul, Marion and Shirley (David’s ex). Shirley and Sissi likewise reconcile with their past boyfriends (David and Duke respectively). Everyone leaves the house and spends time downtown to celebrate a newfound friendship. The story ends with David saying to Duke that ‘we might have both lived as crooked men with crooked things, but even so, we’re happy living in our crooked houses’.

-          The Apartment
-          David’s Room
-          The Crooked Town
-          Paul’s House
-          Hotel Ruenheim
-          Law School (can’t remember the mame)
-          Abandoned Hospital (can’t remember the name)
-          MacGahan’s Residence

Playable Characters
-          David Hoover
o   Weapon: Crooked Gun

-          Sissi
o   Weapon: Reminiscing Pistol
o   Requirement: collect 5 jewels
-          Duke MacGahan
o   Weapon: Crooked Pistol
o   Requirement: collect 7 notebook pages
o   Special ability: transform into D-mode

World Bosses:
First Boss: Crooked Man (Mansion)
                Second Boss: Crooked Man (School)
                Third Boss: Crooked Man (Hospital)
                Fourth Boss: Crooked Man (House, possessed by heartless)
                Fifth Boss: Crudelis Desperatio

Keyblade Obtained: No Longer Crooked

Maddy’s Apartment / Dream Nexus (Yume Nikki)

Sora and the gang encounter a lonesome Madotsuki a.k.a. ‘Maddy’ in her room. She then takes them with her in her dreams, helping her find all the 25 effects and explore her surreal world. They meet various people, but in the end, they encounter a heartless that had been corrupting the world, and so they defeat it. When Maddy wakes up along with the gang, she rushes outside. To Sora’s surprise, she was going to jump down and ‘turn herself into a heartless because she was all alone’. Sora, Roxas and Riku tried to persuade her that she will always have them beside her, but she only said that ‘you guys will be gone too, like my family and friends, being busy and all that stuff’. She dramatically lets go of Sora’s hand, but gets saved by a flying man. It was Seccom Masada Sensei along with her other friends from the dreams: Monoko, Shitai-san, Poniko, UBOA and many more. With her heart relieved, she promised not to go to ‘the dark side’ anymore and spend time with her newfound friends. The dream characters were later found out to have crossed the real world because of Sora’s keyblade connecting Maddy’s dream world and reality.

Places (Maddy’s Apartment):
-          Balcony
-          Maddy’s Room

Places (Dream Nexus):
-          Crossroads
-          Snow Land
-          Distorted Maze
-          Creepy Forest
-          Poniko’s House
-          Monochrome Spaceship
-          Distorted Reality

Playable Characters
-          Madotsuki
o   Weapon: Surreal Blade
o   Special ability: transform into various forms (all 25 effects), also affects Sora’s party

-          Seccom Masada Sensei
o   Weapon: Piano Blade
o   Requirement: collect 4 musical notes
-          Monoko
o   Weapon: Monochrome Blades
o   Requirement: collect 4 VHS tapes
-          Shitai-san
o   Weapon: Traffic Light Blade
o   Requirement: collect 4 traffic cones

Special Moogle: UBOA

World Bosses:
First Boss: Crudelis Somnium (Dream Nexus)

Keyblade Obtained: Colorful Dream

Castle Oblivion

All the 8 heartless bosses have regrouped in Castle Oblivion to form a single powerful heartless that is slowly devouring all of the worlds. Sora and the gang then receive the powers of their friends from these distant worlds to destroy this monster. King Mickey helps them out and explains that the heartless were formed because of the darkness that dwelt among the 8 worlds. By wiping them out completely, peace is sure to reign back in the worlds. The group then defeats the final boss and afterwards, Castle Oblivion crumbles as they exit. King Mickey also explains that the castle is a fake habitat used by the heartless, and shouldn’t have ever existed. The group then falls into a portal opened by both Roxas and Riku, which lead them back to Destiny Islands.

-          same as KH:CoM/RE:CoM

World Bosses:
First Boss: Crudelis Terrorem
                Second Boss: Crudelis Terrorem (Final Form)

Keyblade Obtained: Darkness into Light


The game ends with Sora and the gang going back to Destiny Islands from their adventures. To their surprise, a girl in a black hood followed them and handed over an album full of photos from their adventures. The girl reveals herself as Xion, who had become a whole person like Roxas and Namine through meeting Natsumi and Heine from Twilight Town (when the gang last went to Twilight Town in KH: Dual Fate). Xion said that she had been following them secretly and taking pictures. As the credits roll, Sora and the gang take Kairi and Namine to see the different worlds, with Xion. King Mickey also returns back to the Disney Castle, wishing the group ‘good luck’ in more of their adventures. In the last bit, they visit Twilight Town and have sea-salt ice cream with Natsumi, Heine, and the rest of their friends.

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