Monday, May 20, 2013

Re:Kinder Fanfiction: Home

 Seven years have passed (because it’s always seven years in the author’s coming-of-age fanfictions), and Shunsuke is currently staying at his apartment somewhere in the city. He works part-time at a video game store and spends the afternoon mostly reading some old books which he purchased.

But one time, he found a strange red book from a shop. It looked familiar to him as he stared in its redness, as if he was connected to it somehow, but couldn’t remember.

He touched the book, and then he smiled. Going over the counter, he paid for it and took it home for a good read.

“What a strange and heavy red book…” he said to himself. “I feel like I should really read it…”

And then as he turned the first page, he saw the words:


A bright light blinded him and all of a sudden, he was inside the book! Everything that he saw was an assortment of children’s imagery, like drawings, paintings, all with a depressing aura enveloping them.

“This isn’t a gallery…but it sure looks like the one I’ve been to the other day…”

“Or maybe I was just playing too many video games…*sigh*…”

Shunsuke stepped forward and opened a door ahead. It led him to an endless white room with a Cherry Blossom tree up ahead.

There was a man who hanged himself.


Shunsuke walked in closer and closer to get a better view of the man.

“Y-you’re…someone…I know…”

As he walked forward, his emotions become more and more tensed, as if a jumpscare could pop out any minute. He was ready for anything.

He was already a few inches away from the man, who still wore a 90’s kid’s denim jumper and stripped long sleeves, as if he was cosplaying a little kid.



He leaned to his face to have a clearer look.


There was a sudden flashback of his memories…

…memories of how Yuuichi had massacred everyone in Kowada Town, and all the things that were just TL;DR to include here (which means you’d have to play the game or watch an LP first if you wanna know the back story).

“Yuuichi…” Shunsuke flipped away the rope around Yuuichi’s neck and laid him down the floor.

“I swear I don’t remember you killing yourself through hanging…maybe...maybe it was just the author’s preferences, huh?”

Shunsuke tried to wake up Yuuichi but he was unconscious.

“Yuuichi…I hated you for killing my mom, yet I wanted to save you from your demise. We were the same, having parents who betrayed us in the end, and left us alone. I should’ve stopped you before, but I didn’t get why you had to kill my mom…”

“…but now that I’ve grown up (and so have you, surprisingly, though you’re dead), I understand what mom did was wrong. There was a lot of wrong things back then, and we weren’t the ones at fault, it was them…”

“…if only I could just save you…one last time…because you saved me as well…”


Shunsuke finds a strange item in his pocket. It was a white ring.

“The…white rose ring…”

Without hesitation, Shunsuke puts the ring on Yuuichi’s ring finger and embraces him.


“…please wake up…”

There was a female voice from the heavens that said:

“Dearest Shunsuke, your pain, sorrow and anguish has awakened his heart. Your wishes have reached him, and it is the same for him as well, because it was him who led you here. You will now be the two…the ones to take care of this storybook…the ones to end the story with a happy ending…the ones to finally break the rules of horror games having a depressing ending…”

“Goodluck, Shunsuke and Yuuichi. Now you must go…”

“Kinder children…”




Shunsuke realized he passed out. He was back on his apartment. But there was someone on top of him, so he couldn’t breathe as much.

“Y-yuuichi!?” He quickly gets up, backs away and blushes. Yuuichi then finally wakes up with a smile.

“Shunsuke…! You’re finally awake! I was asleep the whole time waiting for you to wake up…!”

“I wanted to play with you…” Yuuichi grinned with a crooked smile.

“W-what are you saying…!?” Shunsuke felt as if he was really in a tight situation.

“You saved me, remember?” Yuuichi showed him the ring on his finger. “So…it’s time for me to return the favor…”

“Yuuichi…” Shunsuke sighed. “So you didn’t die after all…”

“Idiot! Of course I didn’t die!” Yuuichi laughed. “I just trapped myself into the storybook for some time, but I’ve seen everything that happened to you and the other kids, so you don’t need to tell me everything…”

“I wanted to call out to you from behind, but I felt like you needed time and space…”

“I didn’t want to traumatize you further…”

Shunsuke just smiled and patted Yuuichi on the head. He gently brushed his hair.

“Yuuichi…you’re more adult than me…you’re more matured than me…even if I’m older, it seems like you know and understand things better than me…”

“I-if you’ve got nowhere to live…you can live here with me…”

“We can continue our childhood memories from now…even as adults…”

“I’ll even take you to see the real Cherry Blossoms in the city today!”

“R-really?” Yuuichi blushed, as he saw some petals floating in the wind outside the window. “T-thank you, Shunsuke!”

After strolling down the park full of Cherry Blossom trees, they settled down in the apartment to go to bed (getting familiar somehow?).

Shunsuke fell asleep first, but Yuuichi snuck his way beside him.

Slowly, he leaned closer and closer to his face, slightly embraced him, and waited for him to open his eyes.

“Y-yuuichi…what are you doing in my bed…”

“Shunsuke…” Yuuichi said with a smile and a blushy face. “I just want to…want to…”

“Y-you know…”

“Since we’re alone now…of legal age…and all that…”

“Shunsuke…can I…”

Suddenly, there was Latin music playing.


Shunsuke was shocked as his subwoofers started playing Yuuichi’s favorite Latin song.

“W-whaa!?” he gasped. “What are you talking about, Yuuichi?”

“Let’s dance the whole night through! Dancing always solves the problems away, right? And…and so does singing, right? Come! Sing with me, Shunsuke!” Yuuichi winked at him while doing a sexy Latin dance.

As the music played, Yuuichi grooved to the beat of the percussions, with sweat dripping from his forehead. He wasn’t feeling exhausted at all, although Shunsuke was just trying to dance with him, just for the sake of making him happy and all…

And then suddenly, Yuuichi started to feel different.

“Y-yuuichi! A-are you…strip teasing? Eew…stop that!”

“It’s okay, Shunkuun~ it’s just the two of us, neeeh?”

“B-but Yuuich—”

Yuuichi pressed Shunsuke against the floor.

And…you know what happened.



  1. im fucking laughing so hard this is amazing 100/10

  2. I liked this :) Awww, YuuichixShunsuke <3