Monday, July 8, 2013

Metronome - Chapter 2: Maggie the Destroyer

“Yasome, huh?” the woman said. “My name is Maggie. Everyone calls me that.”

Maggie held out her hand towards Yasome and shook hands with him.

“N-nice to meet you, Ms. Maggie.” said Yasome in slightly awkwardness.

“Now, I will discuss to you what we Weizans are.”

“Please do so.”

“Weizans are… not really human, but what was left of our human souls. All Weizans began with a top secret government project initiated by an unknown scientist to turn chosen beings into Weizan candidates. All of them were genetically modified, so that one day, when they literally die, their secondary form, the Weizan form, will be awakened. You and I have both died, but resurrected due to our Weizan powers. But the catch is that we could not feel any kind of emotion whatsoever, which makes us inhuman.”

Yasome’s eyes widened. “So that’s why…that’s why I couldn’t feel anything towards my parents or the memories I’ve recalled so far.”

And thus, they’ve talked a lot more about Weizans, their powers and abilities, and much more that Yasome wanted to know about.

“Now come, let’s go to your room where you’ll rest for the night,” said Maggie as she takes Yasome to his room in the facility. “We’ll start our mission tomorrow, just the two of us. Better behave, okay?”

Yasome nodded and closed the door.

‘I couldn’t feel emotions, huh?’ Yasome wondered while staring at the moon from the window. ‘Each time I recall my past memories, I don’t understand anything, but I remember somehow…that it was a bad thing feeling these emotions…’

‘Ah, whatever, I should go to bed.’

The next day, the two set out for their mission.

“Remember, Yasome,” said Maggie. “Our mission is to reach the Dictator’s capital somewhere in the European region. That’s a lot of miles from here, considering that in our age, air travel is forbidden. We’d have to rely on trains and such.”

“Right,” said Yasome, as they walk towards a train station. “We’d also need to hide from public eyes, right? That’s why we’re changing our hair colors?”

“Yup. Weizans can do just about anything, such as instant disguise, so that’s not a problem.”

They rode the train to the next town, but while on their way there, they encountered more of these soldiers – the Dictator’s guards. Unleashing their powers, they attacked and killed the men, even with the spectator civilians.

Maggie then spoke for both of them.

“Worry not, civilians. We are Weizans, a race of saviors that an organization called LENCO has developed to liberate you all from the Dictator’s wrath. We assure you victory over what is evil and shall restore peace to the world. Please do not fear us for we do not intend to harm humanity.”

Most of the crowd was amazed and cheered them on, but some were jealous of their powers.

Getting off the train, they now cross a long and wide highway of an abandoned city. Meanwhile, they hear a singing voice of a little girl.

“Where is it coming from?” asked Maggie to Yasome, who is good at directions.

“Up on that building…I sense a little girl, about 5-7 years old. Whether it’s a human or a Weizan, I am not sure.”

“Let’s go check it out. It might be a human girl.”



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