Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Metronome - Chapter 3: Chiaki the Doll

Maggie and Yasome rushed to the 3rd floor of the abandoned building to find a blonde little girl singing a lonesome and solemn tune. Her face also dictates that she’s emotionless.

“That’s a doll…” Maggie said as she approached the girl.

Yasome looked at Maggie. “What’s a ‘Doll’? But that girl is alive.”

“Dolls are like Weizans, but only hold half of our physical power. Instead, they’re more into ESP (extra sensory perception), premonition and healing. They can heal our wounds. They never age no matter how much power they use, unlike us who age as we use our powers as much as we can.”

Yasome looked at his hands. “So that’s the reason I aged right after I died as a human?”

“Correct.” Maggie said with a stiff look. “That goes the same for me – it’s an automatic two years for every Weizan who awakens for the first time.”

“I see then…” said Yasome.

Maggie then looked at the girl. “What’s your name?”

“Chiaki Riseo.” The girl said in stiffness, without emotions.

“You shall be coming with us, it’s dangerous here.” Maggie lent her hand to the girl and Chiaki took it.

And so the trio went on their traveling and encountered more of the Dictator’s soldiers in the mountains. Chiaki was proven to be useful in battle because she can heal the wounds of the two Weizans and assist them in battle plans.

While they were traveling, tears unexpectedly flowed from Chiaki’s eyes.

“W-why is Chiaki crying?” asked Yasome. “Aren’t dolls supposed to be like us, not feeling emotions?”

“Unlike us, Dolls have flaws and are more human like.” said Maggie. “Notice their blond hair and blue eyes…it signifier a less ‘dead’ appearance like us. It might be that Chiaki just remembered something in her past and unconsciously reacted to it like a normal human.”

“I…remembered…someone…” Chiaki said in a soft voice. “But I can’t remember his name. We were together during the experiment by LENCO which instantly turned us into Dolls…but at some point…whenever I remember this person…it makes my eyes watery…I don’t understand…”

“It’s okay, Chiaki,” Maggie patted the little doll’s head. “I assure you that everything will be alright once we reveal the secret behind the Dictator.”

“Why do we need to reveal it anyway?” asked Yasome.

“You’ve forgotten?” said Maggie with sharp eyes. “The Dictator knows the secrets to why LENCO has developed Weizans and Dolls in the first place. It seems that the company would not reveal the reason why, so we have to know it from him.”

“Dictator, huh?” Yasome looked into the distant clouds which cover the gray sky full of fumes of gas and empty space. “I wonder what sort of person that guy is…plunging humanity into chaos like this…”

“Why do I think like this…am I still human after all? But no…I’m no longer human…I shouldn’t be able to feel…but why can I grasp a little bit of this so-called ‘emotion’…”

“Is it because I died young?”

“I wonder…”

In the next city, they were welcomed by an explosion. Rushing to the scene, they see that soldiers were attacking civilians. They blasted down the helicopters and murdered the soldiers cold-heartedly.

They soon encounter another soldier in the same uniform, but who seems to be working on their side. This powerful seemingly-older guy took down all the soldiers in one blow.

“W-who are you?” Yasome pointed his formed weapon towards the guy. “You’re one of them, right? So why are you fighting for us?”

The guy just smiled, as the wind blew unusually on that moment.


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