Friday, July 12, 2013

Metronome - Chapter 4: Nieggelfert 06

“My name is Nieggelfert 06. My code name, I mean.” said the man to Yasome. “I am your ally; please do not take arms at me.”

Putting down his weapon, Yasome looked at the man closely. He sensed if anything was suspicious about the old guy.

“All clear, everyone. I think we might trust this person.” Yasome decalred.

“You can call me Nieg by the way.” said the man.

And so the party went on to the path of the capital, to look for the Dictator’s lair and expose the truth behind him (that no mere human has ever done before). Nieg changed his outfit so that he won’t get confused with the soldiers.

“What’s your motive, human?” asked Maggie to Nieg.

“Simple,” replied Nieg. “I just want to help out you guys, the Weizans, as per instructions of LENCO. I happen to be one of the highest rankers in the army before the Dictator took over the world. The organization took me in and gave me the job to watch over Weizans.”

“So, you have encountered more before us?” Yasome wondered.

“Yup, and all of them have died, sadly.”

“W-why?” Yasome was puzzled. “Aren’t Weizans supposed to be powerful against humans?”

“They were probably the prototypes.” Chiaki suddenly interrupted.

“Chiaki…?” Maggie was surprised. “You knew about them?”

“The two of you have probably awakened and were recruited much later than the Weizan prototypes,” narrated Chiaki. “These prototypes were the earlier versions of the Weizan project, and much more human-like than us. They could still feel emotions and some of them were too weak to kill ruthlessly. Eventually, they died.”

“So, does that imply that emotions are nothing but a nuisance in the battlefield?” Yasome wondered.

“’fraid so.” Maggie said. “It seems that emotions make a person weak, so LENCO proposed that the superhumans would lose them.”

“Such marvel…such great scientific discovery…” Nieg said softly, in a laid-back voice. “I really do hope you guys can overthrow that stinkin’ Dictator, whoever he is. After all, this world reeks already.”

“We will, rest assured,” Yasome said.

“Just don’t do anything stupid while you’re with us, got it?” added Maggie.

“Heheh, fine.” Nieg said with a smile.

And so the group were slightly exhausted and camped for the night in a forest. They would continue their journey the next day. Maggie slept alongside Chiaki, while Yasome slept next to Nieg. At some point, Yasome feels a strange closeness to the old man.

“This human…seems familiar to me…”

“…like he’s somewhere in my farthest human memories…”

“…I don’t understand this feeling…”

“…Weizans don’t have emotions…so why…”

The next morning, they were startled by a loud explosion. There were troops of soldiers outside their camping ground.

Getting ready for battle, they saw a strange soldier among the rest. She appears to be the leader.

“A…Weizan!?” Yasome was surprised. “Why would the Dictator have Weizans on his side?”

“This is pretty inconvenient.” Maggie said. “Anyways, let’s fight her.”

But the woman who was with the soldiers just said these words in a cold way:




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