Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Metronome: Chapter 5: Lasha the Seductress

The female Weizan with the Dictator’s army unleashed her powers and engaged Yasome’s team for battle. It was intense, even with a woman fighter. Her attacks are very delicate and precise.

“Good thing we have this old man here…” said Maggie jokingly.

“Who ‘ya callin’ old? Heheh.” Nieg replied.

But the female Weizan, who introduced herself as Lasha, was quite fast, and Chiaki was injured.

“You take Chiaki somewhere safe, we’ll handle her and the troops. Got it?” Said Yasome to Maggie.

“Ughh…I don’t take orders from a little kid…but oh well. Don’t die, okay?” Maggie said as she grabbed Chiaki to a safe place to attempt to heal her.

Meanwhile, the two guys defeated all the soldiers except for Lasha, who has Yasome chained up using her powers.

“You ain’t getting’ away with Yasome! No way!” Nieg shouted as he rushed to attempt taking back Yasome, but Lasha only strangled the kid more.

“Y-you wouldn’t…!” Nieg shouted in anger.

“Nieggelfert 06, do not resist, for we have your accounts and background on our records. We know how YOU feel and whom you direct them to. No secret of yours is safe with us…with the Dictator’s wrath.”


Meanwhile, Maggie took Chiaki to a nearby forest and set up a temporary shelter (tent). Maggie treated the doll’s wounds and tried to heal her the best way she can.

“Sorry for getting you dragged into this.”

“Why are you saying sorry?” Chiaki asked. “I thought Weizans are cold-hearted.”

“Yes, but apparently, we have an idea of how humans once felt, and since dolls are still a ‘bit’ of human, I would have to say my apologies to you. You’re a kid, after all.”

“Thank you…”

On that moment, somewhere in Maggie’s inside, her human part also started to re-awaken as well, much like Yasome’s. She just kept it in inside and ignored it.


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