Saturday, August 24, 2013

Metronome - Chapter 6: Truth of the Stranger

“You’ll never hurt my son! You hear me?”

These were the deafening words that Yasome heard from the old man, Nieg.

“Oh…so you’re finally admitting your true identity to this kid right here?” Lasha said. “That’s too bad…”

“After all, you yourself said that emotions can weaken a Weizan, am I right? What do you think would happen if Yasome’s emotion barrier cracks loose? Huh?”

Nieg sighed for a while but went forward.

“Listen, you puppet. I don’t care what happens; just give me my son back. I know it was me who put him into this horrible destiny, but I wanted him to turn the tides of this world, to make a brighter future…”

“…even without my help…”

Yasome just stood there while the old man was fighting his way towards Lasha’s magic barriers. And finally, Lasha has let go of Yasome and quickly escapes through a teleport.

Nieg rushes to Yasome to help him out.

“Yasome! Yasome!”

“You’re gonna be okay, right, son?”

“…I’m sorry…for lying about everything…”

Yasome opened his eyes for a bit and said:




And then Yasome fainted.

Nieg rushed him to find a nearby medical institution or rest house but couldn’t find any. He then went to the forest and found where Maggie and Chiaki were staying for the meantime. They had a chat about everything when Yasome rested and was unconscious.

Later on, Yasome woke up.

“N-nieg…old man…”

“You finally woke up. That’s great. I’m glad you’re okay. If you’re still hurt somewhere, you’d better rest until—”

Yasome looked at him with curious, sad eyes.

“…you really are my dad after all. I knew it.”

Nieg laughed a bit. “Heheh, guess they didn’t make you ‘Weizan’ enough like Maggie, huh?”

“Yeah…I guess so…I mean, I could still remember everything and slightly feeling some of these ‘emotions’…”

“How you never came home and all that was there was mom and my other siblings…”

“But still…I forgive you…since I now understand that the powers you gave me…maybe one of the keys to restoring the world back to its peaceful ways…”

“…would you forgive me if you knew I was the one who set up those guys to massacre everyone?” Nieg said. “I hope I didn’t damage your emotion barrier when I told you the truth…”

Yasome nodded. “Of course I forgive you. After all, I’m a Weizan and I rarely feel pity and sadness…but I know it’s sad. Don’t worry about it; my emotion barrier is still working. I can still fight without question. And I also know that it’s for me to have my powers awakened…”

“You’ve grown so much, Yasome, not just physically (because of using your powers as a Weizan), but also as my son.”

“T-thanks dad…” Yasome said with a smile – the first smile he had ever made since he became a Weizan.

Maggie smiled as well, to everyone’s surprise.

“That’s because humans couldn’t perfect the fact that Weizans could never feel emotions.” she explained. “A little bit of emotions are still needed to add to our willpower, to help us find the reason why we exist, or what we are fighting for.”

“In my case…it was my lost lover…”

Everyone was surprised, and sat for a while to listen to Maggie’s tragic love story.


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