Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Silent Stalker

Laura, age 21, was finally able to find her own room in an old apartment. The landlord, Braddy, took her to the room, number 017.

“I’m terribly sorry, but this is the only available room we have,” said Braddy in a husky voice. “Anyways, I’m just staying next to this room, so you can call right away if there’s trouble.”

“Okay sir.” Said Laura, looking at how bizarre the landlord dresses up and how his hair is quite long and messed up.

Lying alone in her bed, Laura fell half-asleep. Suddenly, she noticed a presence lurking around her room. She checked every corner and found no one.

She went behind her divider, and while she was changing her clothes…

“Aah!!” A young teenage boy with cold eyes stood in front of her. “W-who the hell are you!? What are you doing here?” Laura said as she quickly dressed up.

But the boy was only silent, displaying a little cold smirk, as if he heard nothing.

“Y-you’d better get out of here, you perv! Out!” Shouted Laura angrily as she pushed the boy towards the door and shut it completely.

“Man…what’s up with that guy…” she said, exhausted.

Later on, she fell asleep.

The next day, she was getting ready for work, and again, this boy appeared in her room, though she locked the door.

“Y-you!! I thought I told you to stay out!”

And again, the boy replied nothing.

“Y-you came from the window, didn’t you?” Laura said. “You’re wasting my time…just get the hell out of here already!”

She pushed him again back to the door, but the boy fought back. Laura was pushed to the wall and the boy leaned closer to her face, holding her arms. She couldn’t move; she was in peril.

Quickly thinking, Laura pretended she passed out, and then drove the boy to the window, pushing him down. She felt scared, but when she looked out the window, the boy was okay and there was no falling sound.

“That stalker has some mad surviving skills…heh.”

Laura went to work after that. As she got home, she still couldn’t stop thinking about that boy, and she became paranoid.

“I’m new to this town and this apartment.” Laura said to herself. “It might be that he mistook me for someone else…”

“Ahh, what the hell. Why am I worrying too much…”

When she was about to close the lights, she looked to her left and she saw the boy again…mysteriously appearing.

“W-wha!? H-how in the world do you even get here so easily? Where is your damn room? Why are you stalking me?”

And again, the boy was silent, and pressed her again to the wall, making her unable to move. 

This time, it was serious. The boy started lifting Laura’s shirt and leaning closer and closer to her face. Laura felt disgusted and shouted for help.

“I’m here, what the hell is going on there?” Shouted Braddy, who couldn’t open the door because Laura locked it for safety.

“HELP! I’m getting…h-harassed by an intruder! Help…uh…help…me…”

Braddy was infuriated. He quickly grabbed the chainsaw from his room and cut through the door. He saw the boy and Laura but the boy quickly stopped and looked at Braddy.
Meanwhile, Laura picked up a baseball bat from her room and hit the boy in the head. To her surprise, the boy didn’t bleed. 

“He seems unconscious now.” Braddy said as he took him outside of the room. “I’ll take care of this guy. You can rest now.”


Later on, Braddy held the unconscious boy and had him sleep in his bed until he woke up a few minutes later. 

“Hey you…what do you want from that girl? I haven’t seen you around here and I can’t stand what you did to that girl…so please get out already, or I’ll force you to.”

After that, the boy just left, but Braddy noticed something familiar about the boy, especially when he looked at him with those cold eyes.

On the other hand, Laura was clouded in strange thoughts.

“I hit him with my father’s baseball bat and yet he…he was okay…”

“It happened when I pushed him out the window too…he survived…”

“Just what the hell is he?”

“W-wait…could he be…”

There was a knock on the door. It was Braddy.

“It’s getting dangerous here in this room…you’d better get out of here.”


“Come to my room for the while. It’s safe there.”


“No time to explain, c’mon!”

And so Braddy took Laura to his room, the landlord’s room, where he kept all the papers of the previous tenants, etc.

“Listen, Laura. You might not believe this but…” he said in a chilly and nervous way. “That boy…he’s no longer alive…”

“S-say what?!” Laura was surprised but realized something. “Oh…it makes sense…that’s why when I hit him with a baseball bat, he survived. And when I pushed him out of the window too…plus he kept appearing out of nowhere…”

“The truth is…I’m a spirit expert. I could see through his eyes that, he’s looking for revenge.”

“Eh? Please tell me more about him. Why is he after me?”

Braddy looked scared and said, “…because he hated girls. I mean, he had bad experiences with them.”

“Really? In what way?”

“For instance, girls might have abused him or his mother might have been a nagger, or he must’ve had hard relationship breakups…”

“H-how do you know?”

“I’ve known a lot of things through looking into his eyes. I mean, I am pretty good at analyzing spirits after all…from what I see, he’s probably been killed with a gunshot through his chest, because I see a dark aura in that part of his body.”

“Oh…that’s tragic.” Said Laura, who was scared, nervous and sad at the same time. “But why was he killed? I mean, why do you think he was?”

Braddy gulped down and said, “I’m afraid I don’t know. Maybe his last relationship didn’t end well…”

“Laura, you have to hide now. I’ll take care of things he—”

There were footsteps in the hallway.

Quickly, Laura hid at the back of the door as she heard the sound of the strange boy who entered the room and confronted Braddy.

“Y-you…I thought I’ve forgotten about you…I’m sorry…I…”

There was a gunshot. Laura froze in fear as she quietly looked behind the door. 

Braddy was covered in his own blood pool.

Laura quickly hid but the boy had already detected her presence, so she came out and confronted the boy.

“W-why would you kill him? What was he to you?”

“More importantly, how did you die?”

The boy’s eyes were cold and stiff. He looked straight into Laura’s eyes.

“Answer me you perverted ghost! Don’t make that excuse that you’re dead! Explain everything!”

Laura noticed that the boy’s eyes were slowly getting filled with tears.

“Please…just…I wouldn’t be able to help you if you don’t tell wh—”

“He killed me.”

“H-haah?!” Laura was startled and surprised that the boy finally spoke.

“The boy is right…Laura.” She noticed that Braddy was still barely alive.

“Braddy! What’s going on here? Did you really…?!”

“Henry was the third party of my relationship with Myla, but when I killed him, I realized that he didn’t know he was tricked by her. I felt sorry for myself and immediately broke up with that whore…and because I had a motorcycle accident a couple of days ago, I have forgotten, until he went back to haunt me and you…because you look like Myla…”

“I…looked like…and you…and he…”

Braddy’s eyes closed slowly as he let go of these final words:

“Laura, I’m sorry for dragging you into my past…please…forgive…………”

“Braddy? Hey…”


Laura looked back at the boy with angry eyes.


“You could’ve just told me…then I would’ve helped you out…”

“I’m not her, okay? And not all girls are like that! I would never be such a filthy whore as her…!”

The boy, Henry, closed his eyes and slowly walked away.

“I’ll meet you again soon…when your heart is ready.” He said.

A few days have passed and Braddy had already been buried, next to Henry’s grave. Laura gave flowers to both of them.

As Laura slept that night, she had a strange dream.

In the sky, the stars were moving rapidly and she saw an image of the Mother Mary as a blinding light took her to a chapel-like place. There was a little girl, a bit chubby but in ponytails, praying to the Holy Mother.

“Hello, Ms. Laura…”

Laura smiled for a bit. “Hello, little girl. May I ask of your name, and what you’re doing here?”

The girl smiled. “I’m Rya, Henry’s little sister. I passed away a month ago after he died. Heheh!”

Laura looked at the image of Mother Mary on the chapel’s side, which Rya had been praying to. 

“Ms. Laura, please don’t get angry that you met my big brother. It was Papa Jesus who wanted him to be saved.”


“Well…my mother wasn’t a very kind person to us. His girlfriends all dumped him, and every woman he had known hated him. I feel lucky that I’m the only girl that he understood, but I got sick and died, so he was alone…”

Laura’s face froze stiff; she felt sad about what happened.

“Rya…could you please…tell Mama Mary to…you know, make things okay with you and your brother? I can’t do it yet because I’m not dead like you…”

“Sure, but…I’m sure she heard your prayers already! In fact, that’s what I’ve been wishing all along, and all alone. I’m glad someone else wishes the same thing as me! Heheh!”

There was another flash of light and Laura saw the same starry night as before, except he saw an image of Jesus Christ this time. She was transported to a Jewish temple and saw Jesus there. 

“Rabbi (Jewish for Teacher)!” She called out.

“What it is, young Laura?”

“Please help me…I want to make things right with Henry…his sister, Braddy, and everyone else…please tell me what to do…”

The Forefather of Christianity only smiled and said:

“Forgiveness is the key. It will set you free…”

And with that, Laura woke up from her dream. She prepared herself for work, just as always. But now, there was no more Henry sneaking up on her room anymore.

As she went home from work, she found a note that said:

“Meet me at the rooftop. –Henry”

She then quickly ran to the rooftop to find her strange but familiar guest.

“Henry…I’m…I mean…I don’t know…”

“I…wanted to help you out…I’ve understood everything.”

Henry only looked at her with cold eyes.

“Your sister told me everything. Now I know how alone and hurt you’ve been all those years…I’m terribly sorry…”

“If only I could’ve saved you…”

Laura embraced Henry, who was still in a solid human form.

“It was my fault to begin with.” Henry smiled. “I thought Myla was my everything…I became obsessed with her until now. I was always visiting her in her house even if she drove me away and told me everything was a lie. And I’ve loved her so much that I hated her too…that’s why I’ve directed my hate for you…”

“I didn’t mean to drag you into this…Laura. I’m sorry.”

Laura smiled as well. “It’s okay. I...forgive you…I forgive everything, because I understood everything now.”

The wind blew gently as they watched the sunset fall into the horizon.

“Hey, Laura…”


“You’re…all alone too, right?”

“Yeah, I got dumped too, just a while back. Don’t wanna remember about it either.”

“Could we…” Henry was blushing. “…go out on a…date or something?”

“W-wait what? You’re not going to heaven yet?”

“Nah. Ghosts these days enjoy being on Earth more, so that they can watch over the world they’ve left behind. This way, we feel the wishes of humans even more.”

“Y-yeah, I guess so. But what about your…”
A little girl’s voice was heard from behind.

“Heeey! Rya’s here!” It was Rya, who descended from heaven. “So…Ms. Laura is going on a date with big brother?! That’s cool! Really cool! Yay, I’m so happy! Uhm…can I…come along?”

Henry and Laura looked at each other.

“I haven’t had ice cream in a long time…pretty please?”

The two laughed and agreed.

“Alright, Rya. But you’d better behave, okay?” Henry said to his little sister.

“Yaaay! Thank you big brother! I promise! Heheh!”

And so Laura and Henry went on a date and took Rya to an ice cream parlor. 

Meanwhile, they meet Braddy, smoking his cigarette.

“Braddy…” Laura was surprised.

“Yo…” Braddy replied.

“…well I guess being a spirit suits me more. I’m kind of tired managing the apartment complex anyway.”

“Eh…? B-but who’s gonna manage it?”

“No worries. I have an older sister who’s gonna take over. She’ll be coming tomorrow. Don’t worry, she’s not very strict. You won’t have problems, trust me.”

Braddy looked into Henry’s eyes – they weren’t cold anymore.

“Henry I—”

“It’s okay.” Henry smiled. “It’s all in the past now. Wanna hang out with us?”

“Nah, I’d break your date, haha. Besides, I wanna relax for a while, too.”

“Okay then. Suit yourself.” Henry said as he waved goodbye for a while to Braddy and went on ahead with Laura and Rya.

“Hmm…looks like their meeting was fated after all…” Braddy whispered to himself as he continued smoking.


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