Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jake and the Spiral Cord

“Think this is a good spot?”
“Yes, sir!”
“Well then, let’s begin…”

Jake Kazuroa, an Enidoukan scientist who is expert in magnetism, goes into expedition with his trusted assistant, Fauro, somewhere south of the waters of Enidouka, almost near the country of Bellueroia. Riding on their yacht, they found an excellent spot in which there is high magnetism levels to test their new machine.

Without hesitation, Jake went down to that spot in which a small little island was found, anchoring their yacht to the shore.

“I wonder what this little circle is,” Jake said to himself. “And I wonder why we haven’t seen this island here before.”

“Yeah, before we reached this spot, the island isn’t here…” said Fauro. “Strange, isn’t it?”

“That’s true…” Jake said as he placed his hand to the little circle.

And as if by magic, the circle glowed and an earthquake shook the island. They backed up a little from the blinding light, which produced a spiral tower with metallic walls and a door.

“This is interesting…” Jake thought, grabbing his bag of equipment. “I’d better investigate this.”

“W-wait, sir!” Fauro followed him. “I wanna go too!”

“No, Fauro, you stay here,” Jake insisted. “There’s no one to look after the yacht when I’m gone, so it’s your duty, okay?”

Fauro sighed. “Okay, sir…but please be careful…!”

“Heh, no worries. I’ll call your on my mobile phone, okay?”


Jake entered the so-called ‘spiral cord’ that has an escalator inside. There were also windows to see the outside from inside the spiral cord. About each few meters above the ground, there was a terminal that contained password-locked doors and clues to them.

He went to the first locked door and found a note.

“T-this is written in…Bellueroian language…”

“Yella, creitwi Ab. (Please, help me.)”

“Heh, good thing I’ve learned this language.”

But Jake was still confused as to what password to enter. The password keyboard was only in Enidoukan letters.

“Maybe if I translate this…to Enidoukan…”

“Oiri, Kide kakajigowo.”

He entered those words and the door unlocked.

“Hmm…looks like I’m not gonna have much trouble at all, if all puzzles are like these.”

On the second locked door, there was another note.

“Ab iz urcrei sir enruss. (I hate this body.)”

“That’s a strange clue…why would that person hate his own body…oh well…”

“Kini honin de owau.”

And again, the door was unlocked.

He saw on the windows that on the clouds, a large house can be seen, as he approached the final sealed door.

“Is this some sort of Jack and the Beanstalk thing? Anyways, I better find the last note.”

He found the note stuck under the door.

“Ab iz hyliec. (I am a sinner.)”

“A sinner, huh?” Jake thought deeply. “Could he be a prisoner of sorts? I don’t really know much about Bellueroian history, even if I know their language…”

“Kini agyajomo.”

He was able to unlock the door and enter the land in the clouds. He went to the large house, which he presumes, has a giant living in there.

As soon as he went there, he saw the giant, moping at his desk and looked like he was crying.

The giant sniffed. “I smell a human…” he said in a sad voice, in Bellueroian language. “Please come out, I won’t hurt you…”

Jake gasped. He didn’t know if he could trust this giant or not, but he went on closer and shouted, also in Bellueroian language, “I’m right here!” as loud as he can.

“Please shout a little louder…” said the giant. “I can’t hear a thing, but I know you’re there. You must be from Enidouka, right?”

Jake then thought of a better idea. He climbed to the cupboard using his mountain climbing gear and dropped the spoon on the floor.

And finally, the giant noticed him, grabbed him gently, and looked him in the eyes.

“I knew it…you’re Enidoukan…”

“Y-yeah…” said Jake. “But why are you so nice to me? I thought giants were supposed to kill people…”

The giant’s eyes closed for a bit, and he asked, “May I know your name, sir?”

“Jake Kazuroa.”

“Kazu…roa…” The giant remembered something.

“Y-you must be their descendants…!”

“T-their…what?” Jake was confused. “What are you talking about?”

“L-let me explain first…” the giant said as he put down Jake on the table to tell his story. “B-but first, let me introduce myself. My name is…Azrol Tualei.”

“Azrol…Tualei…” Jake wondered. “Y-you’re…the famous criminal written down in Bellueroian history and mysteriously disappeared?”

“Yeah…and my story goes like this.”

Azrol then told his story.

In the early days of Bellueroia, many years after the ancient god Rol died, around 1970’s, criminals have been persecuted by means of being turned into giants (through magic), in which their bodies quickly starve to death, and if they choose to eat anything, such as plants, trees and humans, they will be instantly killed. Azrol was one of these criminals – he was guilty of many crimes: multiple accounts of rape, homicide, multiple accounts of theft and much more. He was also a known gambler. His very last crime was the rape and homicide of the daughter of the country’s current president.

“Did it hurt becoming a giant?” Jake asked.

“Yeah…it was extremely painful. I felt like my body was being stretched and cut into many pieces. All my clothes were also torn off due to the size increase, so I was greatly embarrassed. But hey, I’m a criminal, so it’s okay to pay that price…”

A torture chamber was already prepared for Azrol. But unknown to him, he was suddenly rescued by a bunch of Enidoukan scientists who made him teleport to the middle of the sea, on an island, in which the scientists have constructed the spiral cord. When he and the scientists activated the spiral cord, it transferred Azrol to this very cloud land they are in, where the scientists helped him build a house, a bunch of clothes, and other things to stay in. Also in this cloud land, the atmosphere is special so that Azrol doesn’t starve to death or grow old – it suspends his bodily condition for as long as the spiral cord was there, sucking up energy from the Earth and its oceans.

“The scientists analyzed my body structure, and they said it would be their basis in creating artificial ways to this so-called ‘EVS’ technology they are developing…”

“EVS…” said Jake. “That technology that was based from the magic of Ancient Enidouka, which turned kids into adults…”

The scientists were just one clan, one family: the Kazuroa family. But on one day, they suddenly stopped coming, and all Azrol heard was an audio message from the doors of the spiral cord:

“Azrol…our clan was attacked by Bellueroians. They might use our bodies to find the spiral cord and kill you, but I hope that doesn’t happen. There’s still one of us who escaped to a farther region in the north, where Bellueroians won’t suspect a thing…his name is…Mezon Kazuroa…please wait for him…”

“And then, the recording stopped with them struggling…they were all probably gone…” Azrol sighed. “I really thought there was no way for me to get out of here…”

“Mezon…Kazuroa…” Jake was surprised. “That’s my father you’re talking about! And yes, we live on the north…so that makes sense! But to be honest I don’t know anything about you or our family’s secret, so I don’t really know how and why I got to meet you here…”

“It must be fate that led you here then…” Azrol said in tears. “I’m really glad.”

Jake quickly grabbed his equipment to check on Azrol’s health status. Everything was fine, and he also gathered data about his body structure, since his family’s research might have probably been destroyed.

His mobile phone rang that night.

“Hello? Fauro?”

“Yeah…I’m fine…”

And he told him about Azrol and everything else, and that he’ll be back by the morning after he’s done checking on the giant’s condition.

The next morning, Jake had a syringe in his hands.

“Please, hold still,” he said as he thrusts it onto Azrol’s neck.

“W-what was that for…?” Azrol asked. “A medicine to return me to normal?”

“Not quite yet,” said Jake, peeling an orange. “But it will help your appetite to be normalized, like a normal human’s so you won’t starve to death when you exit this temporary cloud land.”

Jake took a slice of the orange and shot it onto Azrol’s mouth. When he chewed on it, the orange slice became just as proportional as his body size, and when he gulped it down, he felt great.

“See? Now you can eat anything without having to starve,” said Jake. “The only concern is that whether you’ll be able to be turned back to a human or remain as a giant forever when we get back…”

Azrol sighed and smiled. “It’s okay…I’m used to being this big anyway…I don’t mind…I deserve this punishment…”

“But there’s still a chance, right? After all, it’s been years since you’ve made your crimes and I’m sure you’ve regretted doing them now, huh?” Jake smiled at him as they made their way out of the cloud land and near the spiral cord’s top level.

“So, uh…how do you get down…” Jake went inside the spiral cord in the attempt to find a command or button on how to teleport both of them.

“Heh, don’t bother, Mr. Kazuroa…”
“Please, call me Jake.”
“Oh okay…Jake.” He then grabs the man in his hand, puts him in his pocket and slowly attaches himself to the spiral cord.

“B-but this is dangerous!” Jake was worried. “What if this thing breaks?”

“No worries!” Azrol laughed as they went their way down. “Your ancestors said that this was made from ultra-solid titanium and all other strong materials so not even I could break it!”

Jake then hurriedly calls Fauro to pull out the boat from the shore to avoid getting smashed.

As soon as they reached the land, Azrol’s feet goes into the sea, making the water reach up to only his waist. The group then headed to the shores of Enidouka and into the research facility, where a bunch of scientists were already prepared, as Jake had already informed Fauro to inform them about Azrol’s case.

Successfully, the research team was able to restore Azrol back to a normal human, but he could still transform into a giant if he wishes.

Jake and Fauro then went outside to have coffee with Azrol, watching the sun over the ocean.

“So, are you planning to go back to Bellueroia?” Jake asked Azrol.

“Nah…” Azrol insisted. “It’s not like anyone would want me back there anyway…I’m a wretched person who needs to suffer because of the things I’ve done…”

“It’s not like anyone’s gonna forgive me anyway…”

Just then, there was a flash of light, and a man who is familiar to Azrol appeared beside them.

“Master…Rol…” Azrol quickly knelt down to him.

“Y-you’re…Bellueroia’s god…” Jake uttered as he also bowed down in silence.

“Oh you guys…” Rol laughed. “Enough with the formalities, heheh. I was just here to convince Azrol to make an appearance to his hometown so I could clear things about him…”

Rol is the ancient god of Bellueroia who was originally a time traveler from a future country called Alpheria and ended up in the islands of Bellueroia and sacrificed himself by shape-shifting into a dinosaur to save the people from drowning, while dying of starvation because he couldn’t revert back to a human due to his experiment at Alpheria being a failure. He now randomly makes appearance in the country and on nearby lands to govern its people as a spirit taking solid human form.

Azrol agreed to go back to his hometown for a while, and Rol invited Jake and Fauro for the trip as well.

The next day, Rol finally made his appearance on the president’s balcony, in the capital city of Bellueroia. Next to him was the current president of the country.

“Hey guys! Just dropped by for a short little announcement. Here’s a little history lesson for you. Who remembers the time in the 1970’s when criminals were being turned into giants and being starved to death? Who remembers that?”

The crowd was in awe, especially the president.

“You see guys…I don’t think it’s fair that we’ve used that kind of punishment for criminals. Or have you forgotten how I died?”

“W-what are you implying…Master Rol?” asked the president.

Rol then calls out Azrol, Jake and Fauro. He then explains everything to the crowd, which left them murmuring about various opinions. The president, however, was slightly angry.

“I think he deserves a second chance, but you guys attempted to take away that chance when you massacred the clan that helped him cool down into the clouds.” Rol said with a smile.

Rol then looked at the president.

“Mr. President, it was your little sister, wasn’t it?”

He then calls down a spirit from heaven…the little sister that was Azrol’s last victim.

“Big brother! It’s nice to see you again!”

The president hugged his little sister in shock and in tears.

“Please forgive Azrol…it was my fault to begin with…”

“W-what do you mean…!?” asked the president.

Rol then showed to everyone a holographic video in which the whole scene on what really happened between Azrol and the little sister.

It turned out that the little sister called Azrol on purpose in a secret abandoned house to talk to him, that he should already stop being such a criminal, causing havoc to the country and such. But Azrol couldn’t control himself and he raped the girl, only realizing that the girl was actually the president’s daughter. He fell silent in tears and regret upon knowing, gave the girl a gun and begged her to end his life there. But with the gunshot, it was actually the girl who killed himself, and then he was caught by the authorities.

The president was moved.

“You see big brother? It was really my fault…I thought I could help change Azrol because…I saw some goodness in him…but I guess I failed…”

“You didn’t fail, Ms. Miana,” said Azrol, approaching the girl. “If you hadn’t talked to me, I would’ve never realized my mistakes and I would’ve never wanted to change at all…even if it was too late…you were never too late for anything…”

“Jake, Fauro and the rest of the Kazuroa clan…and of course, Master Rol…they helped me to change as well…”

“Thank you…” Azrol was in tears but he was smiling.

“Okay folks, that’s a wrap!” Said Rol with a big smile on his face. “Now that you’ve learned a new lesson today, time to get back to normality. See you again soon!”

With that, Rol and Miana (the little girl) disappeared with a beam of light. The president then took Jake and Fauro back to Enidouka. Azrol went with them because he wanted to start anew in a new country.

“Jake…I want to live somewhere…near you guys…” Azrol asked.
“No problem! You can stay in our house.” said Jake, smiling.
“R-really?” Azrol said. “T-thank you!”

“N-no way!” Fauro said, slightly jealous. “B-but…”
Jake then looked at him and said, “Are you jealous?”
“N-no! It’s just that…”
“Well if not, then everything’s gonna be fine.” Jake smiled.

Fauro sighed, but Azrol looked at him and said:
“Don’t worry Fauro. I won’t steal your master away from you. Heheh. I’ll try to be kind to everyone…”
“Hmmph…you’d better be, okay?”
“Of course!” Azrol said with a smile.

Jake and Fauro agreed to let Azrol stay in their house, since it’s got a lot of room for three people anyway. They also did a test drive of Azrol’s re-transforming powers (turning back into a giant) in the mountains.

“H-hey! My clothes did finally grow along with me! That’s great!” Azrol exclaimed.
“Yeah, well, in Enidouka, most EVS users use that spray I applied on your clothes.” said Jake. “It comes in handy and unlike before, nowadays it’s available anywhere and very cheap. Heheh.”

After that, the group went to have milkshake in a nearby shop.


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