Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Metronome - Chapter 7: Norr the Notorious

“I was the sole daughter of a rich family.” Maggie began her story with these words, as the group listened to her subtle and reserved voice.

“There was a man whom I loved, but he was from a rival family. We were star-crossed lovers, until one day, they’ve assassinated him and pushed him to the cliff. I was weak and I couldn’t do anything.”

Yasome was shaking a bit, but he wanted to know the rest.

“But because I loved that man so much, I quickly grabbed one of the guns from the bodyguards and shot myself, quickly jumping to the cliff, following my precious love.”

“After that…I have awakened as a Weizan, but I couldn’t find that man. He quickly disappeared. I got consumed by revenge and killed every single one of my family and clan. After that, I went to LENCO, much like Yasome.”

The group then went to sleep for the night, after hearing that tragic tale.

“I sure hope Maggie meets him again someday, and I hope he’s not dead yet,” said Yasome as he fell asleep. “Maybe he was taken somewhere else…by another Weizan. Who knows…?”

The next day, they headed out to a place that is a lot closer to the capital. A swarm of Dictator Troops surrounded them. Some of them even used human shields by surprise, in the attempt to provoke Yasome, Maggie and Chiaki’s human side, for their ‘emotion barrier’ to be broken with each human they accidentally kill.

“This is bad…!” Nieg was worried with them. “If these keeps up then we’re gonna have a breakdown of these guys…they’ll end up like the beta versions…”

“Guys…please stay strong…”

Just then, a Weizan who could teleport swooped down to defeat the enemies. He was fast like a shadow and took down even more enemies than Nieg could ever kill in that given circumstance.

With all the enemies defeated, the Weizan approached Yasome’s group, especially Maggie.

“Are you guys hurt anywhere?” He said, fixing his eyes on Maggie.

“N-no, not at all.” Yasome said in awe, because he was amazed by this Weizan’s power to teleport. “B-but, are you really with us? You’re not with the dictators? I mean…with that kind of power, I don’t feel like you’re really…”

“Maggie…” He looked at the woman, whose eyes were also fixed to him.

“It’s been a long time…Maggie…”

“Norr…” Maggie said in tears.

And for that very first time, Maggie felt human again. She smiled as if an angel possessed her.

“So you survived, huh?” Maggie laughed in a sad way. “And you were like me as well…but…why…WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?” she said in his face, crying like a little girl.

“I was unable to control my powers back then. I’m sorry,” said Norr, also with a sad face. “I didn’t know how to manage my teleportation powers and I can’t locate where you are. So I took out everything on the Dictator Troops and attempt to find you on my own. I mastered my teleportation skills each day, in the hopes of being able to reach you again…”

Maggie fell silent.

“I’m terribly sorry as well…I thought you didn’t care for me anymore…”

Norr hugged Maggie and wiped her tears.

“It’s alright. We may not be human anymore, but there is still some bit of humanity left in all of us. We’re still all weak to the core. But hey, that’s the reason we fight, right? These…so called emotions, right?”

“Yeah…I guess you’re right…” Maggie said, smiling.

After that fateful meeting, Norr joined the group in their quest to going into the capital to face the Dictator and expose his secrets, and put an end to his never-ending reign of terror.

Meanwhile, another Weizan lurks around the mountains, spying on them. It was a man around his teenage years, very good-looking but with sharp, seductive eyes that are somewhat seeking revenge.


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