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Magical Alliance Ageon

Gary Jacob is a silent 10-year-old kid. He never speaks a word to those who bully him. You can say he’s got good temper management.

But there was one particular day when he couldn’t take it anymore.

The thugs took him into an abandoned house, robbed him out, physically hurt him and threatened him that his family will be killed…

“That’s it…this is…my limit…”

In the fit of rage, Gary didn’t know what he was doing anymore. A bright light shone from within him and he started manipulating objects within the house from his own mind, ultimately crushing to death all of the bullies.

Afterwards, he calmed down and knelt to the ground.

“W-what have I done…” he said to himself.

“W-what have I become…my hands…something doesn’t feel right…”

As he ran through the door, he saw a horrific image on the broken mirror.

“I…I…I gr—”

He passed out.

“We’ve located the new candidate.”
“Yes, we’ll be returning to base in a few minutes.”

Gary woke up in a room with two people, a man and a woman.

“What happened…where am I—”

He immediately covered his mouth and noticed how his voiced had changed, or rather, he instantly remembered what happened a few minutes ago on the old house.

The man held out his hand to Gary.

“We found you passed out from the old house down the street, and I’m pretty sure you’re one of us with what you did to those guys. So, what’s your name?”

Gary trembled in fear, but he uttered his name, in his newfound low-pitched voice.


“Nice to meet you, Gary,” the man said. “I’m Linus Holtz, and this girl is Suzuka Aoki. Welcome to Magical Alliance Ageon.”

“Ageon…? Alliance?” Gary asked. “And more importantly, why did I suddenly age? And why did I suddenly have super pow—”

“Please let me explain everything.” Suzuka interrupted.

“You see, Gary…all of us here are originally kids, but we have superhuman abilities implanted to us when we were young, though we didn’t know about it until we were gathered here. We can all turn ourselves to adults when we feel too much emotional stress, along with super powers, which is different for each of us. Simply put, we are called Ageons.”

“So…that was it, huh?” Gary said, slightly confused but calm. “Can you two prove that you’re really kids like me? And is it possible to transform back? Because I can’t go back to my family like this…”


The two transformed to their original child forms and helped Gary transform back.

“Gary, we’re sorry to tell you this but, this is kind of an emergency and all of our parents are being protected by the organization’s military force.” said Linus.

“Why?” Asked Gary. “You mean, we can’t go back to our parents?”

“Not yet,” Linus said calmly. “This is because we’re the targets of an organization that aims to destroy all of us Ageons, called Urethron. They will stop at nothing to defeat us and control our bodies for world domination of sorts. If we stay close to our families then they will be targeted as well. Do you understand?”

“Y-yeah but,” Gary said. “Can I just…talk to my parents for a while?”

“Sure!” Suzuka grabs her tablet from her bag and opens a communication app.

With that, Gary talks to his parents, who are both okay. They assured Gary that everything is going to be fine, and explained how they kept Gary’s involvement in being an Ageon a secret to him.

“Alright, so is it just the three of us?” Gary asked.

“No, there are 7 of us now.” Suzuka said.
“Come, we’ll take you to the lobby.” Linus said.

Gary went to the lobby with Suzuka and Linus. There, they meet Hugo Kosmonov, who has fire powers, Alexa Cho who can control water, Patricia Sanchez who can summon and control weapons, and Gerard Simon, who has electricity powers.

“So, if I have telekinesis, what do you guys have?” asked Gary.

“I have ice powers,” said Linus, “and Suzuka can control plants.”

“Isn’t it cool?” Suzuka smiled in a calm way. “All of us are unique and if we combine our powers, we can do anything!”

The mission was discussed briefly by Linus after that. They are to stop the Urethron from building the three towers that will generate massive earthquakes and natural disasters all over the world, to control the population. They split up in groups: Hugo and Alexa went to Europe, Patricia and Gerard went to Asia, and lastly, Linus and Suzuka, along with Gary, went to North America.

“They’re building the European tower near Paris. We’d better hurry!” said the hot-headed Hugo as he drove the car towards the town.

Alexa just remained silent and nodded.

“D-don’t give me that creepy stare, girl!”


When they reached the tower, one of Urethron’s leaders, Eric Irwin, suddenly stopped their tracks with his wind powers, guarding the tower’s completion. Thus, the battle began and the two Ageons unleashed their powers.

“You pathetic weaklings can’t stop us.” Eric threw his powerful attacks at the two, trying to distract them from destroying the tower. “You need to grow up a little bit more if you want to advance further!”

“Okay then, one grown up fireball comin’ up!” Hugo unleashed a super attack which Eric had dodged, but it was actually a distraction as Alexa slowly corroded the tower with her water attacks.

On the other side of the world, somewhere in China, Patricia and Gerard were battling against Stephanie Su, another leader of Urethron. Gerard was badly hurt because he’s still a novice when it comes to controlling his powers, much like Gary (he was taken in the alliance about the same week as him).

“Stay strong, Gerard!” Patricia shouted at him, as if lecturing him. “I don’t want our side of the mission to be ruined!”

Stephanie used her delusion attack to halt down Gerard from attacking. He was made to see his own sad memories.

Gerard, being a youngest of 3, had brothers who always picked on him, and a father who was always drunk and physically abused him. However, when he remembered all of these tragedies in his life, he unleashed a massive electric ball which slightly injured Stephanie and destroyed the Asia tower.

“I…did it…” Gerard cried tears of joy as he looked at his hands, still slightly charged up by volts of electricity.

In the North America area, somewhere in Canada, Gary’s group was to take down the third tower, guarded by Urethron’s grand leader, Joe Anderson.

“He can turn anything into a magnet…” Linus noticed. “That sounds a little similar to telekinesis, and after all, he does look American like you, Gary…”

“Still, if he’s bent on destroying the world and us then I won’t let him…” Gary said.

“Strong words there, newbie.” Joe laughed. “Let’s see how you go through my defenses.”

Joe is a tall and strong opponent that it was hard for them to get through. Linus unleashed tons of ice shards to attempt to pierce the man or destroy the machine but it didn’t work. Suzuka’s earthly powers aided the team in defense. She tried attacking and unleashed some vines to capture Joe but he always broke free easily. By that time, Gary’s mental powers are still not harnessed enough but he tried his best to launch objects for attacking.

However, unfortunately from Joe, the other Ageons have returned from their missions and joined in the fun. But along with that were the other Urethron leaders. Still, the third tower was destroyed thanks to the backup team.

“You seriously think this is over, Ageons?” Joe said, as he opens his smartphone and controls a trap door beneath the destroyed tower, unleashing a stronger tower that shook the earth and caused natural calamities in that instant.

“The older you are, the wiser you become, as the saying says.” Joe laughed with his low-pitched masculine voice, slightly adjusting his glasses. “The three towers were just a distraction, obviously, so we can pull this baby off and proceed with our plan.”

“Tch…” Linus was angry. “We have to save everyone first! Everyone, disperse and help out the civilians!”

“We won’t let you do that, no way!” Stephanie said.

“Yeah, we’re not done playing yet!” Eric said.

The Urethron attacked them in the midst of saving the civilians. Although there were some that were saved, most of them still died because they were getting distracted by the Urethron’s actions. Nonetheless, when the machine stopped working, there was an apocalyptic abyss and only a few civilians survived all over the world, including the 7 Ageons and 3 Urethron leaders.

The final battle between them began and there was some heavy action. Since Stephanie was badly injured, it was easy for Patricia and Gerard to take her down, and she was pierced down to death by a million blows of knives by Patricia. However, she was taken down by Joe and Eric’s combined magnetism and wind attacks, being crushed by a large piece of building debris.

Alexa then combined her attacks with Gerard towards Eric, killing him by water electrocution. This infuriated Joe, who was all alone, and killed Hugo, Alexa and Gerard all at once by controlling Patricia’s corpse to launch swords and knives to brutally execute the three of them.

“H-how is he able to do that?” Gary was shocked. “If Patricia’s dead, then how could he use her powers at will?”

“I don’t know myself,” said Linus, “But this is exactly why we should avoid being killed, or we’ll end up being his puppets to destroy others.”

“Just give up already, you two…” exclaimed Joe, who unleashed another blow of swords. Suzuka’s right arm was cut, and Linus’ left leg was severed. Gary, unfortunately, was hit in his left eye by a dagger, which also broke his glasses, so he couldn’t see clearly anymore, even with just one eye left. Suzuka and Linus were weakened and it was all up to Gary to finish the villain.

Even though Joe could control magnetism, it was repelled by Gary’s telekinesis, and the heated fight was almost close. Both of them dodged each other’s attacks, until their strength slowly depleted.

With his last bit of powers, Gary lifts up Joe to the sky along with him, slowly choking him to death. He then drops him to a bed of rocks and thus, crashing down badly.

As he stares down on the almost lifeless man, Gary notices something familiar, though he couldn’t see much. And unexpected to him, Joe gives his own glasses to him, so that he could clearly see.

“W-why? Why are you suddenly helping me? After all the pain you put me, my friends, and the rest of the world to?” Gary exclaimed. “What are you thinking?”

“Gary, listen…”

Joe also called out Suzuka and Linus who were badly injured.

“The Urethron…is an organization built by the Beta3, also known as the first Ageons whose powers were so immense that they were unable to turn back into children. We were those first Ageons. We just felt sad about what happened to us that we took it out on the world. Eliminating the new batch of Ageons would probably help us ease the pain, but you, and the other two friends of yours…you guys were able to defeat me…”

“…Joe. I don’t think that’s what you really wanted to tell me.” Gary said as tears fell from his remaining eye. “Why would you want to give me your glasses and spare our lives right now?”


“My real name is…”


Uttering his last words, Gary fell deaf over what he heard.


He was too late or rather; it wasn’t intended for him to know right away.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I’ve always believed in you, that you weren’t dead, and that mom and dad were lying when they told me that…”

“Gary, it’s not too late.” Linus patted his back. “I’ve been researching on Urethrons’ abilities to control Ageons, and if my theory is correct, since they’re also Ageons, that means we can also work out something to try to resurrect them…”


“Yeah, but let’s get back to base first and take a little rest. I’ve already ordered the military force to gather the bodies and their fragments if any, so we can research on a way to bring them back.”

The next day, Linus, Gary and Suzuka were able to succeed in their plan of creating a set of equipment that could bring the dead Ageons back to life. The experiment’s procedure was to extract data from their brains, where all of the Ageons’ “life data” was included and always backed up even if they lose their life.

Successfully, they had all been revived and embraced each other in celebration. Since the experiments’ theory was explained to the Urethron leaders, each of them had also healed the injured three. Suzuka’s arm was regenerated by Stephanie, Linus’ leg was brought back by Eric, and last but not the least, Joe, or rather George, brought back his little brother’s missing eye and the two hugged each other. In return, Gary returned his big brother’s glasses to him, opened a case with new glasses and wore it.

“Just like old days, huh, big brother?”
“Yep, just like old days…” replied his brother. “Sorry I had to keep everything a secret from you. I was jealous and all, so there. I hope you can forgive me.”
“It’s fine; after all, you’ll always be my big brother! My family!”

Speaking of family, after the restoration project, all the kids went back to their respective homes and lived normally as kids but can still turn into adults and use their powers.  Because they were originally from different countries, they’ve decided to move their families near the alliance’s headquarters, so they could still hang out with each other, even amidst the apocalyptic world they are now living in.


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