Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolution Zero

Somewhere in Quezon City, it was only 6 hours before the New Year struck on the calendar. The hurling noise of fireworks surrounded the streets as Gerard Villa was going home from some activities in his college.

“I gotta stay away from these horrible things.” He murmured to himself. “Don’t wanna lose a body part right now.”

But, as if life flashed before his eyes, there was a sudden explosion of a firework in front of him. From that point on, everything went blank.

When he woke up on the hospital, he was all alone. As soon as he tried to reach for the door with his right hand, not only was it locked, but he didn’t see his hand anymore. Instead, there was a blood-covered bandage over his arm. He also felt a bandage on his head. He was on the verge of shock.

“Do you want your right hand back?”

A voice was heard somewhere in the room, while no one was there. It sounded like a man.

“Who is it? Where are you?” Gerard questioned in confusion.

“Come, I shall take you to my world. I have what you seek.”

And in an instant, Gerard was magically warped from the window to a different-looking city, with weird-shaped clouds, a medieval-style city with unusual structures and pillars, and a man in hood, presumably the person who called him.

Moments later, there was a girl who appeared next to Gerard. She seems to have the same traumatic injury as him, but in the left arm.

With fear but curious, the two approached the man. He introduced himself as Master Serima, and that they are in a country called Reshima Cyrne.

As they went to a small tent, Master Serima handed out multi-colored hands to the two and fitted them on their respective arms.

“These were your hands. They had been modified because of an accident I had produced in calling you out here. They now possess tremendous powers that equal of your Earth’s fireworks and can be lethal, but only to the monstrous figures in the country and not the residents, for all people here are expert in magic, which your new hands possess.”

“Gerard Villa will be dubbed as X Flame, and Lilian Macuja will be called Y Spell. The two of you are going to train with me to defeat a forest of creatures near the outskirts of this country, to prevent them from not only causing danger to the people, but also to your people.”

And so the two trained on using their new powers, and after a short while, they went to the forest.

“It’s our only chance of getting home, according to Master Serima.” Gerard said to Lilian.
“Yeah, but I hope he’s right about time freezing there while we spent months here.” Lilian replied.

After battling a bunch of monsters on their way, the two rescued a girl lost in the forest named Kanori Suryn, who had hair as yellow as the sun. However, after only a few minutes, she mysteriously disappeared.

“That seems odd…”
“I hope she knows the way back to town…”

Later on, Master Serima appeared behind them to warn of a greater enemy who has also just appeared in front of them. He looks to be a beast tamer and controls all of the monsters.

“That is Zel Mado III. He is a much known criminal in this country who started this entire monster rampage. I have faith in you that you can do it, and I’ll be here to back up as well.”

Thus, the fight began, and successfully, they have defeated Zel, who also mysteriously vanished like Kanori.

“Do you know why they vanish like that?” Master Reshima said in a quiet tone, with the whole place shaking. He suddenly takes off his hood to reveal his inner clothes, surrounded by chains.

“It’s because they’re part of me. Everything here is only a fragment of me, and you are to defeat and suppress it all for the sake of your world.”

“W-what do you mean…part of yourself?”
“Wait, you don’t mean this whole place is a fake?”

“Indeed. This is only a small prison cell that I’ve been exiled to for years, and because of my overwhelming power, it has started to overwhelm your world as well, since Etheria, the place outside this prison, is directly connected to your world, much more than this place.”

Light started to come out of Master Reshima’s body as he struggled and knelt down.

“Listen carefully, you two. Please defeat me when I go all-out. You cannot kill me but you can defeat me to restrain my powers. I trust those hands of yours. When you do, this dimension will disappear and I can finally return to Etheria tomorrow without causing harm from my powers.”

“Please…I beg of you…the Earth is also involved in this…I can’t hold…on much….”

And in a flash, an explosion happened, similar to when they lost their hands. The ground shook as they saw a different muscular man with a monstrous aura go all-out to defeat them.

It was Master Serima who went berserk.

Quickly, they used their special hands to defeat him, but not kill him, as instructed. It was tough but because it was Master Serima’s power, it got through. The place soon faded into a giant prison cell, revealing a calendar that’s marked on a specific date. Master Serima then awakens, with his muscular body slightly reduced from his berserk form, and a much calmer tone. He smiled at the two and looked at the calendar.

“My dear friends, I cannot thank you enough, for you have surpassed my strength and restrained me. Tomorrow, as the calendar says, is the day I go back to Etheria to end my exile for my crimes. I hope they can forgive me, since it has been a long time already. I have learned my lesson on controlling power the right way, and you helped me do that. Thank you, Gerard and Lilian - may you be well on your way back to your home world.”

With that, the two were warped back to Earth, and Gerard was back to his hospital room. He thought that everything was a dream, until he saw his hand back to normal, albeit he could see a few traces of multi-colors, which the nurses and other staff couldn’t see. When he went back home, he tried lighting a firecracker with that hand of his and was shocked to see that his special hand still works.

Later at the countdown, she met Lilian, who coincidentally was from the same neighborhood and the same hospital, only in a different room. The two talked together and hoped that Master Serima, or rather Reshima, his real name, could live a peaceful life in Etheria once again.


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