Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Frankenstein Eight

 A magnitude 8.0 earthquake shook a certain area in Baguio, killing nearly tens to thousands of Filipinos and even foreigners. However, in this one particular building, there were a few trapped survivors. One man was determined to save them all.

This man was named Franco Verde, an average jobless guy with no talent at all, who happens to shop in that particular mall.

One by one, he started rescuing people. The first one was a swimmer, the second one a graphic artist, the third one a basketball player, the fourth one a martial artist, the fifth one a paranormal expert, the sixth one a programmer/novelist, the seventh one a musician, and the eight one an average little girl around 2 years younger than him. After that, he was going to save the very last person – a surgeon.

Unfortunately, falling debris crushed him, but did not entirely kill him. Everyone who was saved instantly rushed him to the nearest hospital, along with the rescue team outside’s help.

Upon waking up in the hospital, Franco opened his eyes, but they were unusually different. His other body parts felt strange, too. He looked at the mirror and saw the difference of colors between his two eyes, and the same goes for the skin tones of his arms and legs.

“Doctor!” He immediately asked the surgeon who came in the room. “What happened? I remembered I was crushed to death out there…how did I…”

“…they’ve all decided to be a part of you now.”

Franco was dead shocked. “W-what do you mean?”

“Literally. Those people whom you saved all donated you body parts.”

“T-they what…!? B-but why!?”

“Silly boy…” The surgeon smiled. “Of course they would! We owe you our life, so the best we could do is give you something in return.”

Unfortunately, all those donors have left, but the surgeon told him which parts were donated to him. His left leg was from the swimmer and his right was from the martial artist. His left arm was from the basketball player and his right was from the graphic artist. His left eye was from the paranormal expert and his right was from the programmer/novelist. His ears were from the musician. And last but not the least, his heart came from the little girl, who unfortunately died so she insisted before her death, that it would be hear heart that she would donate.

Still confused, Franco lived as he normally did, but since his body parts are now from experts of different fields, he excelled so much in all of them. He eventually joined lots of competitions and became world famous, known as “Frankenstein Eight.” Alongside his fame was the surgeon, of course.

However, as his skills grew to the greatest extent, he could no longer control them. Because of the fact that his parts came from different people, it contained pieces of memories and emotions that mixed up with Franco’s original body, leaving him restless almost every time and mostly leading him to confusion. Until one day, he goes back to the surgeon and asks him something.

“Why…why did you let me become a monster that I am right now? I could’ve just died right there! You guys didn’t have to save me?”

“You’re not a monster, you’re our hero!” The surgeon smiled. “You just need to get the hang of --”

But suddenly, Franco grabs the surgeon with his incredible strength and furiously slams him through the door.

“I don’t understand anything anymore! I wanna die! I wanna die! I don’t know what to do anymore!”

“My powers are meaningless if I can’t use them the right way! The donors’ spirits are residing within me as if haunting me every night, as if they didn’t really want to give them to me…”


Speaking those words, Franco, at the fit of rage, pushes him out the window and the surgeon’s body gets forked in the sharp fence. However, quickly realizing what he had done, Franco rushed to the fence and rescued him. His heart was slightly damaged but wasn’t in the right condition anymore.

As if racing against time, Franco looks at the surgeon’s files for scraps of papers with names on them.

“There’s only one way to end this…”


“Huh, what’s this?”
“My leg is back…!? But how…?”
“A piece of paper…”

The swimmer and the other donors contacted each other and were surprised that all of their donated body parts had been returned. The notes contained the following message:

To my ‘donors’,

You may be surprised as to how your body parts have returned. I called up another surgeon at the hospital to return them to you. Originally, you guys were manipulated by that surgeon, right? He told me everything after we got into a fight. I wanted to right the wrong so I had you guys manipulated again like before, but this time, to return what was lost.

As for the heart, well, I gave it to that surgeon as a payback for what he did to me, and to you guys. It should also serve some justice to the poor girl who was the original owner of this heart, as she was the sole daughter of one of our best and kindest Senators in the country.

Yup, that means I’m no longer alive, as what it should’ve been anyway.

I just want to say, thanks everyone, for at least trying to save me, even though I lack in a lot of things other than wanting to help people. You guys are going to be the greatest in your respective fields, and I’ll always be with you, since I’ve ‘borrowed’ your parts for some time, so don’t feel sad about the fact that I’m physically gone.

As for now, all eight of you, including the surgeon, will be the Frankenstein Eight. May you guys live a long and happy life, and put your talents to good use.

Until here,
Franco Verde


“You…really got me there, Franco.” The surgeon sighed. “I already wanted to stop you from giving them back, but I guess you’re really a persistent person. Very well then, I’ll humbly accept my punishment, I guess.”

Unable to stop the tears in his eyes, the surgeon then sent cash money to the donors immediately after he was well enough to stand.

Ever since then, all the donors had dedicated their lives to remembering the heroism that Franco did. As for the surgeon, he had turned away from his manipulative ways and dedicated his life to helping more victims and survivors, much like Franco did.


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