Friday, May 16, 2014

Metronome - Chapter 8: Kel the Killer

After some time, Yasome’s group has gotten enough rest and headed for the journey ahead. They were only a few mountains and valleys away from the capital. To get to the main island, they had to ride a small boat near the shore, but what surprised them was an ambush, lead by another Weizan.

“I’m here to destroy all you murderers, especially the kid and his father!” He exclaimed.

Norr recognized him. “This guy is Kel the Killer, an apprentice of the dictator. For sure, I’ve fought with him, who was always tagging along his woman along.”

“Woman?” Maggie thought. “You mean the Weizan woman who held Yasome captive like I told you about?”

“Yes, Lasha the Seductress.”

“Y-you killed her!” Kel drew out his weapons and beamed them through the blazing sun. “Not only will I kill you for the dictator’s sake, but also for my fallen…”

“H-hey…we didn’t murder her…” Nieg, or rather, Yasuo Luna (his real name), also got ready for battle along with the team. “In fact, she escaped…and most of us were injured as hell.”

“No…but she saw your drama…” Kel had a stiff expression, not as a Weizan, but as a former human.

“It’s as if his emotion barrier’s breaking down…” Yasome added. “I wonder what exactly happened…”

Kel let out a sinister, demented smile. “You…really want to know?”

And so, the killer Weizan started narrating the flashbacks.


“Lasha…what…are you…”

“It’s over. Papa isn’t coming home, right? I know he won’t. Maybe he’s mad that I’ve murdered so many people…”

“I don’t want this kind of life anymore…”



“S-she…cut her own throat…” Maggie was slightly terrified.

“This is what happens when a Weizan’s emotion barrier goes zero…it’s so much of a shame to have lost her…”

“I’ll have my revenge…even if I break my own emotion barrier!”

Kel then charged at the group, starting with Yasome, who then let out powerful streams of white energy to attack. This time, he seems to have improved his drawing skills and was able to wipe out troops of soldiers even whilst fighting Kel. Maggie and the others helped out and defeated other evil sidekicks behind.

Suddenly, Yasome felt dizzy.

“Ugh…is it just me or is it extremely hot…my clothes are suffocating me…”

Maggie’s eyes became sharp. “Uh oh. That’s the involuntary age signal there…Nieg, take him out of the battle right away! I’ll handle this. ”

“Roger, Ma’am!”

Nieg then takes his son behind a bush and explains things to him.

“Weizans involuntarily grow and age every time they use their full potential of powers. You’d have to be careful.” Nieg then gives Yasome a new set of clothes. “Here, hope these will fit you.”

“T-thanks dad.” Yasome then went off to get dressed behind a tree.

While Maggie and Norr were trying to defeat the outraging Kel, more dictator troops came.

“We’re not gonna make it!” Maggie was slightly worried.

“Looks like your little girl’s exhausted from healing as well…” Norr turned to Chiaki.

Just then, a sudden gust of wind disturbed the fight. Another Weizan swooped down to kill the remaining troops.

He was able to manipulate his white energy into arrows, chains and many other weapons, and told off Kel with the words, “your revenge is nothing compared to mine!” and then knocks him to the ground, with the black-stained blood behind the killer Weizan’s head.

“Y-you…killed the killer…” Maggie was amazed.

“You’re awesome…and yet you look young!” Yasome quickly approached him, with a slight smile.

The boy Weizan looked back at Yasome and the entire group.

“I was just sent by LENCO shortly after you departed. My name is Makov Vietalz. Pleased to meet you.”

Makov then joined the group on their journey to the capital, in pursuit of the true identity behind the dictator and his real ideals for this forsaken world.


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