Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Metronome - Chapter 9: Makov the Pursuer

“So…you call yourself Makov the Pursuer?” Yasome asked their new team member. “Who or what are you exactly pursuing?”

“…it’s a long story.” Makov mumbled while the group was in their small boat headed for the next island near the capital.

“It’s fine, we’d like to hear it.” Yasome encouraged Makov to share his experience.



“Makov, I’m right here…” The boy Weizan also had the ability to hear voices from long distances.

He ran as fast as he could, searching every corner of the city.

“Hang on, Vesia, I’ll find you!”


“He was a good friend to me,” Makov smiled as he stared into the vast horizons across the ocean. “It was that Kel guy who captured her. I heard that the plan was to make her a pawn of the dictator as well…”

“I’ve failed to save the one who captured Vesia, and yet in my fit of rage, I even killed him…”

“…so does that mean, you don’t know where Vesia is?”

“I’m not very sure anymore, but I know she might be in the next island, because I heard the conversations of the two Weizans you defeated earlier.”

Maggie patted Makov’s head. “Don’t worry, kid. We’ll find your friend. Is she a human, a Doll or a Weizan?”

Makov shook his head. “Neither…she’s an android who accompanied me after I set out to find you guys.”

That afternoon, the boat was nearing the shores of the next island. Makov again sat with Yasome to have some boys talk, while Maggie and the others were preparing dinner.

“What a lovely sunset, huh?” Makov smiled.

“You…you’re even more human than us…” Yasome returned the smile back.

“Heheh…well, the younger you are, the less likely you’ll be heartless, said most of the LENCO researchers.”

“But you know, Yasome? My awakening wasn’t really a good memory, even though I can remember every detail of it.”

“Really? Mine as well…I lost my family during that time, except for my father…”

“…yeah, I’ve heard from Mr. Nieg about your awakening. Well…wanna know about mine?”

“Sure…whatever floats your boat.”


The orphanage was in total chaos. All the children that were found were just corpses as the troops of the dictator purged in and searched for any other possible life within.

Makov was asleep during that night, but a gunshot woke him up.

“W-what…is this…”

He kept running for his life, but in the end, a dictator troop threw a large knife, unfortunately cutting the boy’s right arm. It was succeeded by a rainfall of gunshots as he dropped to the floor.

Just minutes after the deadly scenario, Makov awakens as a Weizan and his arm quickly reattaches itself to where it used to be.


“Woah…so Weizans, can also regenerate bodies?”

“That is…if their emotion barrier’s still up and running, of course.” Makov scratched his head. “To tell you the truth, mine’s not really as high-level as yours, and especially Maggie’s and Norr’s, because I’m the youngest, you know…”

And so, the team had dinner that night, and later on their boat was finally on the shores of their destination island.

“Let’s search the whole town and be careful.” Maggie instructed the group. “If any of you find the android girl, send out a telephatic signal, got it?”

“Roger!” Everyone else was ready.

The dawn is closing in on the group of Weizans, Dolls and a human assassin. Soon enough, they’ll uncover the truth about the abysmal world that this mysterious dictator built.


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