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Cross-Over Attack (SnK / Multi-Non-Fandom Fanfiction)

As Hanji was still seated on her workstation, trying to figure out how to make this “time-space-distorting” 3DMG, Armin tried to help out, since he was the brains of the group.

“I seriously can’t believe you actually got to travel to another period of time with this thingy!” Hanji sneered while twisting the nuts and bolts with her rusty wrench.

“Well…” Armin picked up some pieces of paper that were scattered on the floor due to the strong winds outside. “According to these plans, not only could we use it as a gate, but it can also lure in other beings from different time periods…”

“If we could ask for their help in eliminating the titans, then we wouldn’t have to suffer so much behind these walls…!”

“That’s my ideal scientist!” Hanji patted Armin’s blonde hair and smiled.

So on that day, they tweaked the 3DMG until the gas powers up like it did before. But this time, Armin didn’t wear it – they only placed it on the outside field of their headquarters.

As Hanji turned some sort of remote switch on, there was spark in their invention, as it revealed their first customer.

It was a girl with braids, carrying a bow and some arrows on her back.

“W-where…is this place? Who’re you?”

“I-it really worked!” Hanji rejoiced and rushed to the girl.

“Hi! Welcome to the world of Titans! My name is Hanji Zoe, this is Armin Arlert…”

The girl was kind of surprised but shook Hanji’s hand. “Uhh…hi…I’m Katniss Everdeen…may I ask what am I doi—”

Katniss suddenly accidentally touches the 3DMG once again and this time, a flashier light bursts out from behind, but she was able to step back just in time when it occurred.

A group of different people were teleported like Katniss. There were humans, non-humans, and whatnot.

Hanji and Armin then began briefing them with the situation, and asked them what powers they could influence over the rampaging titans. The result was as follows:


Katniss set out to work with another person to launch arrows against the titans. They were doused in flowing water, which could be destructive according to Armin’s theory.

“So you’re a son of one of the gods…what’s your name again, Percy Jackson?”

“Yes, ma’am. Son of Neptune.” Percy scratched his head but continued filling each arrow that was launched with water mixed with poison.

But by bad luck, Percy and Katniss were crushed by one of the larger Titans, because the water in the area wasn’t enough.


A girl in shining knight armor teams up with a troll-like person to face the Titans in Wall Maria, same places where Katniss and Percy sacrificed their lives.

“Asuna, watch out!” Eridan protected the long-haired beauty but dying in the process.

In the fit of rage, Asuna tries to kill every single Titan she saw, but unintentionally slashes one of her comrades, Sophia, who was a zombie-like girl.

“I’m sorry…I thought you were one of them….”

With that, Asuna let herself and Sophia be eaten as well, like Eridan.


Pearl, a gentle-mannered woman carrying a gemstone-like sword, fights the Titans along with Ciel Phantomhive, whose butler, Sebastian Michaelis, had followed him to this dystopian universe.

However, Pearl was too good for this cruel world and got hit severely by one of the Titans, but was able to escape to her own world with her own powers, and so the two boys continued. They fended off some Titans, but because Sebastian didn’t want his master to get hurt, he single-handedly operated the 3DMG to make their escape back to their own world.


The only people who were left were people who didn’t have extraordinary powers.

Christian Grey, a wealthy businessman, gathers some equipment from Hanji’s stock room. With her help, he puts up chains, bondages and whatnot, and Armin was able to slash some of the Titan’s napes. However, they struggled too hard from the ‘punishments’; one of them stepped on the man and crushing him to bits.

Two were left – a teenage boy and girl. The boy had short and slightly curly hair, and had a disinterested face. The girl had freckles and was carrying a journal wherever she went, constantly taking notes.

He stood on top of Wall Maria and launched some poison gas that Armin and Hanji had mixed. It did trash up some Titans but unfortunately, the gas was so intense that they had to go back and leave it behind.

The boy, Oreki Hotarou, became totally pissed off and asked to be taken home. Armin and Hanji had no choice.

There appeared a young man from the device similar to him, but with straight hair and in swimming trunks. After the half-naked guy, Haruka Nanase, took a little glance of the dystopian universe, both of them went back to their world.

After he got teleported, a group of 5 singing and dancing boys in modern outfits came into the scene from the 3DMG. They were dead confused and ran away from the approaching Titans in their headquarters. Armin and Hanji chased them with their own 3DMG.

Meanwhile in the chaos, the girl ran away with her journal and unexpectedly met another guy with similar clothes and posture as Mr. Grey.

“I came from the device too…” he looked at the freckled girl’s face. “You may be ugly but you’re beautiful…”

“W-what do you mean…?!”

As the man suddenly grabbed the girl’s arm, his eyes turned black and red. The girl was dead scared.

However, it suddenly rained a bit of blood and flesh from the Titans, due to being slashed by Armin and Hanji. The man immediately feasted on the gifts. Even though it was Titan flesh, there were a few ones that smelled like human blood.

“Y-you….what…are you?”

“Don’t be scared, young lady.” He wiped his mouth covered in blood. “My name’s Shuu Tsukiyama, I’m a ghoul.”

And then, he explains that ghouls are cannibals and whatnot.

“I think I’ll stay here for the while, but as for you…” Tsukiyama directs the girl’s attention to the sparking 3DMG near a tree, with his smooth face. “…you’d better touch that and go back to your world.”


“We’ll meet again…”




She was found by Cross, lying on the floor of an empty school room, with her hair and uniform slightly bloody and messed up.

“W-what the…how did I…I thought I was in…”

“Girl, you must be daydreamin’ again…but are you alright? What’s with the ketchup…?!”
“W-well I…”

Eya Rodriguez immediately opens up her journal and sees that all of the notes she took were real. There was even blood on some of the pages – blood that came from the Titans.

“H-hey…isn’t that the famous anime show…Attack on Titan?! H-how did you get in there?”

“What’s Attack on Titan?” Eya was confused. “Was that those large giants?”

Cross explained the whole fandom to Eya, who only read romantic stories. Eya finally understood the situation.

Later on, she went home and bumped into a familiar man.

“Mr. Tsukiyama…!?”

“Glad to see you again, Eya…” Tsukiyama smirked. “But no worries, I’m meeting up with someone…I’m not as hungry as I was back then anymore…”

“I’m saving it for someone…”

“Heh…” Eya was at a loss for words.

“Well then, see you around!”


She then ran off into the distance, coming across some Japanese guy in blue uniform. She recognized him clearly, as she was informed by Cross and her senpai, Denny.

Upon passing by she noticed that guy, Hibiki “Broken” Kurobu, was carrying a cup of coffee in a styro cup. She mumbled to herself:

“It’s not your fault…the diaries are everywhere.”

Broken was surprised, but he gets a tap from behind.

“Yo, Broken!” A similarly-aged teenage boy with a cute white jacket approached him.

“Hey…” replied Broken. “Have you seen that girl?”

“She’s new to this town,” answered Hibiki Kuze, who had the same name has him. “Don’t worry, she’s nice.”

“Well, that’s great.”

Another person approaches them.

“Oh, it’s Kaneki!” Kuze waved at him.

This eyepatched boy replied with a wave, “Hey Hibiki, hi Broken…sorry I’m late guys…”

The three boys went off into the distance, talking about stuff.

“You know, Io was talking about this Wattpad romance craze yesterday!” boasted Kuze.

“Format and Debug told me about it too,” answered Broken.

“I’m really hungry…” Kaneki’s stomach growled like crazy.

Meanwhile, Eya was hiding behind a wall as the boys were walking away, but she smelled something familiar.

“That Kaneki guy…smelled like Mr. Tsukiyama…”


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