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Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 2: Melvin

With that, the trio said a temporary goodbye to each other, gaining contact numbers for reference. Manny went back to his apartment, but received a call from his iPhone as he entered the door.



“Y-you’re coming over? With dad?”

“Tomorrow? S-sure! Take care!”

The next day, Manny prepared his apartment. He tidied up the pizza boxes and swept the floor. He arranged everything to make it more presentable for his dad and little brother.

*doorbell sound*


Manny opened the door.

“Melvin! Y-you’re all alone? Where’s dad?”

“…dad’s in the hospital. Our cousin Rocky brought him there due to mild stroke.”

“…damn, that’s bad. We should go and visit—”

“Woah, so this is what an apartment looks like! I’ve never seen one in my entire life!”

Melvin set himself up on the small table and looked at the pieces of paper with lyrics and chords of songs that Manny played.

“H-hey, hands off! Those are my stuff!”

“S-sorry big bro…”

“*sigh* here,” Manny takes some pieces of paper from his bag pack on his bed. “Help yourself to some blank pieces of paper. I know you’re a good artist, so I bought you these crayons. You can have ’em.”

“T-thank you big bro!” Melvin smiled happily.

“A-anyways, I’m gonna call Rocky for the details of dad’s whereabouts, stay there and don’t do anything stupid, okay!”

And so, Manny called Rocky in his iPhone for directions to his dad’s hospital room. Meanwhile, Melvin was being haunted by strange imaginary friends.
“W-what do you mean…Rocky…”

“I…didn’t tell your little bro because he’d be shocked but…the truth is…Uncle Roy…”



“Then come over and check out your dad. Here’s the address…”

Manny quickly scribbles the details on a notepad in his pocket, which happens to be the notepad that Paige gave him.

“No…dad…no way…I don’t wanna believe it…”

“T-thanks bro, I’ll go there right away.”

As soon as he turned off the call, he heard a sinister laughing sound in the dining room, where Melvin sat and draw stuff.



Melvin was holding scissors against his right eye.





As Manny rushed his bleeding brother to the hospital, he immediately called Robin and Harry, who both escaped from their jobs temporarily to help their friend. He also quickly recalled the notepad and the clocked and triggered them.

After a few hours of surgery, Melvin was resting until he woke up to see his big brother. He didn’t understand how and why he did that. He’s lost his right eye and Manny was devastated.

“Melvin…we’re sorry for what happened…” Paige cried.
“We’re just objects.” Tony added. “We don’t have all the time in the world either.”

“No, it’s my fault…I got distracted by dad’s condition that I forgot…” Manny sobbed and Harry comforted him yet again.
“I say…” Harry’s eyes darkened. “…we arrange a revolution against your secret organization. You wanted to quit so badly, right? Then why don’t we fight back? This manipulation is too much…it’s gonna kill all of our good children…”

“Harry…” Paige stopped crying, as Tony lent her a handkerchief. “We’ll do as you say!”
“But it’s just gonna be the two of us agents.” Tony exclaimed. “We need the others as well.”

“Can we help? Where do we find the other agents?” Robin asked.

“If you encounter weirdly-dressed people who suddenly appear out of nowhere, then that’s an agent. You’ll know them by their weird, manipulative aura.” Paige explained.

“Paige, Tony…” Manny stood up from his chair. “We’ll begin tonight. Robin and Harry can go back to their jobs, I’ll take care of my little brother for now.”

“I shall contact you if we find other agents who’ll agree to this plan of yours.” Tony said. “Don’t be late tonight!”

With everyone gone, Rocky entered the room and approached his cousin Manny.

“Hey Manny…the cremation room…”


“That’s why I called you as early as possible. I want you to see your dad for the last time.”

Manny hurried to the room where his father’s corpse laid. Even with the revolting smell, he opened the sheets and looked at his dad. According to the doctors, he died of cardiac arrest.

“Dad…I’m sorry for not being there for you…if there was only some way I could make it up to you…” Manny cried grossly but wholeheartedly.

“M a n n y . . . .” he heard a strange voice in his head. Time had stopped around him and he saw a holographic ghost of his father on another corner of the room, about to ascend somewhere.

“D-dad! I’m so sorry!! Please forgive me! Please…”

“I t ‘ s  o k a y ,  s o n . . .”

“Is there anything I can do to make it up to you, dad?” Manny knelt down in despair while looking at his father’s bright spirit face.

“ . . . s o n ,  d o n ‘ t  f o r g e t  t o   e r a s e  y o u r    b r o w s i n g  h i  s t  o r y . . . “

“W-wait what?”

“I  m u s t  g o  n o w . . . p l e a s e   d e s t r o y   L u m e r a  O r d e r . . .”

“I don’t understand…dad! Don’t go just—”


And with that, his father disappeared before his eyes. The cremation was about to take place, as Manny and Rocky finally exited the room.

“Even though dad was saying weird things…he was smiling. I’m relieved now.” Manny was still tearful.

Rocky patted him, as he took him back to his brother’s room.

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