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Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 4: Change

The operation will now begin. Since Robin has an access card to the building (because his company is part of the group of companies of Lumera Order, though he didn’t know it was Lumera in the first place), he entered first, with a disguised Carrie who took pictures of the security stuff and sent them via Samuel’s iCloud-like application. With this, Samuel was able to hack down all of the electrical output, leaving the building in total darkness. All the CCTVs were shut off, too. The employees and the pro-agents panicked in the building, but with the help of Paige’s creativity and Samuel’s technology, they were able to design custom night-vision glasses that are invisible to other people.

The groupings were as follows:
·         Team Alpha: Manny, Pia, Paige, Tony
·         Team Beta: Harry, Sophie, Will, Samuel
·         Team Gamma: Robin, Carrie, Becky, Letty

They’ve cleared off half of the floors, but unfortunately for Team Gamma, Becky fell asleep again. Letty and Carrie protected Robin, but unfortunately, their opponent agent was too strong and used the weather to lightning-rod their night vision glasses and defeat them. It also hit Robin’s right eye, but he was still alive. He then hurriedly escaped to another team in a certain block while carrying his defeated agent team (all back to their object forms and unconscious). However, to his surprise, Becky activated a small black cloud of dust that caused all of the enemies they encounter to drop on the floor and seemingly have nightmares.

Robin teamed up with Harry, but found out that Will and Samuel were already defeated and unconscious like Letty and Carrie. Sophie was protecting them, but she, too was out of strength – except she left a heap of rotting cheese before her consciousness faded away. They made a run for it, covering their noses and leaving their enemies dizzy from the foul odor.

On the top floor, Manny’s team was fighting an agent who can impersonate another. But to their surprise, the agent disappeared from their sight, leaving a stronger agent who fired with sharp knives.  Manny was able to dodge them but he got totally exhausted, leaving the last few ones taken in by Harry, who defended him. Some of Harry’s spaghetti hair was cut and his arm was badly wounded, almost cut off but not yet.

“Dude…I’m sorry…” Manny blamed himself again. “I’m always the helpless one…I really suck…”

“Don’t be so…hard on yourself…” Harry smiled, yet again. “Now c’mon, let’s finish this monster in front of us and get to the rooftop.”

Pia, who was already exhausted, played tunes to help freeze the villain. Manny was given a magical electric guitar by the piano woman and he played along. As if it wasn’t enough, she also gave Harry a magical drumset, Paige a synthesizer, Tony a lead guitar and Robin a bass guitar. They played loud music, which made the enemy’s ears bleed and drop on the floor, reverting back to an object (when an agent gets defeated/out of consciousness, they revert back to objects unless they became conscious again).

When they finally went to the roof, something was weird.

“Get away from me, birdbrain! Your hair is gross!” Paige exclaimed, looking at Robin in a psycho way.

Manny remembered something. “Wait, didn’t Paige tell us before that the ‘green is not a creative colour’ thing was only the idea of the holoprograms? Is this really Paige or…?”

“I guess not.” Tony quickly stabbed Paige with his bayonet that looked like a clock’s hand. From the wound in her body oozed black ink, but there were slight glitches that appeared before her, indicating that she is, indeed, not Paige at all.

“Who’re you?” Manny shouted angrily.

“Probably the one we fought earlier, I presume.” Tony said as he kept stabbing her more. “Does stabbing make you feel good? Are you some sort of a masochist, huh?”

‘Paige’ then looked at him and laughed in a psychotic way, and finally transformed back to the dark, shadowy agent they fought earlier. Tony was furious and kept hitting the agent until he returned back to being a shadow.

“Where’s Paige, you insufferable prick?”

“…at…the Heaven’s Tower…” the shadow then pointed upwards, where a stair-like hologram suddenly came out of the clouds.

“Good.” Tony drew back his bayonet. “C’mon team, we’ve got a pastel hair to rescue.”

“R-right!” everyone supported him.

Survivors: Tony, Manny, Harry, Robin, Pia, Becky (who woke up)
Missing: Paige

And so the team climbed up to the tower, to finally face a table of men in tuxedos, sitting and waiting for them. It was Lumera Order, at last. Paige was tied up on the center stage.

Meanwhile, Pia and Robin went to a secret entrance that was shown to them earlier by Samuel before the operation. In the instant, they deployed Samuel’s “code” and shut down all the holoprograms, leaving only the organization members and our heroes.
“Give her back!” Tony aimed his bayonet-thing. “We just want to be free…to be doing what we’re supposed to do…for the sake of the chil—”

Just then, Tony was shot by one of the tuxedo guys using a space-age raygun.

“Tony!” Paige exclaimed.

“You’re nothing but aliens…outsiders…you don’t have the right to talk against the owners of your territory.”

“Y-you guys are aliens?” Manny asked.

“Y-yeah…” Tony was bleeding but he smiled. “We came here to educate people, but this organization has taken advantage of us, since we can only manifest our physical being in objects, and only a few people can see us.”

“We need to do something…”

Just then, Paige unexpectedly broke free because she had a palette knife hidden within her hair all along. With that, she cuts off the ropes and massacres half of the tuxedo guys, in psychopathic rage.

“You’re just humans….you can’t control us….”

Tony then helped by fighting the bad guys, even with their laser thingies. Manny and Harry helped too.

But just then, there was a bright light from above when one of the tuxedo guys pushed a remote. It instantly turned all the agents back into unconscious objects.

“Guys…please wake up…”

“Please…we need you to save this world…”

Suddenly, since Becky had the power to teleport people and she wasn’t affected by the light (because she was asleep), she transferred every agent in the team, along with Manny, Harry and Robin, in the town square, where many people are wondering what’s up with that giant spaceship-thing in the sky that’s glowing.

“Tell them about us.” Becky whispered to the three. “Let the kids who can see us believe.”

And so they did as told. Some kids went near them and tried to wake up the objects. Sooner, the objects started to glow and the grown-ups, too, started to see them. They also started to remember memories of them when they were kids.

So, everyone woke up, finally.

“Mind if I borrow your megaphone, Pia?” Paige immediately grabbed something from Pia’s back.

“H-hey!” Pia was startled, but agreed, anyway.

“Listen, everyone! We are the agents and guardians who came from another planet. You may remember us as the inanimate objects who spoke to you during childhood, teaching you lessons. But those lessons were not from us – they were from this evil organization that we must defeat! For us to become stronger, we need a million humans to believe in us because our powers multiply for every knowledge and faith that could change this world…!”

“So guys, are you with me!”

The crowd shouted in cheer. Everyone was now part of the team.

As Becky lifted everyone up to the space-ship thingy, they finally faced the remaining tuxedo guys. They were overwhelming with power, more than before.

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