Friday, October 24, 2014

Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 5: Dreamer

“My dream for this world…” Manny said as he joined the battle against the tuxedo guys. “…is for children to not be brainwashed…to live freely…to learn without boundaries…to be free of standards…”

“You may say that I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.”

“Quit stealing Lennon’s lines, bub!” Pia chuckled as she slays one of the tuxedo guys.

“Hahaha, whatever. I love that guy.” Manny only smiled.

So finally, when they defeated all of the tuxedo guys, it was all clear to Manny and his friends. But Manny didn’t know something yet.

“Manny, we need to tell you something.” Harry patted him, as his wounded shoulder magically healed.

“Manny, please don’t be surprised.” Robin said, as he got his eye back as if nothing happened.

“W-what….do you mean?” Manny was shocked.

“We’re…just like them…”

“W-what!? H-how…but I thought you were…”

“This isn’t your universe, Manny. Look at your jacket.” Harry smiled.

Manny looked at his jacket. It had a letter “D” sewn on the pocket. He didn’t know what it stood for.

“Harry was supposed to be a lobster teaching about hairstyling and Robin was supposed to be bird to teach about freedom.” Paige said.

“But now that this battle is all over…I want you to know that you can now go back to your own world.” Tony said.

Manny was still full of questions.

Tony and Paige opened up a portal from the stage where Paige was once tied up to. Harry and Robin led him to the light that showed fuzzy colors.

Harry handed an envelope to Manny as he bade farewell to his friend. It was fleeting and Manny can still see his spaghetti hair flying.

“Say you’ll remember us…Manny…”




“Harry? Robin?...”

He looked at the clock and got up on his bed.


He stared at his notebook on the desk.


“…c’mon guys…talk to me….”

“Was that…just all a big dream….?”

“Hey…don’t be like that…”

“Say something….I’m nearly giving up…”

“You guys are real…right?”

He looked at two stuffed toys in his bed. They looked like Harry and Robin. No…they ARE Harry and Robin. The clock was indeed Tony. The notebook was indeed Paige.

But it was really all his brain’s imagination and his heart’s desire to live on.

He then realized that it wasn’t his own room.

A man came out of the door.

“Son!! You’re awake! Honey! Big bro! Our son’s awake! C’mon!”

His parents and an older-looking uncle named Roy hugged the boy who had a bizarre dream.

“Mama…Papa…I had the strangest dream…and I felt like you were in it…but in the form of a clock…a notebook…some puppet animals…and many others…we saved the world…”

“You did, huh?” Said the father.
“You’ll meet more friends, soon!” Said the mother.

As the boy got out of the hospital, he looked at the calendar. It was June 19, 1955. When the family got home, the boy discovers an envelope in his pocket. He quickly opened it when he was in his own bedroom. It read the message:

“To you from the past, do not be afraid. Your dreams will come true, and we will be waiting for you.

--your best buddies, Harry, Robin, Tony, Paige, etc.

We love you! Be a good boy!”

The boy looked at his window and kept the letter on his notebook.

“The future will exist…and it will be a good one…”


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