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Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 3: Calling

Later in the afternoon, Harry was tasked to shop for food supplies. At a local grocery store, he bumped into a weirdly-dressed woman. She wore a chef hat, a large apron that looked like a blue-white striped gown, cooking gloves, candy-patterned boots and hair that smelled like pasta, matching his own spaghetti-like hair.

But unlike what he’d expect from Tony and Paige’s eyes, this person seemed sober as she read her grocery list.

“S-sorry, miss…”

“N-no, it’s ok—OH! Harry…! Whoops—I mean random strang--”

“I...don’t remember you…but you got my name right…” Harry tossed his spaghetti hair. “Are you, by any chance, an ‘agent’, too?”

“Y-yes! How’d you know?” The woman exclaimed but in a whispery tone. “Could it be that pastel hair told you? Damn that talkative notepad…”

“W-well yeah…but listen…we need you and other agents tonight. Paige and Tony are going to arrange a meeting.”

“For what? A revolution? We’ve planned that years ago, but some of our agents died. Not trying it again.”

“Oh, c’mon, please!” Harry insisted. “My best bud’s little bro stabbed his eye with a scissor because of those holo-whatever things. We’ve gotta put an end to this, otherwise, many more children…”

“To be honest with you…” the woman’s tone saddened. “…there were many children who ended up being sober for the rest of their lives, too, because of those holoprograms, and I only realized it too late. People are adding harmful chemicals to their food just to make them look tastier. Some are going through tough anorexic diets just to get accepted by society…it’s not right…”

“I wanted another revolution but…it’s gonna be hard, considering people nowadays don’t believe in us anymore…”

“We believe…and there are still kids out there.” Harry stared at the woman’s eyes. “Oh, how rude of me, may I ask of your name?”

“…Sophie the Spatula. I’m responsible for food lessons.” The woman said in a shy way. “What time did Tony want us to gather?”

“Not sure yet, but I’d like to ask for your contact numb—”

“Here.” Sophie gives him a small spatula. “Slam that onto any hard surface and I’ll be there.”

“Thank you. See you tonight…”

“Sure…spaghetti hair…”

Harry blushed secretly while shopping off to another aisle.


Meanwhile in a corporate building, Robin was busy with his papers when a weirdly-dressed woman came in.

“H-hey! Where’s your ID? Are you a supplier or--?”

Robin’s eyes were marvelled at what he saw. The woman had brown glasses in which one side had a camera-like lens, wavy highlighted hair with shades of chesnut, blonde and others, dressed in a rainbow gown with golden heels, and smelled like expensive perfumes. Her pupils were star-shaped.

“Y-you can see me!?” The woman exclaimed, as she slowly bent down to reveal her cleavage to the man on the big chair. Robin was caught in the moment.

“W-well…I…y-you’re an ‘agent’…right?”

“Ohohoho! So you CAN see me! That pastel pad sure is making a ruckus, huh? If you can see me though, that means you still have faint memories of me…”

“Well, I do remember a talking camera but it was pretty vague.” Robin said. “And…erm…she told us to recruit you guys…for a revolution….”

“Revolution? You mean, finally get rid of our bosses? Sure!”

“Y-you easily agreed?” Robin was all sweaty as the strange woman caressed his face.

“Well, yeah. I mean…” the woman turned away and looked at the sunset in the window, slightly smothered by the Venetian blinds. “A lot of children who went under my holoprograms committed suicide…to much fame is bad…really bad…I don’t want that, but I have no choice…I’m a camera…”

“W-what’s your name, miss?”

“I’m Carrie!”

“N-nice to meet you…if you please, I’d like a contact number or so—”

“Here.” Carrie hands out a small camera. “Just take a picture of anything and I’ll be there!”


After a while, Manny let Rocky take care of his brother in the hospital, and told him to watch over him carefully, as he searched the town for more agents. He got distracted, though, with a new and expensive guitar that was displayed in a music shop.

“Damn…I gotta have that baby…just need to find myself a good job…”

“You’re quite the musician now, eh, Manny?” a woman beside him looking at the shop’s items interrupted his daydreaming.

“W-what the—oh hi there, miss!”

Manny was surprised at the woman’s get-up. She wore monochromatic colors and her dress had piano keys on the skirt part. Her pupils were shaped like an eighth note and she had G-clef earrings.


“My name is Pia the Piano…you may not remember me well, but if you can see me, then you probably do!”

“Pia…I think I do remember…you appeared a few days after Paige and Tony did…”

“That’s great! I’m glad you recall!” Pia smiled. “Actually, I’m the one who sent the subconscious message to your brain to play Paige’s song randomly…because I’m the one who composed that for Paige!”

“Whoa…really? Thanks a lot…”

“Is that a compliment or sarcasm?” Pia chuckled.

“Well…maybe both but, I guess you know the deal, right? Paige must’ve told you…”

“Yep, Paige already talked to me a little while ago. You don’t have to sweat the details…”


“Here.” Pia gives him a miniature piano. “Play anything you want and I’ll be there!”

“Sure…see ‘ya later…Pianogater.”

“Hahaha…Manny, you’re still lame with jokes.”



On that night, it was 7:30 PM. The meeting was about to start. Manny had a long nap and hurried to the park. He bumped into his friend, Harry, who was also on his way.

Manny couldn’t describe it, but every moment that Harry was with him, it was those desperate times he was going to break down on something, that this big red guy was keeping him sane and comforting him. He was like a father to him. Maybe, he was more of a father to him than Roy…

“W-we’d better get going, Harry.”
“Yeah…we don’t want to get scolded by that dorky Dracula from Avatar.”
“Hahaha…totally hate that guy, huh?” Manny chuckled as they walked towards the spot where Tony and Paige sat with a couple of other agents who were already there.

Harry only smiled – the first smile he’s ever done since the “olden days”.

And as expected, Tony scolded them off, including the agents who were late.

“Anyways, today will be the dawn of a new era for the agents, and the children of this world.” Paige led the crowd. So, let’s all introduce each other to these three, okay?

“Pia the Piano?”

“Sophie the Spatula?”

“Carrie the Camera?”
“In the flash! Get it? Heheheh!”

“Becky the Bed?
“….zzz.” Becky was sleeping. Pia played her keys on her skirt to wake her up.
“O-oh! Sorry…I’m here…”

“Will the Wallet?”

“Samuel the Smartphone?”
Samuel was busy with his smartphone and Sophie knocked him off with a spatula.
“Oh…right…I’m here…I guess…sorry…hang on…”

Tony and Paige facepalmed.

“And lastly, Letty the leaf?”
They couldn’t find her, because she forgot to transform to her human form. She’s still a leaf sitting on the bench.

“H-hey, Letty! You forgot to transform again!” Carrie whispered.
“OH! I’M SO SORRY…!!!” And with that, Letty became her human form, a little girl about half the height of Manny.

“So now that we’ve got to know each other, it’s time to start discussing the infiltration plan.”

Paige and Tony then proceeded to educate everyone about Lumera Order, the secret organization that manages all agents and holoprograms. They were going to battle against other agents, their own holoprograms, security people, and reset the holoprogram main database. And most importantly, destroy the organization completely.

There were some passers-by, a woman and a child. The child stared at the humanized objects, leaving the mother to guess, assuming her daughter is only pretending to see imaginary friends.

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