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Hunny Series (Crossover) Ch. 1: The Energy Never Dies

Coming home from a book signing, she hurriedly dived into her soft but cold bed. Good thing she got her CDs of The Script out of the way or they would've been crushed to pieces.

"What a relief..."

"Now...what's on my sched...?”

Getting up and stretching a bit, she noticed some strange and foul smell coming from the Diary ng Panget book on her desk. There were red stains on the right side of some pages.


"What on Earth..."


As if a horn startled him, he woke up to his desk, with Adobe Photoshop on and an unfinished doodle of a troll was on the workspace.

"Now where did I left off...?”

Looking to his right to check the time, the first thing he noticed was the smear of blood on the screen. His face instantly went from “drunk mode” to "wtf mode” in milliseconds.


The skies have darkened to a dim shade of blue. The ground cracks like it's been hit by a thousand earthquakes. Volcanoes could be seen everywhere, and shooting stars swirl in the chaotic atmosphere of the night.

"W-what...sort of this?"

"W-who're you...? Did you get here the same way?"

The two have met by a weird circumstance - touching the smudge of the red substance.

"Andrew Hussie. And you are?"

She looked away for a while and then looked back at Mr. Black Virgo Shirt.

"Denny...just call me that...okay?"

"Nice to meet you, Denny. I assume you’re uhm, Asian? Have you heard of Homestuck?"

She thought for a while and replied, “I've heard from some of my otaku friends. Pardon but what is it? An anime or cartoon?”

"It' webcomic." Hussie chuckled. "But that's alright; I guess not everyone knows about it..."

"At any rate, we need some place to hide." Hussie pointed at the falling meteors, in which some are already crashing into the ground in the distance. "Looks like we're stuck in an apocalyptic world."


Denny spots a cave up on the right side of the scenery. It could be reached by climbing rocky stairs made of slabs.

"Over there...!"

"Good show, girl! Let's go!"

But as they approached the first few steps, black and white soldiers that looked like court jesters blocked their way.

"WTF? Imps?" Hussie backed away, guarding Denny. "What do you think this is, Land of Ebony and Ivory?"

"Y-you know them?" Denny was a bit terrified.

"Yeah...they're enemies from my webcomic. But wait...if fictional peeps can appearify themselves here..."

Hussie paused to think for a while.

"Damn...if only one of them trololols or kids were, uh, Kanaya, perhaps? Or--"

Suddenly, someone in black swooped down some of the imps and killed some more. She had gray, metallic skin, yellow horns and the same shirt as Hussie.

"K-Kanaya!!! Holy shit!! This is fucking awesome!" Hussie rushed to hug the troll.

"Sir Hussie Would You Please Give It A Break Were On Action Mode Here"

"Oh, right, my bad." Hussie scratched his head and then did a fist pump to the sky.

"Time to summon more peeps from Homestuck! John! Dave! Karkat! Gamzee! ..."

Hussie called out more character names, which Denny, who stood still in that moment, was unfamiliar of.

As more and more brave warriors crossed the boundaries of fiction and reality, Denny knew she had to do something. But nearly all of her book characters had no supernatural powers.

“Except maybe…”

“Alright, I’m calling Eris!”

A magical angelic girl suddenly appeared from the skies.

“Did you call, Denny-senpai?”

“S-senpai? W-where did that come from?”

“At any rate, please help us take care of these monsters!”

“IMPS!” Hussie interrupted.

“Okay, whatever. But please do!”

As they’ve cleared the path, they’ve reached the very top that has a cave and some pieces of wood.

“Well We Have To Go For A While Hussie Call Us If You Are In Need” Kanaya said before disappearing.

“Stay alive!” Eris added as she flew up into an unknown portal to the heavens.

The rest of the trolls and kids have also disappeared, leaving only La Signorina Romantico and Mr. Black Virgo Shirt in the scene.

“Looks like we made it…” Hussie sighed.

The stars in the brilliant apocalyptic sky still persisted in twinkling, as the two creators have settled down near the cave to watch the breathtaking scenery.

Out of the blue and realizing something, Denny immediately pulls out her mobile phone from her pocket. She checks for signal but gets not even a single bar.

"Oh snap," Hussie reached into his pockets but found nothing. "Left my phone charging...if only my tablet would at least be here..."

In a flash, a black device with a wide screen appeared magically beside The Huss. He was bewildered even more than he did when he witnessed the imps.

"Alright!" Hussie immediately opened up some folders in his media explorer. There were some images of his webcomic, Homestuck. He showed them to Denny and explained basic stuff to her.

"That looks like a really cool adventure story!" Denny replied, smiling. "I would like to share my stuff, too...if only--"

And just like the tablet, a few of her books, Voiceless, She Died and Diary ng Panget (surprisingly, the blood smudge is gone) magically appeared beside her. Hussie flipped some of the pages as Denny did some explaining.

"These look...kinda good..." Hussie said. "I'm not very much a fan of romance but I do use a lot of character relationship developments and shipping stuff on my comic, so yeah."

"T-thank you for checking them out!" Denny was happy and nervous at the same time. "I also got some good plot ideas from your Homestuck comic."

"Imagine...if our characters can become real here..." Denny turned to the marvelous sight of glowing shooting stars and exploding lava from volcanoes, tearing apart the ground. "...maybe we can really put this apocalypse to an end..."

"Yeah, but..." Hussie turned his head into the same direction as Denny. "...we'd have to devise a good plan. Not all of my characters are in good terms with each other. In fact, some may even hate me for killing them."

Denny laughed a bit. "I know that feeling - when you have to break a character's heart just to make an effective's kind of hard to digest sometimes. Also, I don't have a lot of characters who could possibly end this or get us out of here."

"That's alright." Hussie patted Denny's shoulder. "Maybe some other dudes are in this place. Who knows...?”

"But we should rest for a while here." Hussie stood up and went ahead into the cave, inviting Denny to come along. "I'm pretty tired from all that running, and I'm sure you are, too."

"Uh...yeah! Sure!" Denny stretched her arms into the sky and followed Hussie to the cave.

The inside was pretty cold. Hussie saw some firewood on the ground, but didn't know where to get a match.

"I don't know which of my characters could produce fire, though." Hussie sighed, sitting on the ground. "How about yours?"

"Nothing..." said Denny, sitting down with Hussie but looking down. “But nonetheless, maybe we should just stay's too dangerous outside..."

Before she knew it, Hussie snuggled on the opposite direction from the girl, shivering from the cold. "I think I'll rest for a while. If the storm clears later, we'll move on."

She had no choice but to rest as well, feeling a bit uneasy. She stared at Hussie's lips, wondering what made its color so vibrant, before she turned onto her other side to lie down on the seemingly-quiet cave.

Later on, she fell asleep.

In her dreams, she saw faint images of someonebeing chased by a brown monster and dying, but couldn't see a clearer picture of the person. There was a lot of blood, and it felt so real, since it happened in her hometown.

Waking up, she noticed that the outside skies had become more intense than ever. If only she had a blanket to keep herself warm, and the same for Hussie.

" feelin' cold?"

Denny blushed as soon as Hussie's hands gently brushed her soft hair.

"Y-yeah...I'm not that used to this temperature...even though I've been to Italy before..."

"Then we gotta find a new place to stay in...Even I'm starting to freeze. I'm trying to call out my characters but none of them responded."

"Same I..." Denny didn't want to tell about the horrible dream - it feels as if something is preventing her from doing so. "I don't feel good..."

A while ago, Denny also accidentally saw a few messages between Hussie and another girl on his tablet.

Hussie notices Denny's uneasiness. Out of his frustration, he accidentally summons two Homestuck characters, Kanaya and a guy in shades.

"Alright, take it easy for a while, Denny." Hussie ran to the outside of the cave with the troll. "I'll go search outside with Kanaya. Dave will watch over you. Dave, Kanaya will message you when there's trouble, alright?"

"sure thing" The shades dude replied, looking at a cold Denny and back to The Huss, who immediately left with the troll.

Dave turned back to the girl who’s new to him.

"say uhm"

Denny fell asleep again. It would seem that someone is making her fall asleeeeeeeep.

Dave waited for a few minutes until the girl woke up. He saw some of her books and glanced at them.

"romance huh”

“I wonder if Hussie already introduced her to the quadrants"

Meanwhile, Hussie and Kanaya are having serious problems outside, as a hoarde of Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed have surrounded them. They just arrived on the upper part of the mountain, which was actually flat.

"Oh my Jegus..." Hussie imitated some of his in-comic slang while shooting the monsters with his pistols. "Now we're in Kingdom Hearts? Really?"

"What Do You Propose Sir Hussie"

"Get Dave here, pronto!" Hussie was yelling while struggling to defeat the monsters. Unfortunately, he couldn't summon anyone else anymore, no matter how hard he tried. It was just Kanaya and Dave for now.

"I wonder if Denny...had any luck in summoning her ch--"


As if a nightmare struck her, Denny immediately got up with a frozen face, as if she saw a corpse.

"oh you're awake miss" Dave knelt down and somewhat comforted her. "had a nightmare?"

"We have to get to Andrew right away!"

"y-yeah" Dave was surprised that she didn't call him Hussie, like everyone else does. "kanaya also messaged me we'd better get going"

Dave showed off his powers as the Knight of Time and brought out a powerful sword to take down the enemies that block their path outside.

Fortunately, Denny was able to summon Eris and Momo. Strangely enough, Momo had tentacles behind her and used them to kill the monsters.

"You don't remember, Denny-senpai?" Momo's black sclera and red pupils opened so wide.

"Huh?" She was confused.

"Oh...Mr. Watanabe must've erased your memories...but I did save some of it in your dreams..."

Denny realized something. "The nightmares!"

Yes, they were what happened in this particular fanfic, which Hussie and Denny forgot due to time-space manipulation.

"I gotta save Andrew for real this time!!" Denny hurriedly grabbed Dave and the others towards the top.

On a side note, Momo noticed Dave's cool sword.

"Snoop Dogg?" she asked, in curiosity.

"awww yeeeaaah" Dave smiled, looking at his sword, all the while spitting some lines from "Drop it Like it's Hot".

Dave's swag sword worked well against the monsters. Denny noticed something about Dave's appearance.


"Kuya Noodles?!" she briefly smiled.

"Anyways, I gotta get to Andrew right away!"

Reaching the top, she and her team faced a hundred thousand of those monsters. Dave, Eris and Momo paved the way into the center, only to uncover a horrible truth.



There was a lot of blood on the ground, as the Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed kept tearing the team apart. Denny was already badly injured with cuts but it wasn't as bad as her bleeding heart.

The man was torn apart, like what she saw in her nightmares, from the memories that were erased - the fateful tragic meeting she could barely remember.

"hussie.." Dave also noticed that Kanaya isn't moving. "we gotta do something!!"

"Denny-senpai!" Eris tried to calm her down while Momo helps Dave in battle, but her eyes have already darkened. "We have to fight..."

Her lips only uttered sober words.

"...he appreciated my stories...for real..."

“…it wasn’t just about the romance factor…”

“…he really did…”

" was a short time but..."

"...if only..."

A sober teardrop falls from her hazel eyes. It fell onto Hussie's red lips, covered in blood.

And as if a mIrAcLe happened, the teardrop glowed bright and summoned a mysterious sword, in pink and gold color.

"A keyblade?" Dave immediately recognized it.

Realizing what she had to do, Denny immediately wields the keyblade and defeats the monsters. It was more effective than the other weapons combined!

In the distance, she saw a couple and some puppets, trapped in a cage of darkness. It had a padlock.

"Maybe I can use this to free them!"

Indeed, her keyblade unlocked the cage of darkness and set them free.

"Now, my friends!" said the clock. "It is time for payback!"

"Let's get creative!" said the sketchbook.

"Spread the love!" the butterfly said.

As they helped Denny's team in battle, the hoarde of monsters became a giant, level ??? boss monster. They all worked together to defeat it. Their thoughts all became one - fighting to avenge Hussie and Kanaya's death so that their sacrifices may have meaning.

"It's not the end..." Denny jumps at a great height thanks to everyone's help and aims her keyblade towards the heart of the monster. "...because the energy never dies!!"

Filled with so much power and hope, Denny and the rest of the team witnessed as the monster's remains dispersed throughout the air, resembling Sakura petals.

As she landed on the ground, her keyblade reacted and shone a bright light. When it cleared out, a great surprise was waiting for her.

The man she had high hopes for was back in one piece, just like during that time.

"Andrew!!!" Hussie coming to his sense she helped him get up. The other group, who were lead by Becky and Joe, were directors who also got mixed up in this apocalyptic world.

"Andrew...thank God you're safe..." she hugged him tight, without a warning, and with no shame. She needed comfort from all the solitude, then she suddenly lets go, ashamed.

"Sorry...I got carried away..."

"There, there, miss." Andrew patted the girl's messy hair. "Though we're from different, uh, cultures, it doesn't mean you can't hug me. Everyone deserves a hug when they're lonely."

"What a romantic adventure story..." Becky was enjoying the scene with a smile on her face. Virgo Dude and Aquarian Girl blushed and both looked the other way.

"Since Mr. Watanabe isn't here," Joseph suggested. "Maybe we can use Tony and Dave to send us all back."

"And Kanaya, too!" Hussie smiled as Kanaya got up undamaged as well.

"Yes I Shall Offer Assistance In Space Dimension Travel"

"Great!" Hussie then paused and looked back at Denny, as her keyblade vanished and merged with her heart.

"So I guess this is goodbye, huh?" Hussie held her nervous hands, as Tony and Dave opened time portals for all of them. "I do hope we can meet again, soon."

"Not to worry, my friends." Tony's deep, gentleman British accent made him more of a positive fellow. "For me and this Dave lad shall work out ways to intertwine your destinies."

"yup you two lovebirds stay chill yo"

"STRIDEEEERR!!" Hussie jokingly yelled at his character.

"haha okay sry"

Denny checked her things as they approached the portal. She worked up the courage to formulate some final words for Hussie as they part.




The two are back in their own worlds, though the blood smudges on their things were gone...

...but the memories of that fateful apocalyptic encounter remained in their hearts.

"I hope we meet again soon, Andrew."

"Lookin' forward to sharing more stuff with Denny someday."


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