Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Immaculatum Gemma

“All hail Princess Garnet of Austerdelphia!”
“All hail the Princess!”

The deafening crowd cheered from the front to the back. Rising from the velvet throne in which my mother and father, the rulers of this kingdom, have chained me for years and years to come.

I waved gently, glancing at my audience from right to left, as if imitating the gods above. I was not to shed a single tear of remorse for I shall be looked down upon.

I must remain noble, feminine and most of all…


“Today, I formally announce the destined royal wedding to take place in our most gracious castle: Princess Garnet of Austerdelphia and Prince Blaxton of Heildenberg.”

“We are looking forward to a better relation with Heildenberg after the ceremony has taken place.”

The king and the queen have made their announcements. I was to be chained into a never-ending slumber with an unknown lad from the farther kingdom. A feminine has no voice for anything, not for justice and not for any social issues whatsoever. A princess is only a flower that wilts to her last breath – only for display.

As he took my hand, I felt like I was about to walk into my very own casket. The candle lights seem to have been burning the air I breathe, and through his lips have crossed the wind of uncertainty.

On our first night, I lost my heart. I lost the ability to feel anything – but it’s not new to me. I have long thrown away those so-called “emotions” just to keep the people around me satisfied. The aroma of this prince have kept my body conscious, but my spirit far, far away.

At first, I thought I could just manage this as I did these past years of being a statue. But it was more than just that.

“Who is she?”

“Answer me!”

“You have nothing to say about this,” the prince strangled and threatened to kill me if the truth had come out.

Ah yes, for sure, I did not care anymore. I did not love him anyway, and this was just the ill circumstances that are not under my control. Our love was forced, and for sure, we were just being used as garden statues.

So why would I even care about his fantasy woman?

It was only when I was alone in my room and was taken away by the guards.

“You filthy whore!”
“You’re a disgrace to your family and to the kingdom of Austerdelphia!”

I heard the orders of the high court, as I was chained and dressed with prisoner clothes. An unknown witness has allegedly caught me flirting with another man – one of the black-haired “blynxes”.

“You’re like those blynxes freaks! You’re an eyesore to the society!”

The blynxes were black-haired mutants who have known to be associated with the occult. Since normal humans have brown, blonde or similar bright hair colors and normal skin tones, it is said that anyone who has black hair and an unnatural pale skin must be executed for they are dirty and dangerous. Though they can be either masculine or feminine, most blynxes are males. I don’t know why, since I was never faced with one, so I don’t know why someone is accusing me with being with one.

“Believe me…I have not seen what a blynx looks like, nor do I have even contact with the outside world…so why won’t you believe what I say? I’m the princess, aren’t I? Mother…father…don’t I have a right to defend myself?”

My parents were always cold. They never trusted me for anything. I was always wrong in their eyes, no matter how much I tried to be a “good girl”, I always end up being clumsy, stupid and worthless. So I’m taking their blank stares as a “no” for an answer.

And it seems that the wretched prince has devised evidences such as clothing and paid witnesses (perhaps including his whore) to criminalize me. But why?

I was all alone, and about to be executed. Lifting my chained hands into the sky, I asked myself the only question I could: “why?”

Why me?

I lost it all – virginity, trust, love, dignity. Now, may I lose my life?

After all, everyone I love, everything I trust, all of it…

…is a piece of trash…


As soon as the first large stone hit my head, blood flowed from my eyes and I dropped on the floor. The crowd cheered, “Down with the traitor!” for a very absurd reason.

My eyes closed for a while, but ignited something from within.

Why was I acting this way all along? Why should I give in to their desires?  Why was I acting like a pawn for romantic and diplomatic desires?

I’m not a plaything…

I’m human…





A bright and blinding light filled the whole execution grounds. I let out a very loud and deafening scream and realized that my body has changed from the puppet princess I once knew, into what they have described as a “monster”.

“Y-you’re a…blynx?”

“You really are a traitor!”

Yes, I was one after all. I remember now…how I was captured and had my memories and identity erased into something new. I demand to know the answers…but first, I must…

…put an end to this.

I sliced through all of the guards with my newfound male body. This is what I really am. I wasn’t feminine after all…I was really a monster – a beast destined to fight for the freedom of the blynxes, but failed.

Gallons of blood have poured all over the site. I’ve nearly killed everybody except…him.

“You filthy traitor….” I strangled the prince with all my bare muscular hands, but my hesitation kept me from killing him completely. “Why did you do all of this to me?”

“…to…awaken you….”


“What are you saying?”

Prince Blaxton laughed. “I’m not really Prince Blaxton…I’m…someone who took care of you when you were younger…”

“…who on Earth…you don’t mean—?!”

“Yes, Alexander. My name is Braig, your mentor…”

And he somehow quickly changed into his former form – the same as me with black hair and pale skin, only older.

Indeed…he really is Braig. He was the one who warned me about this selfish world that wanted to get rid of our race, just because we are connected to the occult. They envy us and fear our powers.

On that day, I wanted to join the revolt against the kingdom of Austerdelphia and neighboring places, but he warned me to stay home.

Of course, I disobeyed his orders and snuck out because I believed that I was old enough by that time (I was 11 years of age). But I got in trouble and was caught by the guards. Braig helped me, but we murdered all of the guards, and accidentally killed the princess, who was roaming around the halls.

“What do we do?”

“I have a plan…” Braig said, dragging the princess near me.

The princess was as old as me by that time, and was no longer breathing. Gently, Braig put me to sleep with his powers (all of us have powers of manipulation or simple spells) and said these final words:

“Alexander…when you wake up, please forgive me for what I’ve set to do…this is all for your own good.”


“Do you remember now, Alexander?” Braig asked, looking down at my face.

“Y-yes…” I replied, with my mind still full of questions. “But why trap me inside the princess’ body? And what are you doing disguising as the prince of another kingdom?”

Braig explained things one by one.

“The royal thrones and crowns of Austerdelphia have the powers to enhance a blynx’s powers. Since you’ve lived with them for nearly 7 years, when you revealed your true form and discarded the princess’ body, you’ve developed quite well with a much deeper connection to the occult. That is how you were able to defeat every single human here in just one blow. Even though the royals of Austerdelphia are humans, their bodies do not respond well to these effects, so only you were truly blessed.”

“As for my disguise, well…the kingdom of Heildenberg was an illusionary fake. Since some of us remaining blynxes have gathered in a far away kingdom and disguised as normal humans due to our higher spirits than you, we were able to buy time. But believe me; it has pained me to see you suffer, even though it was necessary.”

“Necessary? For what?” I asked, confused.

“The most negative of emotions can overpower a blynx. We are out of juice – but you are still young and full of vigor, and so we had to stimulate you and make you believe you are the most miserable person in the world. In behalf of us higher-ups, I’m formally apologizing for using you as our key…”

“Alexander…please forgive us…”

“We just wanted to exact justice to this world…”

I stepped forward and talked straight to him.

“Of course I forgive you…this is what I wanted too. However…”

I punched him in the face.

“This is for being selfish, for all those 7 years I was lonely and abused, for letting me kill everybody, and for having intercourse me.”

“H-hey…that was the princess’ body, not yours!”

“Yes, but still…”

“A-alright…I’m sorry for that…” Braig said, holding his bruised side of the face. “It’s okay if you want to kill me right now or to live as a normal human…”

“You don’t get it…” I turned around and looked at the sky, back to the ground of dead people, and back to him. “I just wanted to live in a place where blynxes would be accepted. I just wanted to feel normal. But I guess, given the circumstances…it’s quite an impossible dream…”

“…so you resorted to this, huh?”

“Yeah. I completely understand how you feel, but we have no choice. Even other places are treating us like this, so we have to do something about it.”

“Don’t worry, next time, I won’t compromise your emotions ever again.” Braig patted my black hair.

After fleeing from the kingdom quickly, we went to the “kingdom” that he made up, which was actually a gathered society of survived blynxes. Everyone I knew was still there, though 7 years older.

“Which reminds me…” I asked. “If Braig had put me inside the princess’ body, why did my original body grow up with it?”

“Alexander,” Braig laughed. “You weren’t actually in the princess’ body. I crumbled the original body to dust after copying its features and placing them onto your body, exactly mimicking her brain and memories as well, to completely disguise your blynx nature.”

“Gross…” I felt disgusted. “Glad I’m back to my old self again…”

“Yes, I’m glad you were able to awaken at the last moment before you die…” Braig smiled.

And so, we, the blynxes, have continued our revolutions. All those kingdoms whose rulers are discriminative in nature were slaughtered, including subordinates and people who refuse to accept us as normal people. However, we did retain those who believe in us, and we are truly grateful for them.


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