Monday, February 9, 2015

Resonamber (Diary of Broken Remix Story)

"Could you help me with the stock room stuff?" Muji asked, patting Hibiki while staring at the codes on his laptop. "The school festival's happening in a few days."

"Uhm, sure. I'll continue this later." Hibiki gets off his chair and goes downstairs with Muji to the stock room to pick up boxes of decors.

It was a dark and gloomy night, but the sky couldn’t be seen from within the school premises. They just knew that it was around 7 PM on that time by looking at the computer’s clock before leaving towards the stock room.

“Say, Muji.” Hibiki stared at the boxes of festival decors.

“Yeah?” Muji was trying to find something from the boxes.

“What do you plan to do with your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?”

“Well, this and that. The usual. Movies, I guess.” Muji was pretty bored when he said that.

“Oh, well, I guess me and Mato haven’t planned yet. But, I’m sure I’ll think of something soon. After all, I–”


“Don’t move an inch, best friend.”

Hibiki was greatly surprised when Muji stopped him from his tracks and held a knife near his throat, firmly holding him in place so he couldn’t escape.

“Mu…ji…what’s…gotten into you? W-we’re best friends, right? S-so why…”

Muji stabs Hibiki with another knife through his heart, from his other hand. He followed up with more stabs and cuts and he was able to rip off some of his best friend’s skin. His right arm was severely cut and looked like it was about to fall off.

“S-stop this…”

Hibiki tried to fight back, but he only got wounded even more and coughed blood. There was so much red on the scene. He didn’t understand what was going on, or why his best friend went nuts.

“You know, I lied about what you asked about my girlfriend.” Muji knelt down and grabbed Hibiki’s uniform. He directed one of his knives towards his best friend’s left eye. “I actually don’t have a girlfriend, so…”

“I’ll be taking Mato from now on…”

With that, blood gushed out from Hibiki’s left eye as he was stabbed consecutively by Null and his nasty knives. Too weak to fight, Hibiki let out a last breath and his consciousness faded away…



“…where am I?”

Hibiki found himself in a room. He could still feel his head going dizzy and hands stained with blood. He could hardly remember what happened.

He was in a small bedroom where he stumbled upon a mirror.


“This is…impossible…a bad dream! Maybe if I pinch myself…”

“…why isn’t it working? Am I really…”

Suddenly, a noise came from downstairs. It finally made sense to him that this was Mato’s house. He could smell the aroma on the bed.

“Mato…I could hear her voice outside the door…”

“Mato…please save me…”


But a big shock came to him as he saw his girlfriend with his best friend.

“Mu…ji….you really did….”

“W-why you…!”

As he was about to charge at Muji, his consciousness faded away once again. He then found himself lying in a forest. The wind was dark and gloomy, but he saw Muji from the distance near the tall trees and under the moonlight.

Even if he could only see with one eye clearly, he knew it was him.

“That traitor…”

“After all of the good things I gave him…”

“…why Mato…why not other girls…please…anyone but her…”

Hibiki charged yet once again, running at his top speed towards the man he claims as his murderer and girlfriend thief. He felt blood gushing from his wounds, but surprised that they rarely hurt at all. The only thing that was blocking him was his missing left eye.

When Hibiki approached the target, he punched him with all his might. As the man, Muji, dropped a knife on the ground, Hibiki eagerly picked it up and murdered the man the same way as he was killed gruesomely. In fact, he stabbed not only one eye but both of his eyes.

But as if something horrible had blocked his throat, Hibiki gasped at what he saw.

The bloody Muji began to change form. As the light smoke cleared, it revealed a woman figure.


“H-hey, Mato….”

“I…I didn’t know…I…”

He had killed his girlfriend by mistake. He could not express any other thoughts. He was never able to forgive himself.

“She’s not the enemy, best friend.”

A familiar voice rang behind Hibiki. He looked back and it was the real Muji, standing with his blades on both hands.

“Did you like my little show, best friend?”

“W-why you…!”

They fought fiercely and equally, as it seems that Hibiki had gained greater strength when he was murdered. He didn’t understand why, but he fought so hard. Still, he could not defeat Muji.

“Zerytes…” Muji explains during the battle. “…when human souls who agonized before death leave a lasting wrath in this world, they become zerytes…a cross between a zombie and a ghost. Simply put, a spirit who can become flesh and bones for a short period of time.”

“Are you referring to me?” Hibiki said angrily. “Then why did you kill me in the first place? I have so many questions to ask you! I demand answers right now!”

“Before I answer your questions, let me explain the Supernatural System first.” Muji said with a smirk. “The SS is a tower system built by Ir Itttec, a being from a distant planet who introduced me to its features and gave me a lot of access and control over it. One of them is Data Sp—”

“I’ve had enough of your talking! That’s not what I want to hear from you!”

Hibiki was luckily able to throw out Muji’s blades and stop him with his own blade he found from Mato’s pockets.

As he was about to thrust the blade towards Muji’s left eye, a bloody, eyeless Mato came in front of him, halting his vengeance.

“Mato…why….don’t you remember me? I’m your boyfriend, Hibiki! Remember? Hey….”

“Don’t…joke around…”

“…if you didn’t love me anymore, you should have just said it sooner…”

“…get out…of the way…”

“GET OUT!!!”

Mato slaps Hibiki in the face to calm him down. The bloodstain from her fingers were traced around Hibiki’s soft, cheeks already smeared with his own blood from his left eye and remaining wounds.

“You’ve got it all wrong, Hibiki.” Mato spoke from her cherry lips.

“Or should I say…”


Hibiki thought it was a joke. “Kohaku? Me? That’s not my name…clearly, Muji must have given you fake memories…hey…wake up already…”

“Muji….you really are a filthy scum after all…”

“Ah, but yes, you are right. I am a filthy scum and I give people fake memories.” Muji smiled. “But not to Mato in this case. She knew everything from the start and just pretended.”

“In this case, let me use the Data Space Hack memory method I was about to explain earlier.” Muji then touched Hibiki’s blood-covered forehead. “I am not implanting fake memories in your head. This is your real memory. You will know the difference soon enough.”

Indeed, Hibiki began seeing his past memories – stuff that he had forgotten.

“I was…Kohaku Gwozdek…and Hibiki Kurobu was just…”

“A masquerade identity?”

“Pretty much.” Muji said. “But you will find out soon enough.”

“I was really a band guitarist…not a programmer…”

“Tell me! Why did you put me in this stupid trance? Why me? Why not manipulate another person’s memories?”

“Before I tell you that, let me say to you one thing about the SS.”


“You want to go back to your old memories right? Sure, I will do that. In no time, I can erase your fake memories of me, Mato and everything else, including when I murdered you. Hibiki will no longer exist – you will be Kohaku again.”

“Yeah, sure…I don’t mind not having a girlfriend in the first place.” Hibiki smiled in a sober way, finally accepting that this was all a dream after all, and that his memories as Kohaku were more real to him. He had finally awakened from his long slumber.

As his consciousness started fading to white, Muji released an unnerving truth:

“One thing about the Supernatural System is that…only zerytes, the dead, can manipulate memories. See you again someday, Hibiki, or should I say, Kohaku. May you have a pleasant life.”


“W-wait, does that mean that…!?”



“It’s morning already…”

“Oh crap! I’m gonna be late for school! My attendance sheet will get stained! I can’t let that happen!”

And so, Kohaku Gwozdek went to school as usual. He was an excellent genius when it comes to a lot of subjects. He had perfect attendance, aced many tests and got good grades. On top of that, he knows full-scale theories and guitar techniques. He is usually hired by the student council to play on school festivals.

He was having such a life until a transfer student came.

“Good morning class, today we have a new student.”

“Hello, my name is Muji Noritaka. Pleased to meet you.”

Kohaku felt something peculiar. “Muji…Muji…where have I heard that name?”

“No matter, he’s probably an average guy.”

But he was wrong. Muji was exceptionally gifted. He surpassed Hibiki in almost every subject and field. Hibiki got so annoyed, especially when he was losing his friends.

He heard people saying things like, “oh, he never had a friend to begin with, what a loser. All he cares about is himself and his grade, and his stupid guitar.”

Hibiki felt like crying almost all of the time but couldn’t show it to anyone. He mostly hid his emotions when in the bathroom or when he sleeps during the night. Or he could play his guitar.

One time, the school festival was coming up.

"Could you help me with the stock room stuff?" Muji asked, patting Kohaku while practicing on his guitar in the music room. "The school festival's happening in a few days."

"Uhm, sure. I'll continue this later." Kohaku gets off his chair and goes downstairs with Muji to the stock room to pick up boxes of decors. He was pretty annoyed getting orders from Muji, but preferred diplomacy over violence.

It was a dark and gloomy night, but the sky couldn’t be seen from within the school premises. They just knew that it was around 7 PM on that time by looking at the computer’s clock before leaving towards the stock room.

“Say, Kohaku.” Muji stared at the boxes of festival decors.

“Yeah?” Kohaku was trying to find something from the boxes.

“What do you plan to do with your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?”

“Well, this and that. The usual. Movies, I guess.” Kohaku was pretty bored when he said that. “What do you care about that?”

“Oh, well, I guess me and Mato haven’t planned yet. But, I’m sure I’ll think of something soon.”

After hearing those words, he began shaking and sweating. He suddenly recalled all of his worst memories.

All that his mother ever said was, “you are a worthless child! All you ever do is play guitar! Why don’t you become a professional businessman and think about the real world for once?”

All that his father ever said was, “don’t show me any mistakes, son! You should uphold our pride as a half-Polish and half-Japanese family! If you fail then you will fail us, too! Don’t let anyone take that away!”

All that his classmates ever said was, “that lonely narcissistic dude will never get a girlfriend. He’s too much of a mama’s boy and no woman would even bother to touch him.”

All that his sister ever said was, “if you don’t become the best, I won’t call you my big brother anymore.”

He opened his psychotic eyes, and looked back at Muji.

“After all, I–”


“Don’t move an inch, you smartass.”

With all of his rage, he strangled Muji, but the man fought back, wounding him badly. To the last resort, Kohaku found his guitar near the door (he carried it with him always in case of emergency) and with it, smashed Muji’s face so badly that he nearly blinded him.

Still not content, he found more sharp objects in the boxes and kept stabbing Muji’s eyes.

“I hope you don’t see the light ever again! Why do you have to be so lucky, anyway? I tried so hard on everything and still no one loved me! What gave you that sheer luck? Answer me! I’m dying to know, smartass! Why did they choose you and not me? Am I not good enough?”

Kohaku aimed for his eyes because he knew he could easily die there. Also, Muji had a photographic memory, which Kohaku envied the most.

Coming to his sense, Kohaku suddenly realized he’s in a bad state. He feared that someone would come downstairs to witness the gruesome scene.

“I-I’m sorry…I didn’t mean this…it was just…”

“…this world…my family…my friends….they’re all forcing me to be perfect…”

“….they say being perfect is the only way you can be happy…but why….what made you…”

“…Muji Noritaka?”

Suddenly, a long-haired woman came near the door and saw the bloody scene.

“Y-you’re…Mato Shimizu!”

Indeed, Kohaku knew her from the beginning. She always mocked him even before Muji transferred in. When he heard the news that she became Muji’s girlfriend, he became even more enraged. She says that Kohaku will never get a girlfriend if he was too unsociable like that.

Because of his rage, and the fear of getting more witnesses, he silently stabs Mato with one of the knives he used to kill Muji with (found in one of the boxes).

When he was finally done, it seems that time had stopped.

Surprisingly, Muji, who was thought of to be dead, got up like a normal person, only with bloody, scrounged eyes and a dirty face.

“So now you know the truth…Kohaku…or rather….”


In that instant, Kohaku remembered all of his ‘fake memories’ that were implanted to him. This scene that happened, where he killed Muji and Mato, really did happen in the past and he knew it, because at the end…

“…you committed suicide in the end, remember?” Muji smiled.

Kohaku, or Hibiki, had a stiff face. He was laughing and crying at the same time. He didn’t know what to feel.

“…so all of us…were dead to begin with…you guys just came in last…”

“…I really am to blame for all of this. If I had the opportunity I would commit suicide again.”

And with that, he stabs himself in the left eye, knowing that this ‘reality’ that he is also a ‘dream’, made by Data Space Hack. It only seemed real because, it was based from Kohaku’s real memories of what happened on that day.

“…the only thing I’m thankful for right now…” Kohaku said to Muji while holding onto his bleeding left eye. “…is freedom from this stupid real world.”

Muji then patted his back, just like before. “Well, I know how much you resent me, Mato, your family, friends, sister and everyone else. But that’s all in the past now. In the zeryte world, there are no such things as standards. We can live better. I just wanted you to feel the pain that I felt on that day…because I went through a lot in my life, too.”

“Kohaku, having a girlfriend doesn’t make the cut. It shouldn’t be your ultimate goal in life. Mato was the one who came to me, I didn’t court her or anything.”

“I know that…” Kohaku grumbled. “It’s just that, I get envious so badly because of being pressured by my parents and the world around me. Somehow, I feel like nothing really matters anymore, and that I wanted to kill everyone I see…”

Muji hugged him tight, as the scenery of death disappeared all around him, and was replaced by a bright sunset cliff, with both of their original bodies clean and without physical damage. Kohaku gasped at what he saw.

Muji cried some tears, but he was smiling.

“I grew up the same way as you.” Muji said. “It’s just that I didn’t want anyone to know what I’m feeling, so I’m pretending to play it cool.”

“So that makes me weak then…” Kohaku cried as well.

“Being weak isn’t a bad thing, Kohaku.” Muji smiled and patted his amber-colored hair – his original hair color. “It’s the beginning of many things, and I believe in you, because you were the reason why we now experience this freedom. I was too afraid to kill myself until you showed me the way.”


And so from then on, Muji and Kohaku dwelled the world as zerytes. Mato is still somewhere as a zeryte, too, but they never got any word from her.


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