Sunday, June 21, 2015

Metronome - Chapter 12: Crios the Doll

Chiaki suddenly awakened in a secret laboratory. She saw a Doll, similar to her, but a bit older and with a seemingly familiar face…


“Ah, Chiaki! You’re finally awake! I’m glad!”

“W-what am I doing here?” Chiaki went out of the bed to check out her surroundings, full of machines and controls. “I was with my friends…the Weizans…but suddenly…”

“…I made you pass out, I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to be in danger.”

You see…I just pretended to be working with the Dictator,” Crios whispered to Chiaki’s ear. “I was secretly tracking you down, as instructed by LENCO.”

Later on, Crios launched a program on his terminal screen to let them communicate with Maggie and the rest.

Chiaki then explains everything that has happened to her, including about Crios, her childhood friend.

“Don’t worry guys, my friend here can help you get past the security doors of the fortress. We’ll send you a map of the whole place and how to get here…”

With that, the group is now finally at ease on Chiaki’s security, and heads on towards the fortress of the Dictator.

“This is where everything ends…” Yasome looked up to the towering structure which they’ll infiltrate. “Or maybe…the beginning of new things for this world…”

With every move, the team members were very careful as they made their way through. The troops were stronger than ever, and there were many traps that rendered many humans unable to escape from. But since they’re a team of Weizans (and a human), they were quite formidable.

However, in the midst of a very intense battle, Makov got separated from them because of the revolving trap doors. He was taken to another route, in which the walls are intensely thick.

“I don’t get it…my telepathic powers aren’t able to contact them…it’s as if my networking capabilities are being blocked…”

“I can’t contact Chiaki and Crios either…”

But this didn’t stop him, as he used his powers to its full potential, even with the process of involuntarily aging.

“This is gonna be tough…I…” Makov noticed a change in his voice. “…need to take my jacket off so I can move more freely…”

Eventually, he’s reached the top level that’s being guarded by a lot of troops (which he’s defeated in a single blow).

The Dictator then welcomed him. He was a tall man with a hood that covered his face in darkness.

“Makov Vietalz. It might be true that you’re the most exceptional in your team of Weizans, but…”

“Cut to the chase already! Who are you? What do you really want from this world? Are you even human or just a machine like the one you controlled?”

The Dictator then stepped down from his throne and approached Makov, who was ready to fight at any time.

“What if I told you…I launched a virus code on Vesia’s mind-link piece?”

“H-huh? Y-you what?”

“It’s true…so within a few days, if your scientists get the piece to activate and locate her, she’ll suffer from the virus’ effects…”


“I’m just telling the truth…you don’t need a human like her, Weizan. You’re invincible…you’re—”

“SHUT UP ALREADY!” The angered Makov launched a white blade attack at the Dictator, but even though his body was cut in half, it regenerated, just like his own hand when he awakened as a Weizan.

“It…can’t be…” Makov looked at the Dictator as if he saw a ghost. “Does this imply that…you’re…a…”

As the Dictator revealed his face under the hood, the first thing that Makov saw were strands of white hair and deep, red eyes.

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