Sunday, June 21, 2015

Metronome - Chapter 13: Kodamu the Dictator

Just then, an earthquake-like-explosion was heard on the top of the building.

“What’s that sound?” Maggie contacted Crios and Chiaki to know what’s going on.

“Unfortnately, I don’t know, because most of the controls to the system had been shut down. It seems that the Dictator’s finally found—”

The communication lines were suddenly cut off.

“We have no choice then…” Norr insisted. “Let’s force our way through the very top.”

And so, they just used their full powers to break through the Dictator’s defenses, until at last, they’ve reached the very pinnacle of the tower…

…only to see Makov drowning in his own black blood.

“Makov…” Yasome’s emotion barrier started cracking up again. He looks up to the Dictator, who was wearing a hooded coat.

In the instant, he freezes everyone else except Yasome. Crios and Chiaki were also able to make it to the scene, but they, too, were kept from moving.

“Yasome Luna…or should I say…”

The Dictator reveals himself and takes off his coat.

“…little brother.”

Everyone was completely shocked, especially Yasome, and even his father, Nieg.

“It’s so nice of you to take your army of Weizans to defy me…the ORIGINAL ONE…the first Weizan. As if you can defeat me…Kodamu the Dictator!”

Yasome ran out of words.

“K-ko…damu…big brother…w-wh…”

“Kodamu…so this is where you’ve been hiding…” Nieg was serious and he wanted to approach his older son, even though he was unable to move.

“It’s been 3 years since I began this project.” Kodamu stepped down closer to Yasome, who wasn’t frozen but shaking in fear. “If you’ll recall, I’m only 4 years ahead of you. But thanks to this technology that I’ve developed myself…”

“You look like you’re in your 30’s now…” Yasome noticed the Dictator’s stature. “But…your eyes never changed…it’s just the color, but you really are my big brother…”


“Stop it, Yasome!” Maggie warned him. “If you completely drain out your emotion barrier, there’s a chance you won’t be able to fight anymore!”


“Have to…”

Kodamu placed his hand on Yasome’s shoulder and smiled in a demented way.

“Do you want to know…why I left your family…and why I began the Weizan project?”

Everyone nodded in silence, especially Yasome.

“You see, a long time ago, when you and I were younger, I was the breadwinner of the family. Father did nothing but drink and leave the house for a good time. Mother was a sickly person and so I was the only one who had to find a job at an early age. I tried everything – electronics, welding, cargo shipping, cooking, teaching, until I couldn’t take it anymore because none of you even cared, you just complained that we’re still poor…”

“But big brother…that’s not…”

“So you think you can lie to me, Yasome?” Kodamu clenched his teeth and looked at him straight in the eyes, holding his forehead.

“It’s all true…” Nieg interrupted. “I’ve known from the time that you left the house and the apocalypse started, I’ve already gotten a strange feeling that I was the one responsible. My actions cannot be redeemed, and so I must face the consequences…”

“Dad…” Yasome looked at his father, and back to Kodamu.

“Of course, I was brokenhearted when I left the house 3 years ago.” Kodamu continued, walking back to his throne as he presses a couple of buttons to open up the dome and reveal the night sky.

“Because I read a lot of good books and had background in electronics, engineering, biochemistry and genetics, I was able to develop on my own the Weizan system, in which the first subject was me. Later on, I formed the organization LENCO.”

“Y-you’re the founder?” Yasome was surprised.

“No wonder LENCO was very secretive…” Maggie felt irritated. “But why would…”

“I realized that my powers were growing too much with the negativity stuck inside my previous human form, because all Weizans are somewhat stil influenced by their vengeance before they died physically. Therefore, I bade them farewell and told them to keep everything a secret, and to form new Weizans to attempt to stop me, in case I’ve become insane. There were the Betas but they didn’t turn out as planned. Eventually, all comes down to this, where I’ve turned my vengeance into a world-scale apocalypse, all because I was alone…unloved…”

Yasome stood still, with actual tears flying out of his scarlet eyes that reflected the moon and the stars. 

“What’s the matter,” Kodamu started unleashing white aura from his hands, forming a fighting stance. “Don’t you wanna fight your own big brother? It’s for your own good…”

Yasome looked all around him, all of his frozen friends and father. Then he fixated his eyes towards his big brother and charged up with his own set of white aura.


Somewhere deep inside of him, it’s as if some of his nerves snapped and all hell broke lose. With each breath he took, his clothes have almost ripped off due to involuntary aging, as the two engaged in fierce battle.

“That’s a good brother…” Kodamu said as he got ready to face Yasome’s attack. “If you defeat me, I might reconsider my revenge…” 

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