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Metronome - Chapter 14: From White to Black

Kodamu thrusted his white blades, which he formed from his hands, towards his own brother, Yasome Luna, as the two battled it out inside his own lair, with the night sky and the bright full moon as their backdrop. Neither Weizan was giving away, but Kodamu was remarkably strong, because he was the first of their kind.

“Yasome…I appreciate how much you’ve grown physically and with your powers, and the way you use them.” Kodamu wiped off a bit of his black blood dripping from his mouth due to getting severely hit. “But just to let you know, I’m not gonna go easy on you, because you owe me a lot…”

“It’s true…I may have been a selfish little brother to you…” Yasome screamed with clenched fists, irritated eyes due to crying and blood almost all over his body due to damage. 

“But I’m still hoping that the old big brother that I used to know is in there…I wanted to save him, and apologize to him…even if it costs me my own Weizan life…”

The two battled furiously until neither of them could stand anymore. The rest of the audience couldn’t do anything but watch, however, Maggie was lucky enough to have some part of her block warm enough to be chiseled off little by little with her own Weizan white aura from her fingertips.

In a matter of minutes, she was able to break free from her block of ice and let everyone else out. But at that point, Yasome had already cornered his own big brother to the floor, aiming with a white aura blade towards the Dictator’s throat.

Kodamu smiled.

“Yasome, listen. I have something to tell you before I die.”

With that, Kodamu puts his right hand over his own chest and rips it apart. He then pulls a device that looked like a small remote control with a keypad and a small digit screen. Full of black Weizan blood, he hands it over to Yasome who took it by his left hand.

Everyone else paused as they saw Kodamu’s self-inflicted condition.

“Yasome, this is the device…it’s called The Metronome…the device that your friend’s android girl was talking about…”

“Y-you mean…‘from white to black’? What does it do?”

“Simple…” Kodamu said, in slightly hoarse breath from blood loss. “…you just input the passcode and all of the Weizans and Dolls…even those who died…they’ll be back to who they were before they even became Weizans…it contains all of our Weizan data and you just need to shut it down to reverse everything…”

“W-what? T-this…can do…all of that?” Yasome fixated his eyes on his brother’s lonely ones. “If so, tell me the passcode!”

“The passcode is…our family name…”

“H-huh? B-but these are numbers…”

“Oh wait, I get it. There are 8 digit slots…grouped in twos…”

Yasome entered the number combination: 15-21-14-01.

“When you press the red button, all of us will be normal humans again…” Kodamu said in a dying tone. “Are you sure about this…Yasome? Are you not…afraid to lose…your powers…?”

Yasome smiled and embraced his big brother.

“Of course not. I’d rather be human more than anything else. Even though it was painful, maybe…being a Weizan helped me become a better human…like you and like the rest of us…and I think all of us deserve another shot at life…all of us who remained in this world…”

“You’ve just probably erased all of our emotions because you’re totally hurt…in fact, all of us had tragedies in our lives…”

“Yasome…” Kodamu stared into his little brother’s eyes.

“But emotions are needed…for us to survive, to live on, to be able to get off our past…no matter how dark…no matter how painful…”

“And most of all…my big brother…deserves another chance…”

Kodamu’s eyes became teary with those words.

“Thank you…Yasome. Those words will remain within me forever…”

And with that, Yasome and his brother pressed the red button.

A flash of light surrounded the area as all of the Weizans were lifted up in the air.

A few months later, the Earth has somehow returned back to its original state, removed of the mysterious Dictator and slowly regaining hope and renovation.

“Hey Makov, wake up! It’s time for school!” Yasome smiled as he pulled out Makov’s blankets.

“Ugh…yeah…sure…Yasome…I mean…big brother…”

“W-wait what? Hahaha, stop messing around! You’re embarrassing me!” Yasome chuckled as he ruffled Makov’s hair.

“But really…thanks for calling me a big brother…” Yasome smiled. “You remind me of my two little siblings…”

“Oh…that…” Makov slightly pouted. “I’m sorry if I made you remember your tragic—”

“No, no! It’s okay! It’s cool. I’m over it, anyway. Now c’mon, breakfast is ready!”

“Got it!”

Yasome and Makov then got ready for school and waved goodbye to their father, Yasuo (formerly Nieg). They walked into a brand new world that’s now peaceful and full of positive things.

The device had backed up all of their consciousness’ data and mental/spiritual attribute as a human being, all of which were returned back to their respective bodies when the button was pressed.

However, because the device was only able to return Weizans their human lives and disable their powers, unfortunately, their involuntary aging became permanent with the re-transformation, therefore making Yasome 16 years old (from his chronic age 12) and Makov 13 (from his chronic age 9).

“So what happened with Maggie?” Makov asked.

“Oh, she got engaged with Norr, of course.” Yasome smiled. “I also overheard that Lasha and Kell are currently dating…”


“You’re not angry with them anymore?”

“Nah…the past is over, Yasome. By the way, how about Chiaki and Crios?”

“They were returned back to their respective parents, somewhere in the northern area countries…”

“That’s great…” Makov looked up into the sky with the peaceful azure blue staring back at them.

“You know, Yasome…I had fun visiting Sachiko yesterday. She showed me how to be able to fix her android, Vesia, and that she’s gonna transfer to our school as soon as her health condition gets better!”

“That’s awesome, Makov!” Yasome replied. “Well, we better speed up or we’ll be the talk of the class!”

“Sure thing! I’ll race ya!”

“Haha, alright, even without Weizan powers, I’ll be sure to beat ya!”

“Says who?”

“Let’s just see about it! Heheh!”

The two boys then ran as fast as they could towards their high school. Realizing that they got there with a few more minutes to spare, they decided to slow down a bit in the hallway.

Then, they meet a very familiar face.

“Ahh, my two boys are all grown up! Hittin’ high school and all that…” the man, dressed in a teacher’s uniform, patted their heads.

“I’ll see you guys during my subject periods with you…better study hard, okay?”

The two proudly replied, in almost complete unison:

“Yes, teacher Kodamu!”

And after that, Yasome and all of those who became Weizans, Dolls and survivors of the apocalypse, went back living ordinary, peaceful but awesome lives.



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