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During the 1980s, there was a legendary and historical “superhero” who roamed around Enidouka, coming from the Baukizen region, saving the whole country and neighboring ones from crime, disasters and evil deeds. A strong, handsome and striking man in his 20s, he was known to many as “Levitas” yet his existence was cut short by controversy.

According to the written and oral records, the true identity of the Levitas was that of an elementary school boy named Kouru Azurika. His identity was only revealed to the public because of a major upset caused by his fangirls, allegedly stemming from a teacher named “Chesla” who was said to be shocked from finding out that Levitas was actually an EVS user and therefore, she was in a relationship with a young boy all this time.

In this particular “revelation” scene, most of the video archives and narrations from witnesses state that Kouru stepped onto the edge of a tall building, holding a megaphone, as he spoke to the people and later transformed into his superhero identity as Levitas. He expressed his disappointment to the Enidoukan people and the rest of the world – those who “cannot fathom children having feelings for older people” and how EVS victims are regarded as “illegitimate, useless and hopeless” human beings. His speech was quite long, and it also revealed that his identity exposure towards Chesla was part of a plan – a plan set up by the government to test if people will respond positively or negatively to a manly hero who is later revealed to be a wimpy, average-looking boy from school. As he said it, “it seems that the experiment had failed. All of you, all of Enidouka and the entire world…you are all failures!”

And as a parting message, he switched back to his child form, as Kouru, saying the final words:
“From here on, you will never see neither Levitas…nor Kouru…ever again.”

What surprised everyone was Kouru shooting himself in the head with a gun he suddenly pulled from his pocket, right after he made that speech. 

According to further reports, his body was never found by the police or any of the authorities – not even organizations and any mass groups or investigating bodies. However, he left behind a pool of blood on the building spot where he stood, as well as the gun he shot himself with.

This event changed Enidouka as a whole and affected neighboring countries in United Imaginary Islands as well. Even though the Western outside world’s superhero fad has become a thing during the 1980s, it dramatically halted down in the 90s and onward today and the years to come. Since most Enidoukans and residents of this country already have super powers due to the influence of UI2’s unique magnetic field atmosphere that enhances a person’s senses and ties to the elements of nature and the supernatural forces, having superpowers isn’t a big deal anymore.

Much later on, rumors have been circulating that the government is allegedly hiding Kouru’s corpse. Some reports even speculate that Kouru’s suicide was staged and that he might still be living among us, albeit under a different identity. We do not know for sure, as these are only hearsay without proper and concrete proof.


Well, so much for that report. Now, I better introduce myself.

I’m Alisa Zakureu, but people also call me “Alice”. I’m 19 years old and currently working as a trainee for Luca Daily, a newspaper in the Baukizen region where I just moved due to my job. I originally lived in Wazakizen so it’s a really big change for me to live in the cold north (and not to mention get to see more EVS people along the way).

All my life, I’ve been really interested in Levitas. I mean, it was said that his powers were levitation, as his name implies, while some call it telekinesis. Other than that, he was also able to spew white light from his hands and use it to capture and electrify a target, making it easy for him to capture bad guys. 

I know it sounds weird, but I think, I like Levitas both as an adult hero and as a young child named Kouru. It would’ve been fun to get to know him in person before he died. I mean, I do have an EVS victim / user brother, but I guess it would be interesting to know Levitas more because even as a kid, he was able to make that speech, as if he was already with an adult mind to begin with.

And I agree with his philosophy. Why can’t EVS users get some respect from the normals? I mean, it’s not like most of them wanted to end up rushing their adolescence, right?

Well, that’s a long rant altogether. I better tell you what happened right after I finished my special report for Levitas. 

That afternoon, it was kind of snowing hard, so I had to put a jacket on. The way to my apartment wasn’t that far from the workplace so I just walked and endured the wind gusts and snowflakes. I accidentally bumped into this 30-something man, wearing a really thick brown leather jacket and had blue-green wavy hair. I didn’t get to see his face that much, but he was wearing really thick mittens.
I’m often told that EVS victims like to wear thick clothing, especially during the winter, but it’s not like I was already assuming that the guy was an EVS victim or user. It was just a gut feeling that I ignored.

The next day, I punched out early due to the company Christmas Party (I don’t feel like attending those anyway; I just lied and said I have sick relatives who need medical attention and stuff). I just had coffee at a nearby shop. 

Boy, oh boy. To my surprise, the guy I bumped into yesterday sat right in front of me! 

He was kind of cute, though. Those sea-green strands on his head and those gold and silver eyes really make him a truly unique Enidoukan guy! He ordered Hazel Cappuccino and I ordered French Vanilla.

Unfortunately, since I was still rummaging through my Levitas files, he accidentally noticed them on my side of the table, next to my hot coffee. I quickly tried to put them back to my folder, but he held my hand as if he wanted to see more of the files.

“Investigating Levitas, aren’t we?” He said in a soft, but charming way. “Or are you one of his fangirls’ descendants?”

“Y-yeah…” I gently replied. I couldn’t look at him straight in the eye after he said that. “I-it’s my report for the Daily Luca…”

“Ohh…so you work for the Daily Luca, huh?” The guy let my hand go as I arranged the files and photos back to my folder. “You must be quite perceptive. Hardly anyone ever mentions about Levitas anymore. It’s like he’s become an urban legend rather than a historical figure.”
“You bet…” I replied with a sigh. 

We introduced ourselves after that. He said his name was Maybar Zendou, and was even ashamed of his weird, non-Enidoukan-sounding name. We talked for a bit and he introduced himself as a regular guy writing for various blogs, newspapers, magazines and such. He’s even self-published a book, but forgot to bring a copy of it.

As if we were fated to meet, while I accidentally knocked over my coffee, he was able to save it using his telekinesis. And here I thought he told me he was just a regular guy! He’s actually a guy who has the same powers as me! What the heck is this?

We exchanged phone numbers and online contact information, so we could chat and communicate through smartphone or laptop, if ever we’d want to meet again sometime. But even if I didn’t really message him a lot, just after 2 days, I saw him again while going jogging on one morning! It looked like we were headed for the same park, so I let him tag along.

One night, I was walking home alone, soaked in the rain without an umbrella. I was summoned to the school because my little brother, Alex, was said to have tried to jump over one of the school buildings. He explained to me that he was really depressed about being rejected by the girl he loves.

“I would have accepted it if she rejected me because she loves someone else or didn’t like me,” my young brother said. “But what hurt me the most is that when she found out that my EVS form and I am the same person, she said she felt disgusted falling in love and having fantasies with a 9-year-old snotty kid like me!”

It would seem Alex was a victim of injustice, just like Levitas or Kouru was before. Alex didn’t choose to have such power, and he didn’t realize yet that people can be so judgmental when they see EVS users and label them as “cheaters”.

Alex already texted me that he’s already gone home from school and I didn’t need to worry about him because he’s invited his buddy, Joe, over. I trust that Joe guy anyway – he even moved schools just to follow Alex when we transferred here. He’s been friends with Alex since kindergarten. 

To my surprise, Maybar found me and shared his umbrella to walk me home. I was out of my mind and cried on him as I sloppily told him everything that happened. He seems to have comforted me with his gentle but rough and matured hands. His aura was quite manly but it was also innocent at the same time.

“I don’t feel like going home right now, Maybar.” 

And so, we got drunk at a bar as I vented my problems and he quietly listened to me making unnecessary noises. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what else happened after this, as I seem to have passed out early.

When I woke up, I wasn’t in my house, obviously. It seems to be Maybar’s house or apartment, seeing that he’s the only obvious person to take me in with my awfully drunk state last night.

“Mornin’, Cinderella.”

Maybar surprised me as he opened the door of the room. He was wearing an unbuttoned shirt and at the back of my mind, I was already having a major nosebleed.

“About last night…well…you couldn’t stop crying, Al, so I took you to the bar like you said to help you vent out.”

He affectionately called me “Al”? What is the meaning of this?

At any rate, right after I washed my face and dressed up, he took me home back to the apartment, where Alex and Joe were waiting for me. I almost forgot that today was Saturday so they had no classes.

Later on that day, I made up for lost time with my brother, so I treated him for ice cream at the same coffee shop. As we took out our orders, a speeding guy came along and pushed Alex to the ground at an alarming rate. It was like witnessing a superhero fight in the middle of the street. They took the fight to the abandoned warehouse near the pier where there were less spectators to notice. I followed suit and levitated myself.

Alex quickly transformed to his EVS form and defended himself with a gray force shield against the guy who shot flames from his hand. Alex’s powers are force shields so it’s not very suitable for attacking, but good for defending.

Alex told me that this guy was the brother of the woman who turned him down.

It would seem that this guy was blaming Alex for making his sister depressed, but it was actually the other way around, so I told him otherwise and defended my brother. Unfortunately, I also became the target so I used my telekinesis to defend myself and my brother, but to no avail because he was quite strong. 

To my surprise, just as he was about to burn us both, Maybar rushed to the scene and saved us from being fried. Seriously, how the heck did he get here and how did he know where we are? At any rate, he not only used telekinesis but he was able to control some white light force from his hands…

…it’s as if…
…he’s using the same alleged moves as…
…but no, it can’t be…Levitas is dead…

As I tried to help out, I noticed part of Maybar’s hand was scorched by the flame. A shocker came up to me as I saw “vein scars” on his right hand. Vein scars, or extremely exposed veins, signify that a person was EVSed. 

“Maybar…your hand…”

It would seem that he completely ignored my remark and went to immediately capture the fire guy in question with his white energy force. He made a long ranting speech about why EVS people are discriminated and discouraged from falling in love with older people just because they are mentally and chronologically kids. 

“All of you, all of Enidouka …”

The speech seemed so familiar…it was like…

“…and the entire world…you are all failures!”

…Levitas’ speech before he killed himself…

With a crushing electrocution, the fire guy seems to have been restrained but not completely injured. He was still able to stand after Maybar let him go. To my surprise, another woman was hiding all along in the corner of the boxes.

“Alex…” the woman bowed in shame and knelt down towards my brother, still in his adult form with slightly torn clothes because of getting scorched by the flames.

“I’m sorry, Alex…”

“None of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t said those words…”

“Mr. Leather Jacket here was right…my brother and I didn’t really consider the fact that…EVS users went through a lot of trauma on their own…it’s something we shouldn’t really judge because we don’t fully understand or experienced…”

I quickly shifted my eyes from their conversation onto Maybar, who was kind of exhausted after using all that energy. I immediately ran to the scene and demanded an explanation, but because Alex was pretty badly injured, we had to take him to a paramedic right away for bandages. I, too, was slightly bruised, since my telekinesis wasn’t really anything compared to the boys’ powers.

Back at home the next day, Alex was quite worried about whether he caused a lot of trouble or not. I just told him that no one could blame him; after all, he’s just a kid.

Later on, I went to the balcony and saw Maybar smoking his cigarette away. He came over to visit my little brother to see if he’s alright. 

“Maybar, we need to talk…”

“I wanted to ask you a lot of questions…since what happened yesterday…”

We haven’t really spoken since the commotion yesterday. He only told me that he’s manipulated the memories of any other person who saw his powers so that it would only be those two siblings who saw it, and no one would believe what they saw.

I took a deep breath and said the words I’ve wanted to tell him:

“Maybar Zendou…are you, by any chance—”

“Kouru Azurika?” He said, as he already interrupted me and seems to have read my mind on the issue. “Yes, I am. I was Levitas. You saw proof yesterday, didn’t you? I’m that EVS kiddo who once caused a commotion in Enidouka because of getting rejected. Yes, I shot myself in front of the people, making that speech. And yes, that suicide was staged and I assumed a new identity as Maybar Zendou, just like the rumors said. Are you happy now?”

I was at a loss for words…

I admired Kouru / Levitas a lot. I wanted to at least get to know him before he died, but now…he was standing in front of me…

All my research…
…they weren’t put to waste after all these years…

“I-I’m sorry for asking…and I’m sorry for finding out…I-I promise I won’t tell anyone! I promise!”
Maybar only hugged me, just like when I was crying my eyes out due to my brother getting bullied.  I could smell the tobacco from his cigarette. I never really liked smelling cigarettes but it didn’t distract me, because I was face-to-face with THE miracle Enidoukan hero named Levitas.

From then on, I asked a lot of questions, and he didn’t mind answering. First, his suicide didn’t use a double – he really shot himself but with a fake gun and prosthetics. His advisers at the secret government agency said that using mind distorting powers wouldn’t be accurate because of the usage of recording cameras by the media. 

It turns out that my dad, who was one of the few who got to meet Levitas in person before (unfortunately, my dad passed away early), was also actually his trainer when it comes to stealth techniques.

My guess was also right. He’s in his 30s now. It would seem that the vein scars of an EVS victim / user doesn’t really disappear throughout their lives. And to think that he was EVSed using chemical-based solution and not through electric chambers. 

It was indeed a secret government experiment to test how much Enidoukans are quick to judge people. He said that if Enidoukans are like this, then he’s sure that the outside world, or the Western world, is a much harsher place, especially because they are all normals. 

“You know Maybar…I know I shouldn’t be telling you this but…”

“I…kinda had feelings for Levitas, regardless whether it was his kid form or not. And I never thought I could actually see him again, alive and kicking, right in front of me…”

Maybar smiled. I was afraid he was going to frown.

“I get that a lot. Many fangirls have confessed to me. Chesla even pretended to be head-over-heels towards me. But judging from your reaction to me being Levitas and your personal opinions towards EVS user persecution right from the first day we met…”

“…I can tell you’re different from the rest. As a reward…”

He gave me a kiss. It was soft, subtle and it felt like I was kissing a little boy, specifically Kouru Azurika, who was known as the hero named Levitas.

From then on, he agreed to our relationship as long as he keeps calling me Maybar Zendou, especially out in the open. 


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