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Disclaimer: the following fanfiction does not aim to degrade or cause any harm to any of the personalities and/or characters mentioned and used in the story. It is strictly for the author's imaginative fun and not for any other unruly purposes.

Mount Ebott is a quiet mountain. A young man who's separated from his family decided to journey into the mountain, hearing the legend that supernatural beings called "monsters" are trapped in there. Brian was filled with DETERMINATION to set them free, as he knew how expensive freedom is, especially for him who had taken years of child labor and abuse from the wrong hands.

He decides to climb Mount Ebott out of sheer curiosity, and perhaps, the author's curiosity. 

If you, the reader, are ready to find out more about the personalities that await Brian within the mountain, keep reading. Otherwise, if you totally hate interacting or shipping real people with random real people without their consent, get the hell out of my trash blog (haha, just kidding, it's up to you).

Brian only used his sense of hearing to navigate his way towards Mount Ebott. Because his eyesight had been ruined by his abusers, he had developed some sort of advanced hearing skills that lets him identify the direction of the wind that eventually led him to the mysterious mountain (I don't know how he does that, but that's fanfic science, deal with it).

But since he's only a blind human and cannot see where he's going, he did not predict the hole he fell into. Down, down, down he fell, until he landed onto a bed of flowers, safe without a scratch.

He felt some SOUL take over his body, but not on full power.

It introduced itself to the young man.

"Avenge me..."

"Human...avenge me..."

"W-who are you?" Despite being blind, Brian could see the young girl's soul in his mind.

"Carrie." The bloody woman said, while caressing the man's face and patting his brown bonnet.

"You have the power to free the inhabitants of Mount Ebott so they can go back to their own timelines and stop messing around in the author's Undertale AU." Carrie explained to a confused Brian.

"Undertale...what's that? An anime series?"

Carrie then proceeded to explain to Brian all about Undertale and the nature of the game. After all, most of you readers are probably reading this because the author tagged this as an Undertale AU fanfic. 

Brian was now aware that within him was the SOUL of Carrie, a previously fallen human who had met a tragic fate and ended up in the bed of flowers. Carrie whispered revenge in his ear, but Brian, who still believed that good things can happen, decides to play as a pacifist of this world he is now in.

They had reached the first stage of this "game", in which a strangely talking flower sprouted from the ground. It had ghoul-like eyes and sounded like some guy from Teen Wolf.

"G I V E    M E    Y O U R   S O U L", it said.

But before it can even approach Brian, it smelled the sweet scent of some sort of cheese dessert from a kitchen in the ruins. The flower ran away.

"Since you wanted to play nice," Carrie whispered. "Stiles doesn't want to talk to you for now."

Carrie now stands to become Brian's temporary eyesight, since their SOULS are now connected to each other, so the man can now see what's going on around him. They followed the cheesy scent.

In one of the rooms, they heard a young girl's voice screaming like a lost puppy. Brian wanted to find out where this girl could be, but they didn't find her.

Later on, Brian fell into a hole in one of the rooms. In the lower left room, he found a carrot. In fact, he saw a trail of carrots and followed it. They led to a man back in the upper room, carrying a basket of carrots.

"Want a carrot?" The boy in the hoodie said, resting his carrot basket on the ground.
"Thank you!" Brian happily accepted and bit on the carrot.
Inside Brian's mind, he wished that the carrot could somehow reverse his blindness, but it didn't, so he still relied on Carrie's powers.

Nonetheless, Carrot Man happily accepted Brian's 3 G for the carrot and proceeded to other rooms to sell his stuff.

Brian and Carrie ended up all the way to a small house in the ruins, near a dead tree.

A woman in her 20s or probably younger opened the door. She looked a bit haggard.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't know there was someone outside!" She said. "Please, come in, young traveler!"

Brian felt the hospitality of the young woman. He instantly fixated his vision (which is actually Carrie's) to the pie on the table near the fireplace. 

"It's pastillas pie! Do you want some?" The woman, still in distress possibly from baking the pie, hurriedly gives him a slice on a plate. Brian and Carrie found it quite delicious.

But Brian was not a big fan of pastillas. He wanted something for a lunch meal. He then asked the woman politely where to find his favorite meal.

"Excuse me, but do you have spaghetti?" Brian asked. 

"I'm sorry, sir." She replied. "But I think the guys over at Snowdin may have some! Yes, just ask the guy in the red suit."

"Oh sorry! I haven't introduced myself. Please, call me Angelica."

Angelica shook hands with Brian, who was a bit reluctant due to Carrie's influence. The man then bade goodbye as Angelica showed him the exit of the ruins towards Snowdin Forest. 

As soon as Brian reached the end of the forest, a slightly chubby man tapped him on the back and greeted him. He noticed that both of them had the same skin color and accent. This man was carrying an acoustic guitar. He shook his hand.

"You're new here, aren't you?" The man asked Brian.

"Yes, sir." Brian replied. "Do you know where I can find this 'guy in the red suit' that Ms. Angelica from the Ruins was talking about?"

"'re hungry for spaghetti, aren't you?"
"Yes." Brian said, smiling. "I haven't had lunch yet."

A wild chuckle was heard behind them. It sounded like a nerdy voice.

"Did somebody say...spaghetti?" 

A guy in a red suit entered the scene. 

"It is I, The Great Huss!" he said, holding a plate of spaghetti. "Would you like to try some of my Alternian-flavored spaghetti?"

Brian nodded, took the fork and happily slurped on the spaghetti without a single word.

"Well, I guess someone hasn't had their lunch yet! I feel flattered!" Andrew, the guy in the red suit, said while adjusting his glasses. "Oh dear, it looks like my meeting with Toby is almost up! Catch 'ya later!"

And off he zoomed into worlds unknown.

"...guess that means you can leave this town now, huh?" the other guy said. 
"I guess so." Brian replied. "Say mister uhm..."
"Just call me K." 
"Sure, Mr. K. I was wondering. Do you know how to send all of us in our proper timelines?"

"Hmm...that's a tricky question." K looked up into the sky and back at Brian. "Perhaps if you reach the barrier, which is at the king's castle, you'll find what you're looking for. Just go straight ahead out of Snowdin and into the Waterfall."

"Thank you!"

Brian then went off to leave Snowdin Forest. He ended up on a warm town - Snowdin Town.

"Let's go stop by the shop over there." Carrie whispered to Brian. "I missed Miho's cinnamon buns."

Indeed, Brian went to the shop and bought some cinnamon buns from Miho, just as Carrie requested. Miho was a bit troubled.

"You're new around here, aren't you?" Miho asked. 
"Yes ma'am!" Brian replied.
"Well, me and my child are worried about...this one person. He's very important to me and he's gone off with a scientist at Hotlands. If you reach there after going through the Waterfall, please tell him to come home soon."

"What's his name, ma'am?" Brian asked politely. "What does he look like?"
"Well, he's got a long, black hair, that's for sure. His name is Tommy. I'm sure he'll respond if you call him by his name. Take care on your journey, young man. Best of luck."

After Brian and Carrie got their treats and spent a total of 30 G, they went straight into the ice path. However, Andrew blocked their way.

"You're...going to Waterfall, aren't you?"
 "Uhm, yes, sir."
 "Then go!" Andrew stroke a pose and pointed to the skies. "No one's gonna stop you! Not even I!"

Brian then proceeded to walk past Andrew.

"Oh, by the way, if you end up at Hotlands..." Andrew said before Brian could go to the next area.
"Please say hi to Denny for me, and tell her to come to Snowdin sometime! Thank you!"
 "Don't worry Mr. Hussie, I will." Brian nodded.

Brian and Carrie now go to the Waterfall. It's a darker place compared to Snowdin, but nonetheless, alright because of the sparkling stuff. He soon meets a chubby boy near a blue flower.

"Hi!" the boy said, munching on fried chicken.
"Uhm, hello!" Brian smiled. "What's your name?"
"My name is Baste!" the boy smiled as he raised his chicken drumstick in the air.
"I will be a world famous DJ someday!"
"Well, uhm, good luck to you, Baste!" Brian patted him on the head and went forward through the next corners of the Waterfall.

Again, Brian heard the screams of a young girl howling like a dog. Carrie and Brian decided to look for it around the place.

They found a room in which a person dressed as a dog was sitting in front of a red artifact. It surely wasn't the girl, since it looked like some 20's guy.

"Hello! You guys must be the new traveler to this random game I made." the guy in the dog suit said. The dog suit was very fluffy, Brian and Carrie noticed. "Hussie told me you were coming this way, so I'd better guide you."

Brian asked about the girl they kept hearing around. 

"Oh, that girl!" The guy said. "I think she's around here somewhere, but she's very shy. I'll come with you, so I can get you to talk to her."

The guy, who introduced himself as Toby, accompanied them across some more rooms. In this particular intersection, they went north. There were two houses that looked like big shoes. They went inside the left one.

There was a girl covered in mud, lying on the floor.

Toby then started barking like a dog, as if to talk to the girl in dog language. The girl replied with dog barks as well. It would seem that they could only communicate in such a way.

"Brian, this is Anna. She's a-"
"She...really needs to get cleaned up..." Brian felt sorry for the girl.
"Yeah, I know. I've been telling her since this morning, but she's still afraid of water." Toby sighed. "But maybe later, I can get her to wash or something."

After that conversation, Toby took Anna outside through the back door. Brian then left the house for a while. Toby had left one of Anna's spooky CDs on play on the player. As Brian went outside, a guy in glasses dressed up as a horse felt irritated by the spooky tune.

"W-what kind of music is that? It's so...childish..."

"Oh sorry!" Toby shouted from behind the house. "Could you turn that off, Brian? It would seem that R doesn't like spook tunes."

Brian then turned the music off. R was at peace.

"I'm late for my jazz practice! I hope our song makes it to the finals!" R said as he dashed off in his horse costume.

After Toby finally got Anna to take a shower at the falling water from the ceilings, all of them laid down. Carrie mentally spoke with Anna, despite her not knowing human language.

"So, you can see me?"
"Yes. I want to be free."
"That's funny, I want to be free as well."
"Brian here suffered the same fate as you, but you've gone through worse."
"We promise to get you in a safer place even if this AU breaks apart."
"What is AU?"
"Uhm...I'll explain."

And so Carrie explained to Anna what an AU is and why they are in one. After that, they all got up and Brian bade goodbye to the dog duo and headed to the exit of the Waterfall.

Going through the lantern maze, Brian hears Carrie whisper a particular direction, and so they went to that spot south of a certain lamp. They end up on a place called "Temmie Village", but the part of the sign board that says "Temmie" was somewhat erased, still with the letter "T" in it.

In the inner shop, they discover a young childish woman who seems to be crying.

"H-hang on," Brian picked up a few G's from his pocket. "I'll buy something, so don't cry, okay?"

The childish woman, who introduced herself as Celestina, looked innocent and wore ponytails. Carrie whispered to Brian that this woman has some sort of mental illness, and that he is doing the right thing - giving MERCY to him.

After leaving Temmie Village, Brian went straight upwards to exit the Waterfall, as instructed by Carrie in his thoughts.

However, he was blocked by a strong woman figure with a pony tail, clad in armor and a spear.

"Your name is Brian, right? Andrew told me all about you." The woman said, pointing her spear towards Brian, but not too close.

"But since you didn't do anything wrong this time, you're free to go. I won't fight you." She said, keeping her spear away. "But if you pick the wrong route, Maine the Mainetastic will be here to eliminate you!"

With that, Maine headed off some place we don't know (probably to find an isaw vendor), and Brian proceeded to the Maine entrance of Hotlands.

Reaching the big LED sign that says "Welcome to Hotlands", Brian and Carrie finally walk towards the lava-filled place. There, they spot a laboratory, which opened its doors readily as if to welcome them.

A young girl who was busy writing fanfictions was found on the table, next to her desktop computer. She looked shy, but nonetheless, welcomed Brian in.

After some introductions, Brian realized she was the Denny that Andrew was talking about. He told her what Andrew told him to tell.

"R-right, it looks like I haven't been around Snowdin for a while." Denny replied. "I'll...try to visit them after Enjelia comes home with the poster for my new fanfic. Thank you so much for conveying his message to me!"

Looking around, there seems to be a hole in the wall.

"Oh that..." Denny fixated his eyes to the large hole, and back to the ground. He was too afraid to make eye contact with Brian. "Well, I was tasked to give this super-powered suit to Tommy for his new TV soap, but he sort of...ran away with it, saying that he needs to tell Miho first about his role before he can accept it."

Brian then agreed to look for Tommy around Hotlands, saying that Miho is also looking for him. Denny advised him to be careful, because the power suit can blast lasers.

After a while, Brian stumbled upon a Korean wait, he's actually a Chinese guy. Brian remembered that he is of Chinese-Filipino descent. He tried talking Mandarin to the guy, and he responded.

The guy, Zitao, was wearing an airplane suit and was acting all childishly mad because he couldn't find his adoptive daughter, Beibei.

"She was just here a while ago!" Zitao said, playing with his backpack that looked like a jet engine. "She said she was just going to look for the Nice Cream man."

Brian then proceeded to tag along with Zitao, as they exchanged Mandarin jokes. Later on, a little Chinese girl wearing a volcano costume blocked their way to the lower floor elevator.

"Beibei! So there you are!" Zitao quickly hugged him, forgetting that he's wearing a very bulky airplane costume.
"I found the Nice Cream man!" Beibei smiled. "He's over here. I didn't buy yet because it might melt."

After that, Zitao and Beibei were left behind to look for the Nice Cream guy as Brian proceeded to the spider's lair. There, he met a few spiders, but did not expect to meet THIS PARTICULAR GUY.


"H-hey, I know you..." Brian chuckled. "You're Spiderman, aren't you?"

"Tch, how could anyone mistake me for Spidey? Like. hello! Black and red, Spidey's black and blue. Plus I have weapons, Spidey DOES NOT! Ugh, Jesus Christ, kids these days."

"I-I'm terribly sorry, mister...uhm..."

"Deadpool. The name's Deadpool, kiddo." The masked man sat on the spider's web while having beer on a tea cup. "Are you here to beg me for money or something? 'Cause it looks like you do, being all dressed up like that and-"

"Oh, no sir." Brian shook his head. "I have enough money. I'm just looking for the barrier to fix this AU, that's all."

"Oh, right, the Barrier." Deadpool opened his iPhone and searched "barrier undertale" on Google, then read the Wikia entry page. "Says here that you'd have to not kill anyone on your way, go to MTT Resort all the way to the Core, and the rest should follow. Sounds very helpful."

"T-thank you, Mr. Deadpool, sir." Brian politely excused himself and exited the spider lair. Deadpool just kept sipping on his beer and munching on a few donuts.

"Heh, why don't I get to be Sans? What a lame fanfic writer we're having here, seriously."
"But wait...did the author put me on Muffet's place because...the author ships me with Spidey? Damn...didn't think about that..."

As soon as Brian reached the final floor before MTT resort, he found a guy in a power suit. For sure, it was Tommy. He called out to him.

He responded, accidentally firing his lasers.

"I'm sorry...! I-I didn't mean to...please don't tell Miho or the management about this..."
"It's okay, Tommy." Brian smiled. "Miho really misses you so much. You need to go back to Snowdin."
"Right you are...I need to tell Miho about my new TV series role. I'm sure she and her child will love it. Well, catch 'ya later!"

Tommy then used his suit's jet pack and blasted out of Hotlands, presumably to Snowdin. He went faster than the Riverperson who was waiting on the boat.

Brian, on the other hand, went straight to MTT resort and bought a few items from the fast food counter. To his surprise, the cashier was in the same band (previously) as Zitao and was also Chinese.

"So you're Luhan, right?"
"Yes, sir!" The innocent-looking Luhan replied, dressed in striped fast food crew uniform. He served Brian's Glamburgers in a paper bag for takeout, explaining that the world is facing climate change and their superiors ordered for reduction of plastic use.

Opening the back door of MTT resort, Brian entered the Core and navigated his way through with help from Carrie, until finally, they reach the long elevator to the king's castle.

After quite a long journey to the New Home, Brian finally finds the "king" that K was talking about earlier. His hands were severely cut, his face was horribly bloody and he looked like some 40-year-old dude from an Asian horror film (which he probably is). Carrie, at this point, tells Brian that they are already at the Barrier.

"It's King Primitivo," Carrie whispered. "Please allow me to speak, Brian."

With that, Carrie took full control temporarily of Brian's body to be able to have a swift conversation with the king.

"Are you sure Brian here can help us get back to our own timelines?" the king asked.
"I believe he has the potential." Carrie smiled. "All he needs is to get the neutral ending with Stiles first, then the good ending, and then the ending where I completely take over."
"Okay, as you wish then, young lady." Primitivo replied.

Brian's SOUL was actually sitting on the background as his possessor and the king were having a rather complicated conversation, mostly about the experiences of being horror movie characters. Near the side of the Barrier's entrance, another similar aged man in a similar body as King Primitivo randomly appeared.

"Oh, well if it isn't my old friend, Doctor Danforth!" Primitivo greeted his friend, who had silver hair and wore a black coat.

This time, both Brian and Carrie were invited for the conversation, as the two men talked about their past experiences in being horror movie characters. Primitivo was a victim of a fallen movie house during construction and Danforth was a school principal who lead a masochistic cult of some sort and got involved in earth-shaking magic rings.

"I bet the author also found your individual movies as horror, right?" Danforth joked.
"Well," Brian laughed. "While it is true that my movie is just an indie film, it could be a bit disturbing to watch for the author, considering that the author had a traumatic experience of being lost..."

"Just like Anna, huh?" Carrie smiled.
"Yeah, just like Anna." Brian replied.
"Who's Anna?" Primitivo asked.
"Oh, she's a lost girl we found on the way." Carrie then proceeded to tell about her and the other adventures they made in this Undertale AU that they're in.

After all is said and done, a flower suddenly sprouted from behind the two men, gripping them and making them disappear.

"I   S E N T   T H E M   T O   T H E I R   T I M E L I N E S   C A R R I E,"
"N O W   T H E   R E A L  F U N  S H A L L   B E G I N."

With that, this talking flower, Stiles, suddenly transforms into a fox-demon-like photoshoped flower armed with really bizarre equipment.

"I ' M   A   T H O U S A N D   Y E A R S  O L D,  Y O U C A N T K I L L M E C A R R I E"

"Why would I want to kill you?" Carrie chuckled, still in control of Brian's body. She patted the fox flower until it died down, back into its original flower form.

Not understanding what she meant, Stiles ran away.

"I'll text you soon, Dylan! Don't worry!" Carrie, remembering herself as Chloe, said as the flower drifted away.

"You don't have to worry about him, Brian." Carrie assured her host. "After all, we're always going to be together, even until the last run of this AU game."

"Thank you...for being my eyes, Carrie. I mean, you know, literally. Thank you."
 "It's nothing." Carrie smiled again. "I know that we've both gone through a lot of abuse in our lives, and this journey's nothing compared to that. We can do this together, you and I."
"Absolutely." Brian felt the DETERMINATION in his heart, and Carrie's.


Brian awakened on a strange laboratory.

"This is probably Denny's secret lair, where she keeps all of her hidden fanfictions." Carrie said as they explored the dark place. "Let's keep looking."

In one of the rooms with a lot of beds, they discovered a girl sleeping. She looked somewhat similar to Denny, only with glasses. She looked tired, so Brian and Carrie thought of just putting the bed sheets on her to keep her comfortable. She carried a handmade Eya Rodriguez plushie on her hand, presumably made by a fan.

Reaching the end of the room, Brian found Denny, who was feeling nervous and seems to be looking for someone.

"Have you seen this girl?" Denny described a girl with glasses and was carrying an Eya Rodriguez plushie.

"Yes, she's asleep on one of the beds." Brian pointed out.
"Thank goodness, Enjelia's alright!" Denny jumped with joy and rushed to where the many beds are located. "T-thank you very much!" She said as she exited out of the scene.

Brian then stepped onto this elevator that might possibly lead to the king's castle, yet again. However, Brian heard something, and it wasn't Carrie.

It's a voice you have never heard of before.

" Maine there?" the voice said. It seemed like a voice of some guy in his 20s or younger.
"If, by any chance, Maine is there, please tell her to come to the king's castle. Thank you."

And with that, the elevator shakes and goes to New Home. However, remembering that Maine might be somewhere in the Waterfall, Brian proceeded to go back to the elevator, but he only found a cell phone.

There was only one contact with the name "Maine" on it and a Talk 'N Text mobile number. Brian then proceeded to text Maine about the strange voice he heard. He hoped that the message would be received.

Going back on their journey, Brian and Carrie went back to New Home and entered the Throne Room and back at the Barrier. Primitivo and Danforth are now gone from the scene, but a tall and handsome guy, dressed in a goat suit, came to greet them.

"Hello, Brian and Carrie." he said. "It's me...Maine's special someone..."

"A L D E N   R I C H A R D S"

But Alden did not battle them or anything. He just stood there, waiting for Maine, due to the fact that Brian told him that he had texted Maine using that mysterious cell phone.

"You know, I love how the author is very determined to finish this AU fanfic." Alden smiled.

As the three waited patiently, Alden started to hum along the lines of "God Gave Me You". He also forewarned Brian and Carrie about the dangers they will face for the Genocide Route.

"I'm sure that the author will experience a lot of rejection trauma when you start the next mode, but stay strong, okay?" Alden assured the two. "After all, this is a therapy fanfic, isn't it?"

"Author, don't give up just yet. I know you may feel like you don't have a Tamang Panahon, but I'm here to tell you that you do, so stay determined!" Alden said to the author, to which the author felt like talking to a special imaginary angel friend.

Even if it the facts were too far away from what Alden had said to the author, it is greatly appreciated by the author.

Meanwhile, Maine finally entered the scene with her spears of justice!

The two finally reunited, as Alden used his goat powers to create a rainbow to destroy the barrier and allowed all of them to exit Mount Ebott and return to their own original timelines.

However, Carrie and Brian were still left behind.

"Are you sure you want to go through Genocide Route, Brian?"
"Why not?" Brian smiled. "I almost went genocide in real life, too, you know...when I almost blinded my classmate...because this world is just all about killing or being killed..."

"As you wish, Brian. We'll avenge ourselves together."


Genocide Mode had finally started, where Carrie had completely taken control of Brian's body and his decisions. Her telekinesis overflowed to the point that Brian's body now takes the physical appearance of Carrie's, and now, she appears as Carrie to everyone else.

Every person that Carrie had met, she tossed the person upwards, converting the person into SOUL form and back to its original timeline, out of Mount Ebott. She kept doing this until she's reached a peculiar person in shining armor and back ponytail.

"S t o p !   I n   t h e   n a m e   o f   A l D u b !"

Maine the Mainetastic pulled out her spear and so she and Carrie battled to the death.

This particular winning background battle music was being played by R, who is still dressed up like a horse.

The battle was intense, but Carrie was able to finally send Maine back to her original timeline with Alden over at Broadway Centrum.

"Just one more to go."

Bypassing Hotlands, Carrie reached the Last Corridor. There, a familiar face stood on her way.

"So, you came, young lady." The shadowy figure said, laying down the guitar he had been wearing for some time and getting ready to fight.

"And after all that you've believed in, you only stand to help the author live in a delusional world where her works are recognized by the industry, huh?"

"Let's go, you unworthy composer."

Carrie was completely infuriated by K, who was the final boss of the Genocide Route. She wanted to beat K and send him back to his original timeline, also back at Broadway Centrum, along with R.

Meanwhile, this blessed background battle music played, as K sliced through Carrie's bloody body every single time using flying bones (and maybe guitar strings, too). Truly, the author of this fanfic is very, very, very, very, very bad at gaming, especially on bullet hell, platforming and visual novel.

Carrie and Brian had died 1,000 times - the same amount of words Yuna wanted to convey to Tidus in Final Fantasy X-2.

But Carrie did not stop. She kept fighting and fighting and fighting.

But nothing happened. The author was never given justice.

Brian then controlled his body back and stopped Carrie from attacking K.

"That's enough, Carrie." Brian looked at her straight in the eyes. "You don't have to do this anymore. The author says so. She's given up on being known to the world."

Carrie was very pissed off when she heard Brian's remarks, then looked to the author and gave a sad sigh.

"I WILL beat K, you know. It just needs some time."

"You don't have to, Carrie." The author replied. "I'm tired of this place, I hope people change."

"Well, I don't give a f_, not giving up, I still want it all." Carrie replied.

"Only fools fall for you, K. Only fools fall for the industry. I am so done with you."
"Go back to Abandoned Oblivion, if Carrie can't send you back to where you belong."

"Suit yourself." K replied.

Day by day, Carrie would still try to beat K for the author's sake, even without her permission. She and the rest of the angels in the author's mind couldn't stand to bear that the author has hit the biggest wall in her career as an indie artist since 2007.

Back at the Hotlands lab, Denny, along with Andrew and Toby, were writing a letter of sorts. There were only two names on the address part:

"クラス" and "リッチ".


 Cast of Characters (for the curious)

Frisk - Brian Lim (Alagwa - Breakaway)
Chara - Carrie (2013)
Toriel - Angelica Yap (Pastillas Girl)
Sans - K (EB)
Papyrus - Andrew Hussie (Homestuck)
Napstablook - Anna Medrano (Hanggang Makita Kang Muli)
Asgore - Primitivo Cruz (Tragic Theater)
Gaster - Danforth (Ghostquake)
Annoying Dog - Toby Fox (Undertale)
Shopkeeper - Miho Nishida (PBB)
Undyne - Maine Mendoza (EB)
Alphys - Denny HaveYouSeenThisGirl
Amalgamate - Enjelia (Enjelicious)
Monster Kid - Baste (EB)
Aaron - R (EB)
Mettaton - Tommy Esguerra (PBB)
Flowey - Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)
Asriel - Alden Richards (EB)
Temmie - Celestina Batongbuhay (Little Nanay)
Vegetoid - Carrot Man (Jeyrick Sigmaton)
Tsundereplane - Huang Zitao
Vulkin - Beibei (Boxuan)
Muffet - Deadpool (Ryan Renolds)
Burgerpants - Luhan

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