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After the commotion at the dumpster, Dylan (a.k.a. Stiles or Thomas) felt like taking a shower in the cottage’s bathroom. Turns out, there’s a convenient place to bathe within the woods, where the Alternation group stayed.

However, something didn’t feel right when he looked in the mirror on top of the sink.

“W-who’s that?”

Clearly, it didn’t reflect his own image, but of another person instead. It was a man the same age as him, but with different hair.

“’s just water...” the other man said.

“W-wha? Who the f- that’s not me...” he was surprised as well when he looked at the mirror.

“Sure ain’t you,” Dylan replied to the other person. “I’m Dylan, but you can also call me by other names.”

“Holy sh- aren’t you that Teen Wolf guy?” The other man started to get into the conversation.

Strangely, Dylan was able to walk through the mirror, as if it was Alice’s looking glass. He went over to the other side – which looks like a beat-up apartment in Tokyo.

“Pleased to meet you,” said the man, who shook Dylan’s hand. “I’m Oscar.”

“Wow, so is your last name Cannes?”

“Haha, very funny!”

Oscar told Dylan about various things in his life situation – his little sister Linda working at a strip club, his weird junkie friend Alex and of course Victor, one of his friends and “business clients”.

As the two were getting to know each other while walking the streets, Oscar seem to have disappeared. Instead, a young girl with uneven hair and a white outfit ran towards Dylan, who seems a bit frustrated.

“Oscar didn’t tell you...”

“Please come with me....”

“Huh?” Dylan was confused, as the scenery of Tokyo streets at night turned to a blinding white light, leading them to a cemetery, in which Oscar’s name could be seen at one of the tombs. It was a night with a full moon. Dylan was a bit scared, but he knew this was coming.

“He was just having delusions and felt like he was still alive...but he had already passed on since 2009.”

The girl introduced herself as Lain Iwakura, someone who can manipulate space and time, as well as the memories of people.
“You probably ended here because of Oscar’s connection with you.” Lain said, clutching her hair clip due to the wind. “I’m sure there are many others. Why don’t we visit Oscar’s friend, Victor?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

And with that, Dylan and Lain were transported to a scene where a short man who seems in the same age as Oscar and himself. He’s moping on a bench until a white-haired young lad passed by and talked to him.

“What’s the matter?” The white-haired lad had a Russian accent.

“None of your business.” The man on the bench had a British accent.

Later on, the British guy went crying, and the Russian guy comforted him. Turns out that they had the same name – Victor, albeit a different spelling for the Russian one (Viktor).

Dylan and Lain followed them as Viktor took Victor to a skating arena to relieve his stress.

“Well, that’s one of them. Viktor is probably from another world, just like you.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, like Catherine and Antonio over there!”

Dylan looked at a couple outside the skating arena. The Catherine woman wore a pretty naughty outfit and had blonde pigtails. She was way younger than the Antonio guy – who was pretty much a general or some major army guy based on his uniform and his stance.

“So, how do I get back to where I was before?”

“That’s easy!” Another voice went by – it was Bill Cipher. Dylan knew him from the previous world he’s been to, with Yuki and the others.

“However, it would be boring if you’d stay in one place, right? You hold the Nogitsune, right? Some people call it The Void, am I right?” Bill blinked his one eye as if trying to smile without a pair of lips.

“This is the Enter the Void universe...that’s what connected you to this place.” Lain smiled. “After all, e v e r y o n e  i s  c o n n e c t e d . . .”

“ figures, alright...” Dylan said, as he sat on the bench where Victor used to sit recently.

Much later on, they felt an earthquake. A shockwave was coming from a certain direction – it revealed a portal to some other world. Going through, Dylan, Lain and Bill went to the light, in which they saw a world with random squares in brown, black and white shades – like a weird version of a bookcase. An astronaut was struggling his way, so they talked to him.

“Murph won’t listen to me...I have to tell her to make my past self S T A Y . . .”

“Cooper here wants to undo his decision on being an astronaut and stay with his daughter,” Bill explained. “Unfortunately, time only flows forward and not backwards in your current dimension. This dimension, however, is different, since it lets you peek in the past, but as a ghost...”

Dylan didn’t know how to comfort Cooper, but alas, a dashing man in a John Travolta suit went their way, along with a man in a tuxedo.

“Hey, isn’t this guy the new James Bond?” Dylan knew Daniel Craig, since he’s watched some Bond movies himself. “A-and who’s this guy...some John Travolta x Cowboy Bebop guy?”

“The name’s Dandy...Space Dandy, baby!” Dandy introduced himself to the group (with a matching wink-wink effect). “I’ll take care of old Cooper’s, run along to the next universe!”

Indeed, Dylan, James Bond and the other two went further into a wormhole in the tesseract – an oddly-shaped castle stood in their path. Bond had never seen anything like it, but he proposed the team to go in, but carefully.

Upon going into the castle, thanks to Lain and Bill’s powers, they easily made it to one of the top rooms, which housed a throne and an unconscious boy with spiky hair. It would seem that he had glitch particles around him, which were distorting his image from the view of everyone else. These distortions also caused the shockwaves and the earthquakes, which resonated far beyond other worlds.

None of the group knew what to do, but a woman, who held a strong keyblade, went into the scene. She was holographic but she was powerful and everyone can hear her.

“Please, stand back.” The woman pointed her keyblade and unleashed a powerful locking spell onto the sitting boy at the throne, causing the glitches to disappear.

“Y-you’ must be that Aqua girl that Yuki told me about!” Dylan knew her somehow.

“Yuki is a strong girl,” Aqua smiled at Dylan and to the group. “It’s my responsibility for taking care of Ventus. I got his D-links messed up – two men from a musical group were involved in this. I couldn’t tell who was the “V” I met before, because I’m bad at remembering faces. ”

“It’s okay,” Dylan patted Aqua’s shoulders, trying to comfort her, despite being holographic. “Maybe some worlds are just too much for you. Hey, it happens, don’t sweat it. Just be happy and do what makes you happy, okay? Don’t stress yourself out too much with things.”

“Yes, Aqua. Everything’s gonna be okay!” Bill added a sense of warmth and assurance.

However, yet another earthquake was happening. No one was sure, until Aqua collapsed into the ground, sinking into nothingness – into a place of eternal void, back to where she was before this all happened.

The earthquakes were very shocking and needed to calm down. Meanwhile, two boys, a younger and an older man, who wore Tarzan-like clothing, reported of the situation.

“It’s coming from the Realm of Darkness,” Shia Labeouf said, in his Elastic Heart outfit. “A man named Terra told me.”

“Someone’s gotta do something!” Mowgli said with great D E T E R M I N A T I O N.

Since Bill has access to that realm, he quickly transported everyone there. However, he had to go back to call some people first, since he explained that this “will be a big one”.

Dylan and company stumbled upon a white bed made of white linen. A younger version of Aqua was sleeping there, and they couldn’t wake her up.

A few minutes later, another shockwave was felt, and the young Aqua suddenly rose from her bed, floated in mid-air and became a gigantic monster figure that took over the Realm of Darkness. Dylan readied his Nogitsune/Void powers while Lain and the others proceeded with different plans. Lain tried to contact other people as well, while Bond still couldn’t believe what he’s seeing right now.

The figure was mainly a black heartless version of Aqua, but full of glitches, much like the boy Ventus recently in the throne/chair, and it somehow showed glimpses of a guy’s abdominal muscles, a hollow eye socket, very large breasts wrapped on the edges with white cloth, white stains of a foul liquid, blood vomit on the mouth, butterflies on the hair, a low-pitched and husky voice saying explicit words, rust on some of its parts, and many other unbelievable things.

“Guys, help!” Dylan could hear the real Aqua screaming from within the monster. “It’s my Phantom – it’s merged with Terra’s and Ven’s inner demons...I can’t fight it!”

“YOU CAN’T SAVE HER!!” The heartless and manly husky voice of the merged inner demon let out an ear-scorching set of sounds. “SHE BELONGS TO THE DARKNESS, AS SHE’S ALWAYS BEEN...”


“Not today!”

A group of boys – the Bangtan Boys (BTS) – had interrupted the scene with lasers they got from Shinta Murakoshi. Rapmon, Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung each had unique abilities – much like EXO – and unleashed their elemental attacks. Rapmon controlled the earth like Terra, Jungkook blasted whirlpools of ocean water, Jimin attacked with gusts of wind and Taehyung launched his Flame Salvo.

Aqua saw the group’s efforts. “Now I know why I mistook Jimin for Taehyung...because he also held Ven’s Aero attacks.”

Later on, Dandy came by with Murph to help out Bond unleash some more attacks using their high-tech pistols. Murph seems contented and have probably already seen his daughter again somewhere out there. They also had another character in their side named “Air Beat” – a guy who dances and emits powers.

Lain had contacted two friends – Haruhi Suzumiya, who could also control time and space, and Takumi Nishijou, an IM who also has controlling powers. Together, they use their abilities to help stop or neutralize the big heartless. Takumi was a bit nervous, but when he keeps seeing the blank eye sockets, he’s constantly reminded of “whose eyes are those?” – a phrase that somehow ignited a fire within.

Bill also brought over a few friends from the Underground – Asriel Dreemurr and his “heartless” side, Flowey, who looked at Dylan in weirdness, as if they have met before. They were also accompanied by Sans the Skeleton, who threw bones to rescue Aqua from the big heartless. Like everyone else, Bill also helped out the group with his own set of supernatural skills.

Last but not the least, Oscar came out of the portal to reunite with Dylan again. He explained everything and apologized for not telling about it sooner. They both used their supernatural powers to help save Aqua.

Together, the whole INTERDIMENSIONAL beings neutralized the big heartless, which set the real Aqua free, albeit a bit unconscious for a while. Aqua woke up with a smile and tears in her face. She felt the entire universe hugging her.

“Thank you, everyone...” she said as she got up and picked up her keyblade once again. “I’ll be okay...”

Bill proceeded to go with her, which also separated the Phantom Aqua from the real Aqua yet again, to show that it is sorry for everything that happened.

“I messed up again...” Phantom Aqua said.

“It’s okay to mess up, alright?” Dylan assured Phantom Aqua. “I’m sure HE would say the same thing to you, so don’t be upset about it okay?”

“Okay,” Phantom Aqua smiled.

Meanwhile, a bunch of ladies were chasing each other from out of a portal.

“Linda!?” Oscar knew his little sister very well.

“Oh, hey Oscar!” Linda, who wore her summer clothes, was holding a bunch of potatoes in her arms. “This is Sasha! I just met her a while ago! She loves potatoes and she said she’s in some kind of cool...”

“H-hey, we can finally talk...!” Linda then rushed to hug her brother – an overdue hug ever since that tragic accident in 2009. Oscar had never felt any better.

“See? I promised to never leave you, even if I’m on another world...”

“R-really...” Linda was still crying. “But this is all a dream...”

“It’s not...” Oscar patted his sibling and hugged her again while whispering something in her ear.

“In 9 months...”

“W-WHAAAT?” Linda was shocked, then went on laughing.

“C’mon, you gotta be kidding me! That can’t be true!”

“Oh, so you have a better plan?”

“Hmm...I guess not then...”

“...I’ll see you in 9 months...if that is really you...”

Dylan was confused about the dialogue, but Lain filled her in.

“It would seem that Oscar wants to reincarnate.” Lain said.

“Yeah,” Bill interrupted, yet again. “In case you didn’t notice, girl’s got a baby bump.”

“Holy sh- no way!” Dylan was shocked. “Reincarnating into her sister’s womb? That’s savage!”

After that scenario, everyone went back to their respective worlds, and Aqua was once again at peace. Dylan parted ways with Aqua and the rest with a smile, and went back to the cottage with the Alternation team to tell about his adventures.

The Bangtan Boys, after an exhausting fight, went back to their own world, which is still situated in the Realm of Darkness. It was deep and dark, but they were filled with hope – hope that keeps on giving fuel to Aqua’s will to fight and live on.

“You know it all, you’re my best friend.” Taehyung said with a smile as they all see Aqua off to the distance.


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